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Truth or Lies

Updated on February 4, 2013
Official Statement
Official Statement | Source


Early in November of this year, Phil Larsen a research assistant in the White House Office of Science and Technology officially announced that there has been no known contact with aliens from another planet. He stated that there was none now or had been in the past, however he did acknowledge that even though the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence [SETI] was no longer run by NASA, it was still in existence.

Some have said that this statement was a lie. They consider that this statement by a junior staffer was a ploy to stop the numbers on an on-line petition from growing. If the numbers on the petition had grown significantly, then by his own orders President Obama would have to give instructions for a lot higher member of the White House staff to give a response to it.

NSA | Source
SETI | Source

More Truth

Also in November this year under protest but in accordance with a court order issued by U.S. Federal Court Judge, The National Security Agency [NSA] released some documents from 1957.

Although only certain pages were released, not the full document, it is still clear that the document reports of messages received from unknown aliens. The pages also make reference to other documents dealing with these alien messages.

It would seem that these documents were made by a team working under Dr. Howard H. Campaigne, a top government cryptologist whose career spanned the Naval Security Group, Army Security Agency, National Security Agency and others.

Experts have authenticated these documents as being real and that they appear to actually pertain to messages received from outer space, not just an exercise.

Apparently, for more than fifty years, the government, has not only been relying on Dr. Campaigne’s team but have also used super computers and mathematicians to try to decode these alien messages. All, as of yet, unsuccessfully, supposedly.

Will We Ever Know?

The Future?
The Future? | Source


It is clear that not both of these can be the truth.

These documents, by order, were released on an obscure NSA website, possibly to try and avoid being picked up by the mainstream media. Yet they were released on an official NSA site, further confirming their authenticity.

Allegedly, these messages have still not been successfully decoded and their meaning is still in the realms of speculation as to whether they are space maps, blue prints for power systems or just greetings. Their existence though has not been questioned.

This then, would give credence to those that believe the White House statement to be a lie.

Is this why it was given by a junior White House staffer?

I wonder as to which the more dangerous is:

The White House purposely lying about the truth or that the White House doesn’t know the truth.

What is the truth and will we ever know?


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    • point2make profile image

      point2make 6 years ago

      It sounds like another conspiracy theory and they are getting a little boring. Are there aliens "out there". Perhaps but contact is very unlikely and even after all these years no credible evidence has surfaced either to prove contact or visitations. It may be time to give this one up.

      SETI has been searching for radio signals for a very long time and if you read their history you will see that they make lots of predictions about probable contact. This year, next or sometime in the future. One thing to keep in mind is that any message sent to Earth,from aliens, will be received by "everyone" not just the USA. It could not be hidden or kept secret by any government more that a few hours or days.

      Your hub was interesting and well presented. I believe the government, in this case, is telling the truth. voted this hub up!

    • profile image

      diogenes 6 years ago

      Nope. They're there, but they ain't down here yet. Bob