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Top 7 things to do before exam

Updated on June 7, 2011

Top 7 Things to do before exam

Exam is a process that should go through by everybody. We know exam is very important nowadays because it causing to our future. We will find a job easily if we get a good result from the school even college or university. So, every exam we must pay full attention and focus on it in order to get a good result. So, what should you do and prepare before exam is coming? Here are some suggestion for you.

1. Review key points

Review your book that contain keyword and what note before you do. The day before your test is less than idea to be first learning something. Normally, you should do some review and mastered all materials before exam. Review key points just a matter of giving that material an extra polish. You just need to remember the key points that you though is essential for your coming exam.

2. Breathe and keep the exam perspective

I know a lot of student will feel tension before exam. So, I recommended to take shallow breathes. This will help you far away with tension. But something you need to notice is make sure you get a deeply breathe from the diaphragm. This will also help your muscle feel better and allow you to think better. One thing you should fear about it is ‘ exam just a test, and not the end of the world ’. Just do your best in the exam and not regard for your choosing. Allow yourself to relax and let your worries go away.

3. Feed your ruminator

Whatever we spend time doing, thinking, even seeing in the 45 minutes before falling asleep, that is what our brain ruminate throughout the night. So, it’s advantage for you to feed it. The things you want to remember for the next day’s exam.

4. Get a balance diet

We should take a balance diet before the exam is coming. Take a balance diet will help you to build up your ‘memory’ in the brain. Something like vegetable, fruits, even some pills that contain vitamin that useful for you. One thing you should notice is that I strongly recommended you to eat breakfast every day. This is for you to get enough energy to support your whole day activities. Keep your body, mind, and blood sugar in balance. This will let your brain in peak condition by feeding it nutrients to perform at your best.

5. Envisioning your success

Just before you go to bed and drift off to sleep, create a picture of yourself that successfully completing your exam. It’s better to do it every night in order to see the result but even one day before your exam could make a significant difference in creating better exam result.

6. Get a enough good night’s sleep

Get a enough good night’s sleep is a vital thing that should done by every students. You are recommended to sleep before 11.00p.m. You should get a sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. This will help you get a enough energy to cope your tomorrow your exam.

7. Do a light exercise

You can also do some light exercise. Light exercise will let you feel good and energized, and help you get more oxygen to your brain. This will make you more energy and confident while answer the question and let your brain thinking properly.


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