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Top 5 Diamond Mine Countries

Updated on January 24, 2012

Diamond Mining Industry

The Diamond Mining industry is still as profitable as ever even though manufactured diamonds have been introduced into the market, people still have a fascination with natural ones. The diamond mine owned by a particular company is often shrouded in secrecy to avoid competitors operating close by.

Unlike my other recent hub, Diamond mining is a lot more rare than Gold Mining and since the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme was introduced in the 1990's more costs are involved to ensure that all diamonds come from conflict-free mines (meaning all workers are treated fairly).

Diamond mining is very similar to the oil business where a hundred large resources provide for the whole world, as I mentioned in the previous hub Gold is found in many places but large finds are harder to come by.

1. Botswana

Jwaneng is a diamond mine located in Botswana and is often considered the richest mine in the world. Jwaneng mine is owned by a company called 'Debswana' and the jewelry manufacturer 'De Beers' reported that in 2009 the mine produced nearly 12 million carats, the youngest diamond being over 900 million years old according to the De Beers website.

2. Australia

Argyle diamond mine is owned by a company named Rio Tinto, this is a home grown Australian company than extracts raw minerals from the earth and they were established in 1873. The actual Argyle diamond mine wasn't opened until 1985, but it produced nearly 10 million carats in 2010.

3. Angola

Catoca is a mine in Angola, however, many of the companies that exploit the natural resources here are not actually Angolan. Companies from Brazil, Russia and Israel shared 7 and a half million carats with the Angolan state mining company in 2009.

4. Canada

Diavik diamond mine is located a little closer to home for many readers on this site hoping to go on a hunt for richness! It is located in the Northwest territories of Canada, Rio Tinto has branched out from Australia and owns a large percentage of the diamonds mined here, it is a fairly new mine and resulted in 6 and a half million carats being produced in 2010.

5. South Africa

Despite me mention De Beers as a Jewelry manufacturer earlier on in this hub, it is in fact made up of many companies and one of these owns the Venetia diamond mine in South Africa. This one mine produces nearly half of the countries diamonds, in 2010 this included nearly 4 and a half million carats.


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