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UC Campuses Favor Foreigners

Updated on November 16, 2015

This world is becoming more and more unfriendly to the local residents. In this case, the residents of California have some of the best colleges and universities on the West Coast. For the longest time until very recently, state citizens have been preferred when enrolling in the colleges for logical reasons- they are citizens! Out of state or those from foreign countries were always welcomed and forced to pay tuition that was triple or more and still the applicants who were citizens were given preference- and rightly so.

However, many colleges today give preference to out of state or foreigner applicants because of simple economics (to hell with being a citizen or not). The cost of running the colleges within the University of California system is very costly and by allowing and preferring foreign or out of state applicants the outsiders are actually paying much of the costs because local applicants pay much less. Now, local applicants are finding much harder in being accepted because of simple economics, regardless of GPA etc., the foreign applicant gets the spot especially if local quotas are filled.

The problem is hitting many colleges across the USA because of the nearly one million foreigners trying to be accepted at US colleges and universities in the 2015 school year. Of those, 305,000 came from China, 132,000 from India, 64,000 from South Korea, 60,000 from Saudi Arabia, followed by Canada, Brazil, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, and Mexico.

In the UC system, about 62% of the students are from within the state, in 2011, it was 85%. The anger of many California citizens is just since their taxes also pay for the schools that many deny their kids. Because the Chinese are very rich, many can afford to send them to colleges in the USA. It seems that California is the only state where “money does talk”. Certain campuses in the UC system have out of state or foreign students to not more than 20%. Other campuses the reverse seems to be true. At UC San Diego, in 2006, in-state students were 46%, this year, just 30%! In 2006, UCSD had only 70 students from China, today, 2,220!

Part of the economic issue is that colleges have lost precious state subsidies and now paid by the out of state students through higher fees. It seems college entrance or acceptance depends more on where the student comes from than the GPA if the school needs money.


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