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Top Ten Reasons Why Nibiru Planet X Is Real

Updated on October 18, 2015

Second Sun

This is one of the more compelling photographs I have taken showing that indeed a planetary objects is located in the glare of our own Sun.
This is one of the more compelling photographs I have taken showing that indeed a planetary objects is located in the glare of our own Sun. | Source

Second Sun

Existence of Nibiru Planet X

A friend of mine asked me the other day 'why I was so convinced that Nibiru Planet X exists' and I began to list off the reasons I believe it does. After I had listed around five off the top of my head, I wondered why I had never written an article giving the reasons. So after publishing around 100 articles on the subject I decided it was time to give my readers the Top Ten Reasons Why Nibiru Planet X Is Real, to me.

  1. The first one that comes to mind is that NASA announced to the World the presence of what they termed Planet X in 1983 on the fringes of our solar system. This story was covered on the front page of the Washington Post and New York Times, two of the most prestigious newspapers in the World. Soon afterwards, then President Ronald Reagan, made the subject part of the United States National Security mandate making it illegal for astronomers, scientist and institutions from talking about it publicly. He did this because he was convinced that the public would panic, if they knew that a large planetary body (four times the size of Earth) was entering our solar system, and could potentially cause global cataclysms on an epic scale. He convinced other nations to do the same and the subject soon became a big secret and only bits and pieces of information have leaked out ever since.

  2. The second piece of information that has helped to convince me is the plethora of stories, myths and legends from ancient civilizations the World over, that speak of a large planetary body that returns to our solar system on a regular basis (every 3,600 years) and causes global destruction in the form of great floods, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. From the ancient Sumerians (cradle of civilization) to the Australian Aborigines and the Bible (Wormwood) these stories have remarkable similarities that cannot be a considered a coincidence. The Sumerians are the ones that named this planet Nibiru or 'planet of the crossing' in their language. Why I find this so convincing is that the Sumerians had discovered Pluto and included it in their models of our solar system and yet our current astronomers didn't discovered Pluto until 1930. The other reason I find it so convincing is that many of these civilizations had no link to each other and developed at different time periods and so one can logically conclude they stories originated independently from each other. A vast amount of information can be found regarding this from Zecheria Zitchin's Earth Chronicles books.

  3. In 1894 Percival Lowell a wealthy American businessman financed the building of the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, AZ. Part of the Lowell Observatory's original mandate was to specifically look for this mysterious planet, proving that America knew of its existence over 100 years ago. They searched the skies for over thirty years and thought they had found it in 1930 but it turned out to be what we call Pluto and determined it wasn't large enough to be Planet X. This compelling piece of evidence is not widely known or talked about but shows that certain groups within American society knew of this planet's existence and potential.

  4. The obvious, if rarely talked about, phenomenon of the increase in the Earth's Wobble observed by the public the world over must be included in the top five reasons for the sheer numbers of observations made by the public. A friend of mine in Australia began to notice that the Sun and the Moon were both rising and setting in odd positions in 2005. Since he is a farmer, this information is important to his livelihood and was easily recognizable. Because Nibiru Planet X has an unnatural orbit of our Sun, that is not on the normal galactic plane where all other 'normal' planets reside, and enters our solar system from the galactic south astronomers knew it would be seen more easily in the Southern Hemisphere. This is the reason so many large astronomical observatory's have been built in the Southern Hemisphere on our planet. The increase in the Earth's Wobble is also the reason for our extreme weather (changing the jet stream), increase in tectonic stress, increase in volcanic eruptions and melting Polar ice.

  5. The incredible numbers of photographs and videos of Second Sun sightings the World over is another piece of evidence that simple cannot be ignored. Now of course, because of the digital age of computer graphics many of these photographs and videos can and are easily faked or misidentified as lens flares, Sun Dogs, dust and other natural phenomenon but many are not. The ones that are not fakes do not last long on the internet and are removed, I know of at least a half dozen that no longer exist anywhere on the internet, so if they are fakes why censor them? The censorship of information pertaining to Nibiru Planet X is compelling in its own right but obviously difficult to to use as proof if it no longer is easily accessed by the public. I have had to delete at least a dozen links and videos from my articles after the removal of the more profound videos and photographs from the internet.

  6. One of the most compelling reasons that I think Nibiru Planet X exists, is the so-called 'secret' preparations the World's Government's have been conducting for almost fifty years. These preparations include but are not limited to the building underground cities, compounds and military installations the world over. Hoarding resources such as seeds, food, ammunition, weapons, water, gasoline and other necessities. In America, FEMA has constructed hundred's of ready made camps, all over the United States, that are well away from coastlines and that just sit empty waiting for . . . what exactly? In China, they have constructed huge 'ghost' cities in their vast interior (well away from coastal areas), that are being populated by rural inhabitants at gunpoint by the Chinese Military. This construction of camps and/or cities, hundreds of miles from coastal regions shows that they are anticipating the destruction and elimination of large populations of their own citizens. To have built these camps and cities, without revealing their purpose to their own citizens, shows that they are willing to sacrifice large portions of their own populace in order to keep the impending cataclysms a secret for as long as possible.

  7. The increase in extreme weather events, earthquakes, sinkholes, bridge collapses, train derailments, landslides, floods, rivers backing up and flooding, lakes drying up or overflowing, coastlines sinking, shipping accidents, natural gas and industrial explosions, volcanic eruptions, methane gas killing birds, fish and other animals, droughts and other unexplainable phenomenon should be enough to convince anyone that our planet is changing, drastically. All of these events have one common denominator, the increase in the Earth's Wobble, which can only be caused by another larger magnetic influence in our solar system. Now on the other hand all of these events can be more easily explained away and censored by the Fake Stream Media as natural events, limiting exposure to a wider audience and human negligence. This allows those in the know, what I call The Powers That Be (TPTB), of preventing the public from connecting the dots and seeing the bigger picture. However when you add them all up, you will logically conclude that not all of these events can be just a coincidence.

  8. The censorship of information concerning the increase of large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions is one of the most compelling reasons I have found that shows TPTB are trying desperately to limit public perception of the coming potential global cataclysms. In 2003 the United State Geological Society (USGS) lowered the earthquake rating system (Richter Scale) by one point, thus allowing them to convince the public that large earthquakes were not on the rise. This shows the USGS duplicity in the matter and people may have noticed that almost every major earthquake in the last ten years is immediately downgraded by this institution, this shows a pattern of deceit in my opinion. Volcanic eruptions are a little more difficult to limit in terms of public perception but what many people do not know is that it is estimated that over 3 million fissures, volcanoes and magma flows litter the oceans floors the World over, with as many as 3,000 on the surface. One major volcanic eruption can pour more carbon dioxide and other poisonous gas and pollution into our atmosphere in one day than all of the manmade pollution we have released into the atmosphere in the last one hundred years. Now, consider how this would affect the environment when multiple volcanoes are erupting all over the World at the same time and you have a recipe for disaster that could well lead to a mass extinction level event (ELE). Many believe the Comet Elenin was so named as a warning to global elitists that Nibiru had arrived in our solar system, and that it is an acronym for Extinction Level Event Nibiru Is Near.

  9. The vast amount of prophecies and other channeled information of doomsday scenarios should not be overlooked when considering the veracity of Nibiru Planet X, after all much of this information comes from the Bible, which millions of people believe is an accurate description of our history and the word of God. When we consider that the Ten Commandments and many other stories in the Bible and other texts such as the Kaballah are channeled information from a higher power or source, then how can we dismiss New Age channeling out of hand. You can't believe in one form of channeling and then dismiss another simple because it wasn't included in the Bible or came afterwards. We all know that the Bible was written over five generations (300 years) after the supposed death of Jesus, by human author's. Without getting into a discussion of the veracity of any religious text, there are numerous books about past life regressions, channeled information and Alien messages that show that the planet Earth has undergone past Polar Shifts. These stories are confirmed in the Bible by the story of Noah and his Ark, which by the way, is a new movie starring Russell Crowe. Which leads me to another point, that all of the too numerous to name movies in recent years depicting doomsday scenarios cannot be considered a mere coincidence. Are these movies not, in their own fashion, a form of prophetic doomsday scenarios? Couldn't all of the thousands if not millions of UFO sightings the World over be a warning that Alien life is here now for a purpose that goes well beyond just curiosity? When one considers, reads and researches this vast amount of material from Aliens and UFOs to channeled information and Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce prophecies it becomes difficult to so easily dismiss. Mainly because the scenarios are so eerily similar in scope and description.

  10. Last and in my opinion least, is the overwhelming so-called 'scientific' evidence, that Polar Shifts have happened in Earth's past. From a geological standpoint the evidence is certainly overwhelming and has been confirmed over and over again, even though it has not been widely recognized by the public. I could list dozens of research papers, scientific inquiries and studies that show that the Earth has had past Polar Shifts, I don't think anyone is claiming this is not true. However what I find suspect is the reasons many 'scientist ' have for these Polar Shifts, which simple don't add up or work in my opinion. The reasons for my skepticism is that far too many 'scientist' are paid and supported by government grants to publish conclusions on what the government wants the public to know and so the evidence is shaped to fit the theory, concept or idea. Astronomers are also, mostly paid through government grants or work for NASA and other agencies tied to government research institutions and can be held to the National Security mandate, instituted by Reagan. When your livelihood is linked directly to an agency or group that wants certain information withheld from the public, you will lie, falsify documents and create new theories and ideas to back their claims, this is simply human nature and should not be judged. If recognized by the public the incredibly high number of astronomers that have died mysterious deaths in the last twenty years, might lead them to conclude it is one of the most dangerous jobs in the World.

While I have researched this topic in depth for the last forty years, these are just the Top Ten Reasons Nibiru Planet X Is Real from the top of my head. I could and have listed far more reasons this subject is all too real for me but suffice to say this information can be found on the internet with just a little research, in numerous books published in the last 100 years and videos and movies, for those that don't like to read.

Second Sun

How eerily similar to the photo I took last October, this shows that many hundreds, if not thousands of people are finding their own proof.
How eerily similar to the photo I took last October, this shows that many hundreds, if not thousands of people are finding their own proof. | Source

Nibiru Planet X?

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Recent News

Two other interesting stories in the recent news show even more evidence that Nibiru Planet X is here. One was the the three separate asteroids that buzzed the Earth in near misses in just two days time. This shows that the Earth is now beginning to pass through the massive debris tail of Nibiru Planet X, that was described by the ancients, as the tail of the Great Red Dragon.

What is known about Nibiru is that it is surrounded by a huge million mile iron ore cloud of dust particles and asteroids that as Earth draws near are attracted by our magnetic filed and pulled into our atmosphere. This explains the ancient stories of red dust falling from the heavens and fireballs raining from the sky.

The other story that caught my eye was of the ancient forests being revealed off the coast of Maine in the U.S. and the United Kingdom and Ireland. These forest revealed from very low tides and raising of the ocean bottoms, show that land and coastlines have changed dramatically in just the recent past history of our Earth.

While neither story offers undeniable proof, they and my Top Ten Reasons Nibiru Planet X Is Real show that when you compile all of the evidence together they provide a convincing argument that Nibiru Planet X and the Polar Shift are real.

Immanuel Velikovsky


If it is just an elaborate hoax designed to spread fear throughout the World, it is a doozy. I just don't see how it could be but in an effort to keep an open mind about all subjects, perhaps I'm wrong, it wouldn't be the first time.

Another possibility is that it is here but that the Council of Worlds, a group of benign Aliens that enforce Universal Law in the part of the Galaxy, are manipulating its orbit around our Sun as a means of limiting the damage to the planet as they prepare humanity for ascension to the next evolutionary stage of our spiritual development. Thus, by delaying its passage through our solar system, it gives us on the planet the opportunity to decide our spiritual orientation as either in Service to Others (STO) or Service to Self (STS), enabling the Council which humans to help ascend and which humans to leave behind.

Of course the big detractor to my hypothesis is that it can't be seen with the naked eye, yet and because of humanities propensity not to believe anything they can't see with their own eyes, then most folks have a difficult time believing it is here. However this shouldn't stop us from recognizing how it is effecting the Earth.

Many people are also under the false assumption that a secret this big just couldn't be kept for so long and that their Government's would let them know if it were here out of the goodness of their hearts. Which leads to the question of how you could possible prepare close to 7 Billion people for planet wide destruction that no one has any control over.

The answer, of course is that you can't and that the only really safe place would be off the planet in orbit. Not even underground cities and military bases could ensure your survival, nor could a submarine such as the ones used in the movie 2012.

Based on my research from ancient texts, stories and recently discovered geological data, I would have to say the times we are currently living in would coincide with a 3,600 year orbit of a planet that causes global flooding and earthquakes on the planet Earth. This based on the many recent stories in the news that show the Earth experienced great flooding in the past.

Understanding my Top Ten Reasons Nibiru Planet X Is Real may help my readers to understand the interest I have in the Polar Shift and why I seek to find answers to it. It really was sparked by my fascination in ancient cultures and civilizations on our planet. I believe that these cultures left many clues as a warning to future generations and this is how The Powers That Be knew when and where to look for Nibiru Planet X.

Second Sun Setting

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