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Traditional Leather Bags many uses in History

Updated on May 15, 2011

Leather Bags

Traditionally going back as far as the 18th century a bag such as the one pictured to the right would have been used for a hunting pouch or possible bag. Leather bags such as this were stitched by hand, usually using a linen or cotton cord. Some bags were lined with linen, wool, pillow ticking, cotton fabric, and sometimes muslin. Some of these bags were left unlined as well.

Most of the original hunting pouches I have seen were made of leather but I have also seen original hunting pouches with linen bodies and leather top flaps.

If a button was on the leather pouch for a flap closure it was common to see pewter, horn, antler bone and sometimes ivory.

Sometimes smaller sized pouches were made from a section of an old leather boot and called a boot pouch by some.

If a Pouch was carried as a hunting or shooting bag essentials would be carried for a flintlock muzzle loader. Possibles such as patch, extra flint, grease, maybe an extra bullet board, a folding knife or fixed blade patch knife. Sometimes a bullet mould would be carried as well.

Leather bags in one shape or form were carried throuhout history going back to the days of the Roman Empire.

Today a leather side bag can also be a nice addition to your traditional muzzleloading gear just as carried years ago. A leather bag now a days also works well for hiking, camping, fishing trips, roaming the back country and more.



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