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Twins: A World With More Than One of the Same Kind

Updated on January 21, 2019
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Brittany Banks is a young woman who likes to help people in difficult situations.


The topic of twins makes me wonder why I am so fascinated by them. When I was younger, I always wondered the genetics and how it is even possible to have more than one in the same womb. Every time I set a set of twins or even more that are similar, my heart starts racing, because it's just one of those topics that I enjoy talking about. I've done some research over the years and it is crazy how some of these similar babies are unique and different. The rare ones are far more interesting to me as well.

How Can This Happen?

There is identical twins and fraternal twins. Identical twins the embryo splits into two from one zygote. Fraternal means there is two separate eggs with each sperm cell fertilizing them. This can also result to a boy and girl when there is two separate eggs. It is also heard that there can be two different sperm cells involved as well. Multiple eggs can be implanted in the womb which could also result in twins or multiple babies. 76% of twin births rose from 1980 to 2009. In Nigeria, there is around 50 sets of twins for every 1,000 births.


Mutiple Births

Triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets, and the list will keep going and going. It's crazy to think how much the stomach can stretch will all of those babies in there. Some of these babies can be identical or fraternal even in the same womb. Even identical triplets are very rare. I came across a family that came into my work one day. She had 2 girls and one boy. The boy was fraternal to the two girls. The two girls were identical. The boy had one blue eye and one brown eye! I've only met 3 people in my life that had that condition. Let alone, a set of triplets! I was so amazed, I had to walk up to the mother and talk to her.

There is a downside to this happening, some of the babies do not survive due to health issues. The more the babies, the lower the weight of each baby will weigh.


They Look Simular!

There is a family with one Caucasian daughter and one African-American daughter. Yes, they are twin sisters. The father is African-American and the mother is Caucasian. Twins can be a lot alike but one can have brown eyes and the other can have blue eyes. Sometimes they may have different color hair and some can look identical, but a different height.

There has been research that twins also think alike and do similar things. Some twins get separated at birth and reunite with each other later on. They find out that their interests are the same. There is some cases that twins can be opposites from one another. One can be left handed and the other one can be right handed. If it is a set of twins that are boy and girl, of course they might not have the same interests. Twins also have dreams that are similar as well.

Health Issues

There can be issues during pregnancy and during birth with having more than one baby. The more babies, the lower the weight will be. There also can be birth defects like conjoined twins. Some can be attached to each other somehow and may undergo surgery to be separate. While one baby can survive, the other may not. This varies on how the embryos grow in the womb over time. It sucks, but it is facts that the parents have to face when they find out they are having more than one baby. This also can happen with more than just twins. This can happen with more than two as well.


© 2019 Brittany Banks


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