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Top 5 Gold Mining Countries

Updated on January 22, 2012

Where to Find Gold?

Gold mining is the feature of many a romanticized Wild West movie and finding gold in abundance has been desired in human existence stretching all the way back to the first known civilizations in the Middle East.

It is sought after for its attractive bright coloring, its immunity from decay, its rarity, its density, its softness(easy to mold) and also its great ability for conducting electricity.

Gold is mainly used for decorative purposes in jewelry and ornaments and is found pretty widespread, although to find Gold in abundance is uncommon. Ancient Egypt is probably the most renowned of the Ancient cultures that utilized gold and the artifacts found helped to generate interest in its usage ever since.

This hub details the top 5 of the world's leading Gold producing countries and the Gold mining companies which exploit these resources.

Photo courtesy of narawhiteowl

1. South Africa

South Africa Accounts for 50% of the world's gold reserves according to statistical assistants Mahbood Mahdavi and Wanda G. Wooten on the website, Although within these reserves South Africa accounted for 10% of the world's total production in 2006.

AngloGold Ltd is the largest Gold Mining company in South Africa producing 4.52Moz of Gold in 2010 according to their website.

2. Australia

Thousands of gold mines exist in Australia and many are owned by public companies, although one large corporate company called Goldfields operates their as well as in other countries worldwide.

According to the official Goldfields website, a total of 15,146 Kg of Gold was mined in ST Ives during 2007.

3. U.S.A

Newmount Gold Co. is the United States largest Gold producer and mines the majority of its U.S Gold in Nevada, having 14 open pit mines there as well as 4 underground operations.

Newmount also has mines in Australia, Peru, Indonesia and Ghana, with these combined worldwide Gold mines they managed to produce a total of 168 metric tons as of 2006.

4. Latin America

With the exhaustion of many homegrown Gold mining locations or the abundant resources becoming harder to find, the continued success of some of the largest companies is now relying on projects being set up in South America.

Goldcorp already has a project awaiting its first production in 2013 in Argentina as well as a possible site in El Morro Chile.

Kinross Gold starts production at a development in Ecuador in 2015 and expects an added 410,000 ounces annually from this project.

5. Other African Nations

Aside from South Africa, other African nations including Ghana and Zimbabwe are leading gold producers. Political and Economical problems make it hard for local producers to exploit these resources and many mines are exclusively underground projects which are not cheap to operate.

However, newer gold producers are progressing including Mali, Tansania, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast where low grade oxidized(near surface) Gold can be recovered easier.


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