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Top Ten Large Historical Used Weapons

Updated on June 8, 2017

That old saying Bigger is Better has its moments of truth from time to time. Weapons come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, it is only a matter of time before somebody creates a weapon larger then life.

#10, The Warhammer. This goes from history of the past all the way up to the games of today. The Warhammer is a large weapon made to break and destroy. Take a Sledgehammer and maybe give it another foot or two of reach and voila, you have a deadly weapon. The Warhammer is primarily used by large folks with the strength to swing it more effectively but that doesn't mean no one else can use it. The weapon is used to strike parts. The head would usually be an Insta-Kill or the user could go for the arms or legs and cripple their enemy. The Warhammer isn't the most talent needed of weapons but this thing can cause enough carnage and mayhem that you would wish you had brought something to break the impact. It usually has a hard wood or metal shaft with a large hunk of steel at the end, this is one weapon you don't want to hit you.

#9, Broadsword. There are probably hundreds of different kinds of swords but few come close to the awe inspiring craftsmanship of a broadsword. As the name suggests the sword was rather broad and needed to be held by two hands, imagine swinging a giant hunk of steel with only one arm, you would hurt yourself. The broadsword is a long and deadly piece of steel, since two hands are used to swing it the blade can do stronger strikes then one could do with a simple one handed sword. The blade was longer as well so that meant it had a much farther reach. Some of these large swords had special parts on the blade where one could grasp it then use it somewhat like a spear. In some parts of the world only the biggest and strongest could use the blade due to its size and weight, the sword while can be wielded by anybody is a heavy weapon.

#8, Ballista. The Ballista was a large Crossbow like weapon used in several battles throughout the world. The siege weapon fired large bolts that could be used to pierce horses, other weapons or the walls of a castle. The Ballista was mained by two to three men. Julius Caesar is one of the most well know users of this weapon, the Ballista was a formidable weapon when going against the likes of horsemen and other siege weapons.

#7, Battle Axe. This weapon can be seen used by Vikings or Berserkers in many forms of literature and media. The Battle Axe was well what it says, an axe used for battle. It usually came with a long shaft that the user could slid his hands up and down on in order to change tactics in battle. Much like the Warhammer the Battle Axe was a fearsome weapon. The Axe was a mixture of both blunt and blade since the large hunk of steel that made up the head could be brought down on an enemy with quite alot of power. It could be used to cut or knock enemies out of the war, since many axes came with a hook like head it could be used to grab an opponents legs and trip them or parry a weapon.

#7, Catapult. This is another siege weapon used throughout history. The Catapult was a contraption that used a lever to toss what were usually boulders in an arc to hit an enemies walls or forces. Since rocks were mainly used they could use the Catapults to take out smaller forces in groups or target buildings or weak points in a castles walls. Some people even used the dead enemies of their foes as ammunition to not only spread disease but also spread fear throughout the group. Some objects could even be lit on fire before throwing making this weapon a bit versatile with its ammunition. However since it was made of wood and bits of steel it could be broken easily and was usually the first target for someone on the defense.

#6, Kusarigama. The Kusarigama is a hybrid weapon of sorts. It is made by having a small sickle connected to a thick metal weight with a chain. The weapon was dangerous and if used in the right hands it could be outright deadly. It could be used to strange an opponent, cut them with the Kama or Sickle, attack a body part with the weight and even use the chain to grapple with a sword if you were good enough. Ashi from Samurai Jack has used this weapon before to a great degree. The weapons supposed main method of attack was swinging the heavy weight over ones head then throwing it forward to ensnare an opponents weapon then rush in and strike with the sickle. It was a good weapon.

#5, Warscythe. The Warscythe when it first came into play in the wars was shown to be a monster immediately. It was a farm tool converted into a weapon like many of weapons. The Warscythe was a regular scythe used to cut crops and grass but once its blade was faced forward it became a deadly weapon. A razor sharp blade that could be used to thrust into enemies of simply cut them, it was said that this weapon could even cut through a metal helmet. With this scythe whoever wielded it even had the range advantage, since whoever used it could hold it from the very end and have a greater reach and with that greater reach they were able to combat horse riders from a safe distance. This weapon while starting off as a farm tool has come down in history as a deadly tool.

#4, Trident. A weapon known for Gladiator use this weapon had a similar effect to a spear but with two to three prongs. Usually accompanied with a net this weapon could be used to thrust and attack with the prongs at the end or used as a blunt weapon by using the edges of the weapon to attack. A certain tactic for using this was to throw the net at the other and ensnare a part of his body to be able to strike without worry. The weapon could be made out of complete steel but on several occasions the shaft could be wooden with a metal tip at the end. If skilled enough one could trap another persons weapon with the prongs at the end of the weapon. A few beings in culture known to use it is Poseidon God of the Sea and Aquaman King of Atlantis. So it is probably mostly seen as a weapon of underwater use. Maybe.

#3, Halberd. The Halberd is another one of those Hybrid Weapons. It was usually a mix of a axe and a spear. It had a long shaft with a sharp spear tip at the end with an axe head rather close to the tip as well. It could be used as a thrusting weapon or too swing at an enemy, the weapon had a long reach as well so it could be used from a safe distance. While in some stories it was used with a pistol encase someone had gotten too close but the weapon was also used far back before the age of firearms. The weapon was a good mixture of close a medium range combat since you could hold it closer to the axe head but that would probably make it a little harder to swing. However if you have a weapon made of two different weapons you are the coolest guy on the battlefield.

#2, Warclub. This weapon is rather similar to the Warhammer and is most likely what you would see a caveman use. This weapon was primarily made out of a large hunk of wood, sometimes it was adorned with studs or spikes to increase its effectiveness but it wasn't hard to see this weapon was used to beat the ever living snot out of opponents. Since it was made of wood it was rather easy to create and wouldn't take as long to create one as it would a sword or mace. However it could be broken under some stress and due to it being made of wood using it to block wouldn't be much help which is why many of the times it was paired with a wooden or metal shield for added protection. A large man chasing at you with a hard wood and a shield is not something people would be happy too see.

#1, Winged Spear. This was also a weapon said to have been used by the Vikings, The winged spear is a weapon well explained, it is a spear with wing like steel coming out a few inches below the head. Some say it is so when thrusting the spear doesn't go too deep into the poor sucker to get stabbed by one. The weapon could be used to thrust and like many spear users they could be used by infantry or cavalry. One of the most well know tactics with spears is to hold them out in front in an angle or straight ahead, usually hundreds of soldiers would be doing this so you would have a rather long and dangerous wall to get past. Effective at taking out horses and approaching threats. The Spartans used a tactic to where their shields would be out in front of them to protect the front and they would even have the spears out to strike whomever came close.


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