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Unindentified Flying Objects? Really?

Updated on September 21, 2017

I believe most of you have wondered at least once, whether aliens or UFO is really exist. Some people say, they do exist. Some say, they did exist. While for some sceptics, it's all just our imagination...


Will you believe me, if I'm telling you: Aliens were once lived with us here, in this very earth? Some sources have said, when ancient Egypt reigned, aliens lived IN this Earth as a part of human.

There are few "pictures" or carvings in Egypt pyramids that resemble the shape of an alien. They also found mummies of something which look like an unborn child...but in different perpective, also look like an alien. So based on those so-called proves, some people believe that aliens were also creatures which created by God! Like us, human!

Everybody knows that Egypt was one of the oldest civilizations ever recorded in history of human being, advanced in science and was great in magic [Bible recorded it, and mummies prove it to us].

But is it possible that Egypt built their pyramids with the help of the "aliens"? Is it possible that the aliens were so intelligent, that they already predicted this Earth will be destroyed so they decide to leave the Earth?


Concepcion Creatures

On October 1st of 2002, while vacationing in the Southern Chilean city of Concepcion, a group of family members found what appeared to be a small humanoid creature. The minuscule being measures about 7.2 cm long. Experts argued that it could be an embrio of some animals, but DNA tests showed no similarities to any animal on earth.


Alien murals

The wall mural that is pictured to the left resides in a temple in the goldmines of Kush (Merowe Dam, Sudan). It's dated from approximately 3000 years ago, but notice the rocket and figures standing by it! (Click to enlarge image).

There are so many more ancient murals discovered that has weird creatures on it. Is it aliens? Were there stranger animals that no longer exist? Or we've simply invented time machine, brought back our machine and confused the simple ancient people?


The bizarre sightings do not only come from ancient artefacts. The modern time sees a lot of arts that don't look like come from this world.

Even until today, UFO flying over the sky, crop circles on the ground, and other bizarre unnamed things can still be seen.


Sky sightings

A silvery strange object flown over Huanuco, Peru, in the morning of 27 July 2013. Witness said: "This UFO appeared between 10:45 to 11:10 in the morning over my city of Huanuco. It was suspended for more than 35 minutes in heaven over my city. The object changed shape and size. You can see that it is a silver object."

Note that Peru is home to one of world's greatest ancient civilizations, the Inca.

Click here to watch the video captured by witness.


Rods or sky-fish

Non-believers categories them as elongated images due to shutter speed or field lacing. However, if they are really some fast-flying bugs, how can we haven't caught any of them to put the debate to rest once and for all?


The pictures featured here are merely a tiny sample of some UFO/aliens traces on earth. Whether they once visited us, or still do today, or just a figment of our imagination, only you can decide for yourself for now. As for me, I do believe we have neighbours in this vast universr.


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