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Top Space Agencies of the World

Updated on March 10, 2019


Race to be the Best:

The most powerful countries in the entire world are on the very front of the greatest airspace technologies being invented by human in order to do space research and exploration. And while airspace technology used to be limited to only a few countries over the years the scenario has really changed. Many ambitious nations are investing in space exploration programs to ensure that other nations don't dominate over them.

What we will study:

In this article we will see which countries are leading towards advance technologies in order to make their position in aeronautics more powerful. Also we will study a bit into the very first aircraft launched by each of them.

A virtual image of spaceship
A virtual image of spaceship

Space Agencies with Founding Dates

Founding Date
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
1 October 1958
Russian Federal Space Agency (RFSA) ROSCOSMOS
26 December 1991 (Dissolution of Soviet Union)
Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
15 August 1969
China National Space Administration (CNSA)
22 April 1993
ESA is not included because it has many members with their membership on different dates under European Union.

List of the most powerful space agencies of the world

5. China

CNSA and it's Role :

Starting of the list we have CNSA the China National Space Administration. China owns and manages the second largest fleet of space crafts in orbit right now and the Chinese national space administration is one of the world's leading space agencies that handles the planning and development of Chinese space programs while state owns the China Airspace Science and Technology Corporation or CASC similar as JPL which is the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA is the primary contract to responsible for the design and development of the launch vehicles, satellites as well as commercial launch services.

A full-size model of Chinese space station core module is seen at the Zhuhai Airshow, in Zhuhai, China
A full-size model of Chinese space station core module is seen at the Zhuhai Airshow, in Zhuhai, China

4. India

ISRO and it's Role:

Indian Space Research Organization or ISRO. The ISRO is the space agency of the government of India with its headquarter located in Bangalore. It's vision is to harness space technology for national development while pursuing planetary exploration and research of space science. ISRO was established in 1969 and it built it's first satellite called the Aryabhata which was launched by the soviet union on April 9th 1957. The biggest success of the agency came with its mars orbiter mission in which we saw it's mars orbiter enters into the orbit of mars in the very first attempt making India the first country to ever do that.

Headquarter of ISRO
Headquarter of ISRO

3. European Space Agency

How ESA works:

The next space agency i want you to know about is ESA or the European Space Agency, the ESA pursues space exploration programs, maximum work is done by the cooperation and contribution of the 22 member states. The ESA is an inter governmental organization with 2000 employees with its headquarter located in Paris, France. The ESA has 10 states as its founding members including UK, Belgium, France, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden. The ESA launched first major scientific mission in the year 1975 and in the month of August to be exact and it's first communication satellite the OTS2 which is Orbital Test Satellite 2. It reached orbit in may 1978.

Notable point regarding ESA

The agency's facilities are distributed among the following centres:

ESA science missions are based at ESTEC in Noordwijk, Netherlands;

Earth Observation missions at ESA Centre for Earth Observation in Frascati, Italy;

ESA Mission Control (ESOC) is in Darmstadt, Germany;

the European Astronaut Centre (EAC) that trains astronauts for future missions is situated in Cologne, Germany;

a research institute created in 2009, the European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications (ECSAT)

Headquarter of ESA
Headquarter of ESA

2. Russia

ROSCOSMOS and it's Role:

Next up is the RFSA, the Russian Federation Space Agency. The Russian space program is one of the strongest in the world, second only to USA. It is also known in full as a ROSCOSMOS state corporation for space activities or just simply ROSCOSMOS. It is responsible for aerospace research and apace programs that are carried out in Russia. The world's first artificial satellite sputnik 1 was launched by the soviet union in the year 1957 which caused the Americans to amp up their space operations as they were approaching cold war era. Founded prior to NASA in 1922 the RFSA initially suffered financial difficulties but they later managed to launch many successful missions. Their annual budget is approximately 5.6 billion dollars.

President Vladimir Putin visits the Vostochny Cosmodrome in October 2015.
President Vladimir Putin visits the Vostochny Cosmodrome in October 2015.

1. USA

NASA and How Powerful it is:

Coming in number 1 we have NASA. NASA stands for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. US accounts for 1/3rd of all the operational space crafts that are currently orbiting around the world. With NASA the united states has several space exploration projects as moon landing missions, Skylab space station, the international space station or the ISS and the Mars exploration rover. Basically ever since Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon NASA has been the leading space Agency in the world. It established in October 1958. NASA also holds the record for first probes which visited all the outer space planets including Pluto helping make America the most advanced country in space technology.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Bilal Hassan Nizami

Looking forward to your valuable feedback.

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