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Types of Education in Costa Rica

Updated on February 26, 2015

Education (from the Latin educare "take out, draw" or educare "training, teaching") can be defined as:

• The multi-directional process by which knowledge, values, customs, and behaviors are transmitted. Education not only occurs through words, for it is present in all our actions, feelings, and attitudes.

• The process of bonding and cultural, moral and behavioral awareness. Thus, through education, new generations assimilate and learn skills, rules of conduct, ways of being, and ways of seeing the world of previous generations, creating in turn new ones.

• Formal socialization process of individuals in a society.

Education is shared among people through our ideas, culture, knowledge, etc. always respecting others; this is not always provided in the classroom.

There are three types of education: formal, non-formal, and informal. Formal education refers to schools, colleges, universities, modules, while non-formal education refers to courses, academies, and institutions that are not governed by a particular program of studies, and informal education is the one essentially received in social environments and gradually acquired over a lifetime.

Explaining it in simple terms, education not only refers to that given to the child at school, but the one taught at home. Schools are just an important additional element to complete a career and have better opportunities in the future.

During the early years of life, where a child learns to talk, mature emotionally, and develop as a person is precisely at home.

For this reason, we sometimes wonder why a human being behaves in a certain way, why a person is an aggressor or drug addict if he has achieved a certain level of education.

Therefore, this is the most important kind of education and the one we should focus on to help every human being grow in the proper way and become a good citizen.

Previously, the general thought was that only people with low education were aggressors, drug addicts, thieves, etc... But today we realize that this is not true. We have the case of a Deputy or Politician who on

cameracommitted aggression against a colleague; why did he do this? Why, such an important person who represents the country, an alleged role model, performs this action? Perhaps this person has learned, in an unconscious or conscious way to be an aggressor, according to his experiences as a child. This is why I highlight the importance of education at home. This will mark people for life. For this reason, if we as parents do it right, if we raise honest, educated, professional, responsible and respectful person, they will put these principles into practice in their daily lives with their spouse and children, they will be happier, and their life will be easier at home and work. These people will in turn raise good people and so on, down the chain, and in the end, we will make a better Costa Rica and a better world.

How can we form good people without being professionals in education? With support and dedication, inculcating moral values ​​through their life process. These are the key steps.

School, college, and university are a complement to form a professional and thus facilitate their way to make a living in the future.

This is why it is so important to remember that "home + school = an educated and professional person."

Unfortunately, in Costa Rican and the world as well this practice is far from being sufficient.


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    • tonja niemi profile image

      Tonja Niemi 

      6 years ago from Eagan, MN USA

      It is interesting to see how many infant & toddler day cares are increasingly educational.


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