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Top 10 facts about money

Updated on August 14, 2016

1. In the past people used other things instead of money. In .: salt, gemstones, cocoa beans, etc.

2. The first paper money was used by the Chinese as early as the year 618, as property deeds or credit.

3. Romanian leu comes from the seventeenth century, when countries using the currency Romanian Dutch talerii which was engraved a lion.

4. Paper money can carry the flu virus for more than two weeks.

5. Annually there are produced more Monopoly money than real money.

6. The first ATM in the world was built in London in 1967

7. The world's smallest banknote was issued in Morocco in 1944 under a postage stamp size (42 × 31 mm.)

8. Queen Elizabeth II has been on the banknotes in over 33 countries.

9. Zimbabwe has created $ 1 trillion bill to fight inflation.

10. Famous last words of Bob Marley were "Money can't buy life."


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