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Top Five Law Schools in America

Updated on April 17, 2013

Top 5 Law Schools in the USA

Law schools are the prominent threshold of future legal enforcers (or whatever they are called). And in stating an understatement, it is a tough business to partake in. So, if you are planning to venture in this course, what school should you be enrolled in? Every year there has been a host of surveys ranking the states top law schools. Let us explore the to five law schools of 2010.

  1. Yale University

Harvard may be the number one college in America, but this year, Yale takes the top spot as the country’s number one law school. Established in 1824, the school offers Doctor of Juridical Science,Juris Doctor, Master of Laws, and Master of Studies in Law degrees. It is also the only school in the top five that has a part time tuition payment. The college is yet to have been replaced as top law school in America.

Tuition: $46,000 per year

Location: New Haven, CT

2. Harvard University

USA’s number one university was taken down a notch by three points from the US News Ranking. Harvard is considered one of the most prestigious universities of legal education on the planet. It also hosts an incredible program called Berkman Center for Internet & Society that sponsors conferences, courses, visiting lecturers, and residential fellows. In addition, the school is also host to Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation, one of the world’s most widely visited law websites.

$41,500 per year

Location: Cambridge, MA

3.Stanford University


With an impressive list of chief justices who graduated from here, this school is certainly nofree pass for any law student. It boasts a huge percentage of graduates employed at graduation, with 98.3%, higher than Yale or Harvard. The school also remains as the state’s smallest student body of any law school, with 170 as its average class size. Stanford also produces one of the finest venues for publishing legal scholarship program named Stanford Law Review.

Tuition: $42,080 per year

Location: Stanford, CA

4. Columbia University


Columbia University is one of the most prestigious law schools in America. It is also home to one of the nation’s most Supreme Court Justice graduates, along with Yale and Harvard. It has also one of the highest rates of graduates employed at graduation than any other school with a 98.8 percentage. Even if it is in the fourth place, it is still a tough competitor in the law school ranking.

Tuition: $45,674 per year

Location: New York, NY

5. New York University

The New York University School of Law was the first law school founded in New York City. The university has the highest rate of graduates receiving a job at graduation with a 99.0% estimate. It is heralded as one of the most prestigious and selective schools in America. The admission here is very competitive among other universities. The school is recognized for its devotion to the public sector, importance on diversity, and large firm placement. Several alumni have served the International Court of Justice, more popularly acknowledged as World Court.

Tuition: $45,674 per year

Location: New York, NY



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