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Types Of Consumers In An Ecosystem

Updated on October 23, 2011

In this article the different types of consumers that make up an ecosystem are put into perspective but before we do that it’s important that we know what an ecosystem is. If you are in search of the types of consumers in business and marketing types click here.

What is an ecosystem?

An ecosystem is a biological term depicting an environment that brings together or is home to various living and non living organisms.

The article isn’t about discussing how the ecosystem works but will rather dwell on the different types of consumers that make up the ecosystem.


Herbivores are living organisms that mostly feed on plant based products like leaves, grass, some fruits and shrubs.


carnivores are meat eating animals that acquire their food and energy and nutrients needs of their bodies through feeding on other animal tissues. Carnivores can either be scavengers or predators. Scavengers are those consumers who feed on dead organisms that have either died through the natural way or were killed by predators like the lion. The predators rarely eat dead organisms but instead hunt and kill their prey before they eat them. The carnivores are mostly to be found in the animal kingdom but there exists some few of them in the plant kingdom. There are carnivorous plants that feed on such things as insects that come near them.


Omnivores are types of consumers that are similar to both herbivores and carnivores in one way or another in terms of the types of foods they happen to eat. They eat both animals and plants products to derive energy and nutrients. Note that omnivores usually don’t eat every plant or animal that comes their way but are selective in nature on what they prey on. They only consume on things that good for them and their general being and avoid on food substances may not be suitable for consumption or that poses a health threat to them. A typical example of an omnivore is man.


Saprophytes are types of consumers or organisms that generally get their food and nutrients from decaying or non living organisms. Fungi are a good example of a saprophyte.


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      hhh 18 months ago

      How can an organism be non- living? That's what this article says.

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