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Top Ten Historical Warrior Factions

Updated on August 15, 2017

Centuries pass and wars are fought, among the groups of soldiers we sometimes receive a more savage or powerful warrior. Here is a list of the Top Ten warrior factions from history, the list isn't in any order so enjoy.

#10, The Spartan's. Spartan's have come down in history as one the most feared and powerful groups in history, from early childhood the boys of Sparta were thrown into training. While at first both sexes were primarily trained in arts during the sixth century and forwards the military training became the more focused part. The young boys were dragged away from home so to speak, set among other boys they were given little food and clothing. Stealing was somewhat encouraged however whomever was found stealing was punished severely, not for the act of stealing but for getting caught. The boys were taught how to read and write but mainly for military reasons, once the boys hit twelve their training was intensified, they were put through much more physical exercises and only wore a loin cloth of sorts throughout the year, yes even in winter. It is said that during the adult years of Spartan's a coming war would be the only thing that gave them a break from their training, it is also said that they didn't fear death, but welcomed it.

#9, Samurai. The Samurai are one of the most recognizable warriors in the world, the large helmets and special swords that they carried are well known and admired. The Samurai were officers of sorts, mainly they protected their lord even if their lives were at cost. They are trained in the arts of both the sword and the bow, this gave them somewhat of an advantage in combat since they could do various things. They carried both the Katana and the Wakazashi, this was known as the Daisho meaning "Big and small" and became somewhat of the symbol of a Samurai. While trained in battle they were also well versed in poetry, meditation and other arts. It was supposedly meant to keep in a equal state of mind. The Samurai also had a strong code of honor, they were very loyal to their lords and superiors. A honorable way for a Samurai to die was Seppuku, committing suicide this way was a way to give their family or their own honor back.

#8, Gladiators. In Rome Gladiators were entertainers, they would fight in a coliseum against other gladiators, condemned criminals or animals. Many were slaves which if found in favor of the crowd could win their freedom. Now whether or not they were volunteers they were sent to schools, they were trained in a way of fighting by what mainly would be a retired Gladiator. In the schools no weapons were allowed, wooden weapon shaped items would be used for practice but it started off as not actually fighting. A choreographed scenario would first be played out, it would allow the teacher to show them how to counter or parry or what have you. Gladiators were powerful, different forms of fighting and teachings made some powerful fighters. One could become a celebrity inside of the arena, or just another corpse on the ground.

#7, Vikings. The usual scene that comes into a persons head when they think of a viking is a large brute who smashes everything in sight, they wouldn't be entirely wrong. Vikings were well known for their sea exploration and the lands they had conquered. The Long Boat which primarily had one sail and many spots on the ides of the ship for men to row the boat, the ship isn't the only one made by the Vikings but is one of the most well known. It was made for speed and agility and helped with deployment of troops and shallow water. The Norse men were required to own weapons and have one at all times, a sword was sometimes carried but was not entirely used in battle. It is said that the main weapon that a Viking would be to use is an axe or shield with spear. Vikings were also known for their trade, having many networks opened across the globe. So they were known for their prowess in battle, their trade, craftsmanship and their boats. Also known for their love of sports, they liked to have sports based on weapons such as javelin tossing or stone throwing perhaps to help with training while still being fun.

#6, The Persian Immortals. These warriors were in an army of 10,000 at all times, no matter how many were killed the number still stayed the same supposedly. These warriors were called Immortal since it did not seem like the army ever fell. Their arsenal consisted of a wicker shield, swords or large daggers, bows or slings and short spears. Under their robes they wore scale armor coats for protection, the butt of their spears were also made to show their rank: the common soldier held silver while the officers would hold a golden spear. While they were soldiers they also did guard duty every once and awhile.

#5, Roman Centurion. A Centurion was senior officer in the army and would usually command over eighty men, the Legionaries which were the main force of the army were usually payed much less then a Centurion. Sometimes up to 17 times less then a Centurion. The Centurions liked to lead by example, in battle they would lead their group of legionaries into battle, they showed the bravery and courage that had gained them their rank in the first place. Unlike the legionaries the Centurions had a horse hair crest on the top of their helmet, greaves and their sword was worn on the left side like all other Roman officers.

#4, Aztec Warriors. The Aztec were a fearsome group known for capturing enemies and making them into sacrifices for their festivals, it is said by the all might Wikipedia that war was the fuel for the Aztec religion and festivals. The armed forces were comprised of mainly commoners, only a small bit were trained warriors. From an early age every man or boy, or whatever was trained with basic military procedures and what not. For commoners the only way to become more popular in a way was to do well in battle, basically if you didn't bring back prisoners or be a proud warrior who deserved to be praised you were not going anywhere. A way for a warrior to rank up in the army was to bring back prisoners, because of course, the more they ranked up the more their weapons would become more decorated or the more items they were given to wear such as an orange cape. The Macuahuitl was their most well known weapon, it was a wooden paddle made with sharp obsidian blades in the sides. Even though the weapon was made from wood and stone it is said that it could cut through flesh like any other steel or iron blade.

#3, The Apache. The Apache are one of the many Indian tribes that made their home in North America, like many other tribes they hunted with great proficiency and had a large culture. They tend to wear animal hides for clothing with beads and feathers, when hunting they would use whistles to lour the animals closer or use the head of a killed animal as a disguise to get closer to their prey. The Apache have a very unique religion, they believe in two beings who have eliminated evil or anything that would harm humankind. One being a fire god and the other a water god. There is also a story of a Coyote Trickster. The Apache favored the bow and arrow, a tool they could use not only for hunting but for war as well. They also used a war club, a heavy stone connected to a thick shaft of wood. A war axe, basically the same as the war club but the axe was a but sharper. And the Jawbone club, the jawbone of an animal that could severely hurt an opponent.

#2, The Musketeers. Founded in 1622 The Musketeers served as guards for the King of France, they would be able to not only battle on foot but on horseback as well which made them a dangerous foe. The Musketeer wore a steel cuirass which while it didn't cover the entire body it still gave them a bit of protection. They were well versed in sword play, the rapier apparently was a favorite of the musketeers and they also used a Wheellock pistol for midrange and a Flintlock musket for long range. Throughout the years since they were formed many kings have banded and disbanded the group of fine mustachioed men many times, if I were them I would have gotten annoyed, honestly make up your mind. They were very proficient with their weapons and have even conquered Latin America with their rifles and pistols.

#1, Medieval Knight. There are many different kinds of knights but the usually picture that pops up in ones head is full plate armor, and very big swords. Medieval Knights tended to wear heavy armor, plate armor was a favorite. The Knights used many weapons from flails to axes but a favorite seemed to be the sword, it could also be used with a shield. The Knights were much like the Samurai connected to a code of sorts, a Code of Chivalry they liked to call it. Knights could fight not only on foot but on horseback as well, and while the armor gave them alot of protection they tended to have someone help put the heavy plate armor on.

© 2017 Thomas Finney


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