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Transit of Venus on June 6,2012

Updated on May 30, 2012

Transit of Venus

Transit of Venus is the phenomenon of passing of the planet Venus in front of sun like a black spot, which we can witness from earth. This sky miracle will happen on 6 June of this year. This generation could not see this miracle after June 6th,because this phenomenon will repeat after 105 years, in accurate, on December 11th of 2117.this phenomenon happened before on June 8th of was between 50.15am to 11.26am.those who missed that it is the chance to see again.


What is “Transit of Venus”?

Let us check, what “Transit of Venus” is. I think all know about sun is the phenomenon of hiding the sun from our sight by moon, when moon comes exactly in between sun and earth in a line. This is sun eclipse. Same like, when Venus pass in between sun and earth Venus will try to hide sun. Since Venus is far away from earth (approximate 5core kilometers), it will not happen. We can see this as a black spot moving in front of sun. Since moon is near to earth (approximate 4lakh kilometers) moon can hide sun completely.

“Transit of Venus” will last for hours. The last transit last for 6 hours. This phenomenon happens in an interesting repeats in 243years in a special is between 121.5 years and 105.5 years once in eight years. It is an unusual pattern.

Venus is the second nearest planet to sun in our solar system after mercury, and nearest to earth. Venus referred as the twin sister of earth. The diameter of Venus is approximate similar to earth’ our solar system among planets, scientist made the more researches. The atmosphere of Venus consists of dense carbon dioxide clouds. The atmosphere always has acid rain, thunder and lightning. The temperature of Venus rise up to 450-degree Celsius.The hottest planet in solar system is Venus. The cause of this high temperature is its greenhouse effect. The presence of dense co2 cloud cause this greenhouse effect. Venus is not at all good for life.

Venus called as morning star and evening the history of Indian, Greek, and Egyptian, chines, Babylonian and Mayan civilization there is mention about Venus. The people on those days were aware of Venus and its passage. Johannes Kepler scientifically invented the route of Venus at first time. He predicted about the “transit of Venus” in AD1627.he predicted that this phenomenon would happen in AD1631.but because of small calculation error it went wrong. That phenomenon didn't happen in that places where he predicted.the "transit of Venus” later happened in AD1939 November predicted accurately by the astronaut Jeremiah Horrocks.not only that he found out where Johannes Kepler went wrong in calculations.

Astronaut can find out the distance between sun and earth accurately during the transit, and they can make study about finding the size of our solar system also. They use this transit to discover new planets. The transit of Venus, which is going to happen in 6 June, will appear clearly in Pacific Ocean will appear in Asia’s eastern places, Hawaii islands, Australia and Alaska also.

Horrocks observing the transit of Venus

How we can observe “transit of Venus”?

We can observe this phenomenon by reflecting the image of sun on to a wall or screen using binocular or telescope. This is the safest is possible observe it by using chromium filter attached goggles. We can use welders grade-14 glass is unsafe to observe it by naked eye or X-ray film-ray film cannot filter the infrared rays from sun. This will cause burn in retina.


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    • vims003 profile image

      Vimesh Ummer.U 5 years ago from india

      hi pamela99...thanks mam for your visit.don't miss June 6.if you miss it i think we cannot experience it later.

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 5 years ago from United States

      This is very interesting information and I am glad to learn from you. I'll be awaiting June 6th.

    • vims003 profile image

      Vimesh Ummer.U 5 years ago from india

      thanks anu for visit....enjoy 6th june...its gonna interesting.....

    • anusujith profile image

      Anoop Aravind A 5 years ago from Nilambur, Kerala, India

      Fine information. Here I am waiting for 6th of next month. Need to make reminder on it. Thank you...