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Benefits of Black Tourmaline - the Mother Lode of all Crystals

Updated on October 9, 2016

This amazing stone was used in healing and religious rituals for centuries, but the western world found about its remarkable quality in 1876 through stores like Tiffany. As a type of mineral, it can be found on every continent on earth, but fine specimens are rare and quite expensive.

Tourmaline identification and classification

If you research the tourmaline super-group of minerals, you will find out that these rocks are made of aluminium, iron, lithium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and other elements. Depending on their chemical structure, tourmaline stones may come in all shades of yellow, pink, green, blue and black, or contain several colors in one single specimen. Their color can vary from very light and almost colorless, to very deep dark almost black. Black tourmaline is a separate group of tourmaline, often known as Schorl. From the five important species of tourmaline (Elbaite, Liddicoatite, Dravite, Chromdravite and Schorl) Schorl is the least valued because it's most common.


Through virtual three dimensional hard ball modeling it was recorded that black tourmaline is capable of absorbing ions, releasing negative ions, emitting far infrared radiation and pyroelectricity, which is why it's used in the manufacturing industry. Don’t be mislead by the many advocates and advertisers of this powerful rock when they say it will fill your room with negative ions. When there’s no outside force to stimulate the process, tourmaline stones generate as much ions as there are naturally in the air at all times. But when heated or rubbed against the right surface, it starts to emit more negative ions.

The amount of magical ions emitted from a single specimen depends on many characteristics. You may have several different pieces and they will all have a different feel. You need to consider its chemical structure and impurities, the place where it was mined from and its hardness. Just like trees look different on all continents, tourmaline too “grows” with different characteristics on different grounds. The best pieces come from the Middle East and Africa, powerful double terminated schorls are found Nepal and large chunks are mostly mined in Brazil.

Everything in nature is perfect in its own way and the same goes for crystals and minerals. When it comes to the crystal system, tourmalines can fall either into the trigonal, or the hexagonal crystal system. Some specimens may give away their atomic structure just by the look of them, others (often when broken) need to be looked under a microscope. It's not easy to fake tourmaline because it comes out in distinct patterns. If you find a nice, untreated and unbroken specimen, you can find out which category it falls into by looking at the piece in its cross section. They are all different, but they will all have a columnar shape. Sometimes, they will look like clusters made of black short and tall columns, and may grow attached to quartz, lepidolite or other minerals. Even if you only have small pieces, you can still see lot's of lines, even shapes and triangles on its sides. It depends on now many times the specimen was broken and cut before knocking on your door.

tourmaline and hematite
tourmaline and hematite

Schorl as emotional support

According to The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons, Naisha Ahsian and Hazel Raven black tourmalines work wonders for people who work in highly stressful environments. Once activated, the tourmaline will protect your auric field from harmful energies, whether they come from people or modern appliances. They work like vacuum cleaners, and they will suck the negative energy from your aura and transmit it into a positive one. We all encounter negative people and vibes almost every day, and a tourmaline piece in your pocket will make sure your energetic field is safe and protected.

Other than protecting you from foreign negative energies, it will also help you clear up your own negative vibrations. If you have doubts, worries and feelings of unworthiness, carrying a black tourmaline with you will help you bring your energetic field to a higher vibration. If you need to enhance the grounding influence of this stone, you can use a piece of hematite in combination with the tourmaline. Schorl has complementing energies with stones like jet, quartz, obsidian, black andradite garnet, sugilite, amethyst and charoite.

It is a stone that can be used on all chakras, even the secondary ones, although its influence is felt best when used on the root chakra. It carries Earth energy, and it will help your own scattered energy to become directed and focused. Some people add a piece in their children’s work bench or desk, so that the grounding vibration can help them study and keep them on the task at hand.

When you feel out of balance, or like you’ve lost your compass, meditate or pray with a piece of schorl in your hands. It will guide your primal energy or spirit to the center of the earth, from where you can draw fresh new life juice. It will illuminate your path and keep you on the right track.

Schorl as a physical health aid

The benefits of tourmaline and its negative ions are extensive. In the East, alternative health props like tourmaline and other crystals and minerals have been used for centuries. They are still used today for therapeutic, cosmetic and preservative purposes. Since in the western world, we hardly trust alternative sources of health, Japanese researchers dedicated some of their time and expertise to prove the benefits of tourmaline. They also looked at human palmar energy, hot spring water, ceramic discs and common granite stones, as copious sources of electromagnetic waves. They found out that these materials and energies are capable of naturally potentiating the function of leukocytes, without promoting oxidative injury or causing side effects like regular pharmaceuticals. If you are not familiar with the medical lingo, oxidative injury, or stress, is when the body is incapable of protecting its cells from free radicals.

The best way to feel the tourmaline energy is in a body layout or home grids. You can very well leave your specimen in one place in the home, but there’s no way to keep the energy flowing and circling. It will still clean the immediate area of electromagnetic pollutants and negative vibes, but it may not affect your own as successfully. One of the best ways to use its energy to its fullest is by using it only when you really need it. Our physical and energetic bodies have a way of protecting themselves, but when your own energy is not in its optimal condition, like during stress or sickness, there are “wormholes” from where energy can leak out and in.

When it comes to curing or preventing physical ailments, tourmaline is not a magic stone that works for everything. You can use it to speed up scar tissue regeneration and some skin diseases, like eczema. Its powder form is widely used in cosmetics, like face and body creams. Potent electromagnetic waves are present in every schorl stone, so you can use it to balance the work of the right and left brain hemispheres. The Japanese researchers showed us that these energies work as powerful boosters for blood cells like leukocytes, so you can use the energy to clear your body of toxins and pollutants, including liver impairments, clogged arteries and adrenal glands. Since it’s a stone that works easily with the base chakra, you can manipulate its power to elevate painful joints, strained muscles and realign your spinal column.

Disclaimer: This information is not to be taken as a medical advice. The Traditional, Ceremonial and Healing properties for this stone are collected from various resources, for the sole purpose of bringing you closer to this information. This information is not to replace an actual therapy without the advice of your doctor.

Schorl as a powerful ritual protection

Whether you believe in God or another entity or not, the forces of good and evil are ever-present. They are present when you do good and when you do something not very good. They are not forced upon you like we see in movies with exorcism. They take over only when you open the door and let them in. They sneak up on you when you cheat on your loving wife, when you steal office supplies and when you take the parking spot reserved for people with disabilities.

Sorcerers, magicians and shamans have been using this stone since the dawn of religion and religious practices. They used it to clean the space where the magical ritual is about to happen, and to keep it protected from negative forces entering the sacred space. You can lay down tourmalines all around you or your altar, during the ceremony, prayer or ritual to keep the good energy in and the negative out.

When tourmalines are activated, and especially if they are terminated, they become electrically charged. One of the ends becomes negative, while the other end is positive. One end pulls energy in, the other one releases. This quality of tourmaline stones can be used for both healing and rituals. If you have a headache, rub the tourmaline to heat it up and place it on the spot that hurts. If you are a reiki healer, you can tell which side pulls and which side releases, but there’s no harm in using it for healing even if you don’t know which is which. Just remember to switch sides, so the aching spot can receive both electrical charges.

In rituals, the ability of the schorls to attract and dispel energy will make your rites successful. It’s best to use terminated points or clusters in rituals (or at least, be able to tell the energetic poles), as they can guide the energy to a desired outcome. The pulling side will aid in attracting rituals or spells, while the discharging side will assist you in releasing negative energy from your life, like the evil eye, a curse or bad luck in general.

Tourmaline side effects

Keep in mind that we all react to energies in a different way. Thick skinned people are not very responsive to external energies. The rock on its own can’t make your life better if you don’t learn how to harness its energy. And of course, there are cases when the energy coming from tourmaline will not be received as a positive one. It can often happen if you have emotional and spiritual debris piled up over a long period of time, which is when the energy will be felt as heavy, even sickening. If this is your experience, use the power of the tourmalines wisely and step by step. If your chakras are all out of whack, tourmaline can make you feel nauseated. The best advice a healer can give you if you want to work on your energetic body on your own, is to work with high frequency stones, like quartz and similar crystals in the same category.

Testimony from a crystal healer's Youtube channel

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