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Best How to Code Online Education Sites

Updated on November 9, 2014

Learn Online Instead of Books

Books about computer programming
Books about computer programming | Source

Online Education Works

There are many good reasons to want to learn how to code applications, build websites, & create and design beautiful things online. Recently business professionals have been utilizing education sites to teach themselves the basics concerning technology in order to be better managers and entrepreneurs that have a technical component to their product. It is hard to think of a new business in our economy that does not leverage technology in order to be successful, that alone is good enough reasons for many business owners to learn the basics. Being able to comfortably control the online reputation of the

Lifehacker Teaches the Basics

Teaching About Programming

A teacher going through a code review
A teacher going through a code review | Source

Top Sites with Technical Education Online

The following are all excellent sites that will help you learn more about technology in general, provide you an overview of technical concepts, and allow you to get your hands dirty writing some code. It all really depends on what you are looking to learn and achieve by going to a learn to code site.

Top 5 Learn to Code Sites

1. Treehouse - This site contains a full library of courses available and each class is accompanied by a series of video lectures and hands on exercises. Treehouse is $25 per month, but each of the videos is well produced and the course material is broken into very digestable components so that it is possible to fit in learning to code among your regular work and play routine.

2. Codeacademy - Actively participate during the lessons by coding in a text box, so instead of learning theory and ideas behind coding you learn by getting your feet wet and writing code every step of the way. Course material that is available on Codeacademy includes the following: Web fundamentals, J Query, Javascript, Projects, Python, Ruby, PHP, API's.

3. Coursera - Founded by several Stanford Professors, it is possible to actually earn real credits for the coursework that is completed on this site. There is both basic tracks that cover essentials to learning this field and specialized classes that provide the niche depth that allows students the option to gain additional skills not taught by others.

4. Khan Academy - The Khan academy is focused on much more than just learning how to code. It is possible to learn from a wide array of scholary disciplines from math and science materials to finance and accounting and also awesome coding course such as the Programming Basics which is very well designed.

5. edX - It is now possible to take courses taught at the most prestigious Universities around. MIT, Harvard, Stanfor, Berkeley and more schools are participating in the online community that is EDX. Courses cover a huge range of topics not just learning about computer science, but include courses from all major departments.

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Comprehensive List of Code Lesson Sites

There is ton of places to check out and learn from as you start to learn how to not just use a computer, but how to make the computer do things for you. Remember it is not about needing to come up with the killer app on your first attempt, make something simple and be successful and allow your real world practice be what really teaches you how to write computer programs.

  1. Codeacademy - A site dedicated to making learning to code interactive, fun, and easy.

  2. Treehouse - A huge arsenal of very well made lessons and coding tutorials.

  3. Computer Clubhouse - An afterschool learning environment that is focsuing on younger children in less fortunate communities.

  4. Tealeaf Academy - Designed to teach the most moden web development practices in an online bootcamp.

  5. CoderDojo - a global collaboration of free and open learning with support throughout the world with locations and mentors.

  6. Code School - Educate yourself through doing in the comfort of your own house in the computer browser via video seminars, coding challenges, and more.

  7. Girls Who Code - Focused on teaching girls and young women about how to code.

  8. Girl Develop It - Striving to empower women of diverse background throughout the globe to develop the skills to be write software.

  9. Udacity Access college classes and engage in free interactive lessons on a wide range subject matters including: college algebra, introduction to physics, web development, HTML5 Game Development, Applied Crytography to name just a few of the awesome courses at Udacity

  10. SkillCrush - A version more designed for the business professional these courses help the non technical start to understand what is going on in the development side of the company. They provide a simple crash course to basic tech via email as well to get started.

  11. Khan Academy
  12. Codingbat
  13. P2PU
  14. Code Racer
  15. Black Girls Code
  17. Hacker Rank
  18. MIT Courseware Online
  19. edX
  20. Neckbeard Republic
  21. GitHub
  22. Coursera
  23. Pastebin
  24. Sourceforge
  25. Google University Consortium
  26. PHP Academy
  27. Gree Tea Express
  28. Node
  29. Learn Street
  30. Learn Python The Hard Way
  31. Hackety
  32. Code Eval
  33. Quack It
  34. Try Python
  35. Jsdares - Learn to make your own games by learning Javascript
  36. Code HS


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