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UFOs - Fact or Fiction?

Updated on January 12, 2016

Is there anyone out there?

With countless trillions of stars, and also an unknown number of galaxies far away, why would our little planet be the only one to contain life?
With countless trillions of stars, and also an unknown number of galaxies far away, why would our little planet be the only one to contain life?

You can fool all of the people some of the time...

Abraham Lincoln who reportedly said, "You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." so it is no wonder that, despite the desperate efforts of various 'authorities' over the years, this business of UFOs is finally becoming recognized as true.

Fact or Fiction? Consider it for yourself.

Yes, true, in that they do exist and they are not weather balloons, our own planets, or optical or even mental illusions. That has at last been laid aside as 'bunkum' made up to stop mass hysteria, apparently. We human beings can't be trusted not to panic.

When I first heard the term UFO and the idea that we were perhaps being 'visited' by non-humans from civilizations other than our own, I kept an open mind. I neither scoffed nor accepted it. That would have been way back in the 1950s when the first idea raised its head. It occurred to me even then that it might well be possible. After all, there are trillions of stars in our own Milky Way galaxy. And ours is but one galaxy of many. At that time it was claimed that no stars had any satellites such as we are a satellite-world of our own sun. None, we were told. Only the sun has planets around it. The rest have none. That, of course, is because at that time 'they' (the mysterious 'they'...I'll use that word throughout) hadn't discovered any, or if they had were prudently keeping quiet about it. The Hubble Space Telescope was years away.

Despite the ridicule, the ideas continue to spread

But, despite all the denials, the idea of UFOs spread. People who really pursued the idea with any vigour were regarded as crackpots. They were crazy. Such became the butt of many jokes. They still are. Yet with all the rubbishing and put-downs, here were people gathering so-called 'evidence' about UFOs, and some of it pretty hard to deny.

Sorry, don't have any more Space Photos

It seems Hubpages does not display Hubs which have pictures of less than a certain pixel density, hence I'm just putting in some pictures I took myself to break up all that text.   Sorry 'bout dat.'
It seems Hubpages does not display Hubs which have pictures of less than a certain pixel density, hence I'm just putting in some pictures I took myself to break up all that text. Sorry 'bout dat.'

Most people did not believe, but I think that's changing now

But deny the authorities did. And quite rightly, a lot of those UFO's sightings were either mistaken identification of more mundane objects, or hoaxes deliberately set up. So the world opinion was split. Probably 90% of people who'd heard of UFOs didn't believe - including such qualified people as the famous psychiatrist, Carl G Jung. Around 1% or maybe less did, whilst about 9% (these figures are rather arbitrary, just a guess really) like myself - kept an open if not rather sceptical mind. We weren't convinced one way or the other.

What I learned from friends I trusted

The challenge for me though, was to initially ignore what I'd been told by people who I actually knew, that they had seen one. This happened on four occasions. The people seeing them were colleagues in occupations which gave their reports credibility. These guys wouldn't joke about these things. And I worked with these fellows.

From 1960 until 1971 I was employed by the now defunct Australian Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) I was in the Operations Branch, serving a number of years as an ground-air radio operator. It's much like Air-traffic Control, lots of radio telecommunications work, talking with aircraft pilots in flight, that sort of thing.

The first story I heard 'from the horse's mouth.'

The first instance occurred in Papua-New Guinea when a fellow DCA radio operator told me he'd seen a flying saucer a few years earlier. Frankly, I was sceptical. Was he drunk? He often was? I laid the idea of his being truthful aside but, as I said, I did not dismiss it entirely. Maybe he had seen one, maybe he had not. He said adamantly it was not a normal aircraft. And, no, it wasn't a weather balloon. I will add here that in DCA we used to see weather balloons released regularly by our Meteorological staff. We were familiar with them. We were, in fact, all qualified Meteorological Observers. That had been a part of our training.

The second was even more credible

The second was a report in a Sydney newspaper which featured an article about an air-traffic controllers at Canberra Airport sighting a UFO. Once again, I might well have dismissed this out of hand - except that I knew one of the air-traffic controllers. We'd sat a three-month-long Communications Officer course only a few years earlier. ATC is serious business. Aircraft separation in flight is a paramount. People do a lot of sky-watching. I knew this person would not make a thing like this up. Still, he could have been mistaken. That was my view. But by now the open mind was a little more open.

The third was practically 'the clincher.'

Then a very trusted friend, a man I'd known for years, told me that on Sydney Airport's International Aircraft Radio Network, (The Fiji, New Zealand, Australian Air Radio Organization - F.A.NZ.A.RO) an Air New Zealand pilot actually described in detail his aircraft was being accompanied by a UFO. Yes, it was alongside! Then he described the UFO had circled his aircraft. The pilot was flying a Lockheed Electra from Auckland to Sydney. He had the co-pilot and an airline stewardess come on the air to act as witness to the sighting. This was around dusk, Sydney time.

Not one, but several credible witnesses

When this report was received, Operations in Sydney alerted the RAAF base in Williamtown, north of Sydney. They, using their long-range radar, picked up the UFO.

Of course the radar report is hearsay. But the story goes that a few moments after the radar was switched on, the target on the screen was at first a blip. It then became one long blip or line right across the screen, and then promptly disappeared! It was almost as if the UFO had sensed it was being observed, sped up, and then either promptly moved out of range but.. who knows?

The fourth put me into the 'believers' camp

Next day there came reports from South-eastern Queensland that a UFO, or something moving a great speed, and very high up, was seen in the night sky moving from the southeast to the northwest. Witnesses thought it was a UFO, the newspaper said.

So three down, one to go.

The fourth report was, once again, given to me by a radio operator. I was then working for the New South Wales Police Force as a civilian radio operator. This would have been 1974-76. We worked alongside the cops, doing exactly the same work in VKG Radio, the Police Telecommunications Centre. The man who told me the story of seeing a UFO was a policeman. He'd seen it years before when, as a constable in the British Police Force, he and the other cop in the patrol car, were overlooking a beach in Cornwall, England. They'd gone there because of a reporting of "a strange sighting." He and his partner had both felt quite frightened when they saw the UFO. But they were also of the opinion that they wouldn't be believed back at the station so kept the sighting to themselves. Years later, in another country, he could relate the story knowing it wouldn't be retold. And it wasn't, by me, anyway, until now, forty years later.

Some great stuff on You tube on this - pick the right one's though

So, by the time I'd heard this fourth story I was prepared to listen to anyone talking about UFOs. I didn't pursue the matter, though, and no one else ever mentioned anything worth recording here on the subject. There were people with opinions, of course. Then, quite recently, I discovered YouTube. Even more recently, just a few days ago, I started to look at one or two of these UFO claims on YouTube.

Why would a dying man lie? I, for one, believe him

The really impressed me most was the interview of a dying man who had worked for the CIA for much of his life. Another is the brief interview of an American Astronaut. The names of these two You Tube videos are: Former CIA Agent on his deathbed reveals Alien & UFO Truth. This one goes for around 15 minutes. The second is called: An American Astronaut Admits to UFO and Alien Contact. This is shorter, around 5 minutes. Both seem very credible witnesses to me. If these men are making this all up, especially the first one who knew he was dying and did die very shortly after the interview. The second, a highly respected astronaut - why would they do it if it wasn't their truth?

For me, I'm now convinced UFO's do exist. But what do you think?


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  • goego profile image

    goego 2 years ago from Loserland

    Yes sir I agree with you

  • Tusitala Tom profile image

    Tom Ware 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Yes, I guess it takes an awful lot to change the thinking of our 'conditioned' minds.

  • goego profile image

    goego 2 years ago from Loserland