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Truth Day

Updated on August 4, 2017
I tell the truth!
I tell the truth!

Try telling the truth for one day

 I have been telling the truth for many years, every day, 365 days of the year. The great thing about telling the truth is remembering all your facts for every situation. It is a known fact that when you tell the truth, you remember it. When you lie, you can not remember what you said.

Its Shocking

To tell the truth is shocking to others, sometimes I will fore warn, and say something like if you do not want to hear the truth, do not ask me. Then if they ask anyway, I speak the truth. My truth telling has become very handy, for law suits, (I win them), employee issues, (win those also), and for general purpose needs.

People have been surprised

My knowledge and attention to detail, is well developed. Telling the truth has enabled me to surprise HR Directors with my claims, surprise the CFO of a large company when I called her and asked her to explain the word "refund" on a 45k check sent to me. The truth also surprised a company that had kept over 88k in revenue that they were not entitled to keep.

The Brain

The brain of a human being is like a computer, but better. If too much garbage information is in the brain, like all the lies, it will slow down and crash. When the computer hard drive has too many errors, or lies, it moves slow, freezes up, and does not compute to its full ability.


When people ask for your advice, aren't they asking the question because they want to know the truth? If, not, then why did they ask in the first place? How can any person that has been caught commtting a crime, plead not guilty? They changed their story many times, because they lied, and they are guilty. A child is taught from a early age that lying is bad, yet as adults we change our learning to accept lying.

The Truth Is Difficult

When you speak the truth, your life becomes so much better. It is one of the commandments, thou shall not lie. There is a reason  it was listed in the first place.If lying could not harm you, it would never be mentioned. I missed work because I did not feel like coming in today. Do you really think that if you said you were ill, and you come to work the next day with a deep dark tan, that you are believed? I hurt my right foot, then you forget and you are limping the rest of the day with the left foot raised!

The truth is avoided, to escape dealing with the reality of a situation. Similar to drinking to forget your problems, which does not work. The next day, you may have a headache, and the problems that existed before, are still present.

When you practice the truth telling, you will not want to be around people that lie. Which may be 90 percent of the population. The banks are lying, the credit card companies are lying.The country is omitting certain facts in their great plans for the future, which are lies. The politicians think that if they tell the truth, they would have little to say, which is probably true.

Research And The Truth

The news is on, and you hear about this great plan, an opportunity for you to fix a major financial problem in your life. The reporting is to gain ratings, the whole truth is not told, only fragments to get your attention.

I especially can not stand the fine print. You must read everything, for every offer. The disclaimers are so small that you need a magnifying glass. I have two of them. The bills you receive also contain lies and tricks, the contracts are automatically renewable because the fine print tells you, if you do not send a written letter, 60 days prior to the contract expiration, too bad for you. New legal contract is effective.

Try telling the truth, and you will see your life turn around, and you will have less stress, and feel so much better.


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