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Turning Away From the News

Updated on January 7, 2009

Yearning for news

The news (on and off the Internet) has never been particularly positive to the best of my recollection.  But these days with the economy being down, it's almost unhealthy to watch the news especially for people like me who work in the industry that's been hit hardest by the current economic downturn. 

But it's tempting to look and look and look . . .

The effects of constantly feeding on negativity (did I say the news isn't particularly positive?) are negative - duh!  So what is it about these stocks down, real estate market in the toilet, unemployment up, more layoffs expected, war in the Middle East, etc. etc. that keep us turning to news channels, clicking on tragic stories on the Internet and turning back to glance at a doomsday headline as we head toward the company cafeteria to grab a bite for breakfast?

Is it a desire to measure our lives against what we read so we can walk away and tell ourselves "It's not so bad for me.  At least, I'm doing better than those folks?"  Is it the headlines and the fact that we "just can't believe" that what the headline says is true, so we have to read the article or listen to the news story to find out for sure?

Do you watch the news, look back when you see an accident (and help back traffic up in the lane that the accident did "not" happen in), talk about how "bad things are"? 

If so, what comes of it?  Do you feel better or do the facts around the stories change?  Gotta wonder why we feed on this stuff.  And we must feed on it, because the media pulls in millions thanks to our hunger for these stories.

So what's your read on it?  Do you think the news is negative and if so, why do you think it is?  And . . . do you watch?



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