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Ten Items For A Survival Scenario

Updated on February 13, 2018

Being pushed into a survival scenario can happen though your chances may be quite slim. Having a pack full of things to help would be great but at times you just need the bare necessities. Here is a list of ten items for a survival scenario that you definitely wanna keep handy.

#10, Knife: What is man without a knife? A tool-less man. A knife can be helpful for alot of things such as sharpening sticks for stakes and spears, cutting rope or other cord like things, it can even help with fending off predators if you know how to use it right. The knife is a multi functioning tool even of itself, even if it doesn't have pliers or whatever. While you do need to make sure that it stays sharpened and usable it will be a large help in the wild. Having a knife with special goodies like screwdrivers or some fish line and hook can't hurt either.

#9, Med-Kit. Bandages, painkillers, anti-toxins and antibiotics are much needed in a survival scenario. You could fall and sprain your ankle, get a cut or worse. With a Med-Kit you will be able to save yourself some much needed blood. The Med-Kit is no doubt the most important, this thing is a life line in a dire situation and while if trained well enough in the ways of herbs and plants you could make a nature based healing treatment a Med-Kit will be much faster and helpful to those who are not well versed in the art of Herbs.

#8, Waterproof Matches. If you come into a scenario where you might be trapped for longer then you wish waterproof matches can be a great ally. Making a fire without matches or a lighter is quite hard, even some who have been trained in various ways of fire-starting can vouch that it is quite difficult. With waterproof matches you will be able to light a fire much quicker if needed and since they are waterproof you should have no fear if rain or water comes into play.

#7, Rope: Rope can be used for several things from climbing or descending high ledges, fastening things together or keeping all your stuff close by tying it all together. Rope can be handy in making fish net or grappling hooks, if you can unleash your inner cowboy you should be able to rope anything. After a few hundred tries.

#6, Flare Gun. The flare while useful is not necessarily important. Most chances are that if you are lost or in trouble you should be able to find civilization quickly. If not the flare gun can be very helpful in alerting people of your presence or defending yourself. Not as good as a gun but it works. The flare gun can work in both night and day but would most likely be seen better at night, keep it close in case you see a helicopter or plane, or a boat.

#5, Compass. If you don't know some ancient trick to navigate this will help you out alot. Some can navigate by the stars, some know the sun rises in the east and sets in the west and some know that a compass is pretty freakin' cool. It can help you navigate in a certain direction, it can help you find civilization alot faster then just walking around like an idiot.

#4, Non-Perishable Food. It is always a good thing to have some food when stuck in the woods. Non-Perishable food will help since it can't well, perish. Meaning that it can last for quite awhile and most of the time it can be eaten right away without a need to cook it. But when in the wild it is a good idea to keep it out of animal reach, since it is food it can and will attract other animals so your best bet is to keep it hidden.

#3, Reflecting Blanket or Bag. One of the worst things about be trapped outside is having to find a place to sleep and keep warm. With one of these you will only have to worry about shelter. There are many bags or beds that can be carried. There is also one that keeps your body heat locked in so there is no fear of it dropping. Shelter is still needed in case it rains or snows but with a place to sleep you won't have to be as worried.

#2, LifeStraw Water Filter. In the wild chances are that there isn't a water fountain laying around so you will have to find your own water. The life straw takes out all of the toxins and dirt from the water, it turns it into fresh and drinkable liquid. Boiling water also helps rid of toxins but it will not help if dirt or mud is still in the water. If you wish to do it the old fashioned try getting the water without dirt or mud, even if it looks clean it doesn't mean it is safe to drink. Boiling the water water will increase the cleanliness of it.

#1, Hatchet. The hatchet can be used in a multitude of ways. From chopping wood to help climbing the hatchet is a versatile tool. Depending on the type of axe you can also use it to skin animals, some also come with specials attachments such as a serrated edge or paracord to help with gripping it. The axe will be one of your best friends out in the wild, ask your Granddad cause he might be able to tell ya.


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