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Top 5 Anime for Easily Learning Japanese

Updated on March 15, 2013
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The Japanese have developed a lot of anime films ever since the anime entertainment industry saw the light of day. The anime, mostly inspired by Manga episodes and stories, are quite popular and the article is going to underline some of the top Japanese anime of all time

Dragon Ball Z

The anime was developed in 1989 as a TV series. It was inspired by a Manga series known as dragon ball that was also developed based on a popular Chinese novel “journey to the west”. The anime features a protagonist by the name of Goku. The anime is about his adventures as a child and as an adult in his quest for the dragon balls. The dragon balls were mystical orbs that were seven in number which were believed to have a wish –granting dragon. However, for one to be able to summon the dragon, he had to have all the seven dragon balls together. During his lifetime adventures in the world, Goku battles so many villains most of who were after the dragon balls as well but for selfish intentions.

The anime was a classic and sequels to it have been recently produced. The major themes behind the anime story include but are not limited to: victory, friendship, personal loss and rivalry. The anime is so popular that it is regarded as the most successful among all the Japanese anime ever produced.

Sailor Moon

This is another popular anime that was developed as a TV series in 1992. Based on myths the anime story features a group of school girls who discover that they are reincarnations of powerful alien princesses. They use their powers to defend the earth against evil sources. The reincarnated alien princesses were earth defenders before and occupied some planet that spanned the solar system and their mission to fight evil is continued by the reincarnated school girls. Form the story, the antagonists after the planet earth initially attacked the kingdom that these alien princesses lived and the queen of the kingdom sent them to be reborn in the future.

The anime, just like other anime is based on a Manga series. It starts with a protagonist by the name of Usagi-a 14 year old girl who is informed by a cat named Luna that she is a reincarnation of a previous defender princess, a protector of the universe. Together with Luna they search for the moon princess and they uncover her other protectors along the way.


A recent anime produced in 1999. The story is all fiction and talks of two parallel existing worlds, the real world and the digital world. The protagonists in the story are young teens who start out in the real world before they are sent to the digital world where they are expected to fight the digital monsters. The protagonists are sent to the digital world rather unexpectedly and are faced with the huge task to fight the digital monsters with super powers. The monsters are born from digi-eggs and as they age their powers increase by a process known as digivolution. The process is temporary in the protagonists though as they are not born as digital being but human beings.

The anime exploits the digital world and the digital world is created in a rather clever way and the digital beings grow in a rather interesting way and are basically made up of the digital data. The digital world creatures evolve in a similar way to the earthly creatures but the process of dying is different since the data has to be completely destroyed before the creature is dead.

Love Hina

A 2000 TV series based on the love Hina Manga series. The story talks of a boy named Keitaro Urashima who makes a childhood promise to a girl and the plot follows Keitaro’s quest for his childhood friend. The promise entailed entering the Tokyo University together. The girl moved away while they were young and Keitaro forgets her name.

Keitaro gets to meet the girl later, named Naru. It is Keitaro’s grandma who gets to reveal Naru as the girl of Keitaro’s dreams.

5. Ikko tosen

This is 2003 TV series with a plot about seven Japanese schools and their students. The anime talks of rivalry among the schools and their fighting prowess. The schools are always at war and the students have mastered fighting skills and battle constantly among themselves and with other rival schools.


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