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Truthful history

Updated on November 22, 2015
another Stonehenge-sized monolith  10,500 B.C.E. ice-age by stone age man
another Stonehenge-sized monolith 10,500 B.C.E. ice-age by stone age man | Source

The Truth about History

This paper was distributed to select members of an international group of scholars that are exploring the truth to our past, and do not leave anything out of their conclusions. Secrecy is paramount, and containment is absolute. See NSA agreement and sign.

The only question, it seems, is when to acknowledge exceptional intervention and extraterrestrial technological boosts to early man’s basic evolution. Evidence is now overwhelming; containment is difficult, and failure is inevitable. Every civilization has stories of flying visitors…the sky beings…the luminous ones…the gods who possessed amazing technology that seemed like magic to early man. Every out of time artifact demands questions with disturbing answers. The Piri Reis map is so out place and out of time, it remains unexplained because of the implications it demands. A flight capable society millions of years ago…a society able to map Antarctica before ice covered it millions of years ago.

Many famous Archeologists like to believe the history of humanity’s progression to the modern world begins with the invention of writing. Writing implies order, the ability to exchange complex ideas, and leaves records early linguists trace and follow, from one king to the next. Experts like nice, neat records of progress, something they can point to and say this is where it all began. In reality, burgeoning into intelligent beings involved millions of years…a stretch of time with no written record, but records exist that are now crumbling ruins.

Remnants in rock, monuments to mankind’s architectural skill stand proudly all over the world. They are still finding evidence today, which suggests other sites of unknown age and complexity have yet to be found. Gobekli Tepe, excavated in 1994 by Klaus Schmidt, is a massive circle of T-shaped monoliths the size of Stonehenge, each pillar holds animals and figures carved from the original rock. Pillar 27, Enclosure 2, Layer III has a leopard carved in the round, extruding from the actual pillar, hinting at artistic training and capabilities considered extraordinary for a hunter-gatherer society. The size and complexity of this site stunned Archeologists; they believed these epipaleolithic ice-age men lived in caves and lacked the knowledge to produce such impressive structures.

Similar nearby sites, Nevali Cori and Gurcutepe, were all carbon dated to reveal the incredible age of 9-10,000 B.C.E. Archeologists call this period pre-pottery A and B, indicating levels of sophistication with tool use. The largest stone circles had floors hewn out of bedrock, and the animal details carved out of the massive monolith portrayed species not idigenous to South-West Turkey.

The structures predate pottery, metallurgy, writing and even the wheel; traces of agriculture and animal husbandry are found around 9,000 B.C., but Gobekli Tepe (Potbelly Hill), needed advanced organization hitherto unknown for textbook ideas about recognized societal development. Some parts date to 10,500 B.C.E., a point involving important events on the fringe of standard Archeological evolution. It’s important to consider the tools they used for this humungous creation; the stone tools Archeologist collect do not have the ability to carve stone in the 3-dimensional accuracy through out Gobekli Tepe.

Basic lithic technology—making tools of stone has three periods: old age Paleolithic, middle age Mesolithic, and new age Neolithic. It’s really laughable that archeologists propose these incredible world-wide structures of varying technology were made by stone-age man with flint chips and basalt hammers; it’s a valid question to ask what’s really in those pipes they’re always smoking. The mathematical, architectural and geological expertise is obvious; where that knowledge suddenly came from furthers the notion that intervention was made at some unknown time; figurines depicting space suits and helmets, when viewed in context, provide additional proof of advanced visitation. Models and representations of flying craft also indicate early man saw unknown flying machines but lacked the language to properly describe their observations. Hence, many mythologies suggest visitations by gods from the sky; isolated descriptions are too similar in nature to suggest multifarious visitors, and suggest all accounts are of similar phenomenon. Global pictographic records in caves imitate unknown beings of physical origins; similar traits from isolated societies with no contact prove real contact rather than mystical or dream-like visitations. They drew what they saw, doing their best to depict fantastic devices that would appear to be magic, yet the consistency of cave art and other records clearly show the same beings are drawn, and oral traditions all include beings from the stars (q.v. Star Gods, Star Beings, Luminous Ones, et al).

Later civilizations like the Egyptians or Olmecs, etched meticulous hieroglyphics in quartzite granite columns…some engraved so deep and so defined, we can only reproduce them with LASAR technology. Diamond drills struggle with the hard rock they worked on; Andesite, Quartzite, Dolomite and sandstone were hewn from quarries, transported over significant obstacles, and dropped into mathematically arranged positions. Obelisks were suggested to be wireless transmitters, but this lacks definitive evidence. Ancient men weren’t magicians, but some of these ruins pose serious problems in basic engineering that challenge modern builders using large 21st century machinery.

The stones of Sacsayhaunan near the high alpine Lake Titicaca are mysteries still lacking explanation. Besides moving the stones over treeless terrain, H-blocks are drilled and cut so accurately, no mortar was needed for construction; exactly spaced holes drilled to specific depths indicate power tools, or the ability to make stone so pliable, anything could be done. Fixed and specific ornamentation proved their mastery over stone…adding complicated designs merely to show their skill and ability. Suggesting the obvious is taboo; somehow, they could mold rock like butter, and then lift it exactly where it needed to go.

In Polynesia, Nan Madol is a complex erected like log cabins, but the logs weigh several tons and are octagonal basalt pillars of crystallized volcanic basaltic upheavals. These rock logs were transported over dense jungle or heavy surf and stacked in untold piles that are hundreds of feet underwater and continue above water. Island legends say there were moved at night by ‘ghost hands,’ and the entire complex is superstitiously avoided because it is protected by the gods. There are currently many UFO reports in the area.

Anti-gravity, or auditory levitation has been recorded in many stories, and would explain the existence of ruins that give modern engineers indigestion if asked to build a similar structure. Edward Leedskillin claimed he unlocked this secret in the 30’s, and built a massive creation of gigantic coral stones called Coral Castle. He worked at night, had no modern heavy machinery, but piled tons of boulders together, some placed so precisely and well-balanced, heavy doors can be opened by the push of the hand.

Mythical cities like Atlantis or the previously mythical city of Troy are proving our past is not the linear line proposed by the experts, but contains hidden societies and unknown races that had advanced technology far beyond what historians assume. Ultimately, the weird, unknown and baffling artifacts that shatter established timelines need to be analyzed with open minds; advanced technology visited Earth and the results are everywhere. If that came from another planet, accepting that influence doesn’t imply fantastic imaginings, but rather shows that all explanations are given a chance. When you exclude all theories that don’t apply, whatever you’re left with, no matter how unlikely, could be the answer.

Currently, Gobekli Tepe raises many questions, and Archeologists are scrambling to find answers…proof that their compact theories of humanity’s evolution fits into their textbook timeline. The next great find might be something so incredible they will have to include answers everyone already suspects. Ancient aliens are depicted in art by every older civilization; why is it so difficult to see that solution solves more puzzles than it creates. When you hear a stampede of thundering hooves, they are not always horses…zebras make the same noise.

Footnote: encapsulated evidence produces a silent agreement to ignore artifacts that are not able to fit into the standard evolution of time.

Entanglement suggests the past is fixed at a quantum level, yet the future is malleable and open; given vast leaps and applications in theoretical physics, the future might be changed.

As overwhelming evidence proves advanced alien races visit our planet, officials deny eyewitness testimony and photographs, afraid that admitting anything would lead to more, finally demanding a trustworthy answer everyone believes and accepts. Of course the news is sensational, perhaps the most important moment in history except the live of Christ. Theologians and philosophers ponder the implications, believers just nod their heads and do the ‘I told you so,’ routine—skeptics are shocked, frozen in place, their mouths agape.

Afraid of disclosing advanced technology and its source, secrecy surrounds advanced technology and how it was acquired: national security.

Antigravity systems exist, but are hidden.

Seeking nitrates, iridium or gold, ancient travelers from space landed on Earth, interacted with early races, and left proof of these visitations. Historians refuse to recognize this proof. The Nazca lines, massive rock pyramids, and hundreds of paintings and pottery figurines depict strange humanoids; modern man ignores fanciful explanations and clings to Earthly origins. Forgotten cities and incredible structures across the globe prove ancient man built complex ten-thousand year old megalithic temples, understood advanced mathematics, plus possessed an incredible knowledge of astronomy. Archeologists previously taught humans were still living in caves then, but these ancient structures proved them wrong. What else are they wrong about? If not built by man, the ramifications are too fantastic to consider, yet pre-pottery civilization markers now seem woefully inadequate to calculate early man’s technology.

Gobekli monolith 10,000 B.C.

Stonehenge sized with external figures added.  Stones buried for 12,000 years
Stonehenge sized with external figures added. Stones buried for 12,000 years | Source
close up of T-shaped monolith with animal.
close up of T-shaped monolith with animal. | Source


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    • Artidan profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Vancouver

      wow....if that is buried under earth...what is buried under the ice in somewhere we all know about, but haven't taken the time to study...

      Lake Vostok is under Antarctica, there for millions of years...what if there are pyramids would science explain them?


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