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U.F.O.s and Aliens

Updated on March 22, 2013
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  An UFO seen on a mountain  sky in sydney  A UFO captured by cameraA flying saucer(UFO) captured from nearrer sight Another photo of UFO. Observe the light emitted by it Aliens(two) working together
  An UFO seen on a mountain  sky in sydney
An UFO seen on a mountain sky in sydney
  A UFO captured by camera
A UFO captured by camera
A flying saucer(UFO) captured from nearrer sight
A flying saucer(UFO) captured from nearrer sight
 Another photo of UFO. Observe the light emitted by it
Another photo of UFO. Observe the light emitted by it
 Aliens(two) working together
Aliens(two) working together

U.F.O.s and ALIENS

U.F.O.(unidentified flying object) is a common term used in astronomy to indicate unknown objects seen in the sky at indefinite intervals. They are seen during past 3-4 decades. In the beginning, scientists didn’t believe those reports when ordinary people told them. But they could not ignore it for long. Now, many research foundations are working dedicatedly about these UFOs. This U.F.O.s are alien spaceships which look like a saucer. They come from a far and distant world in the universe. Those aliens are believed to be far more intelligent then us.

So many people were captured by the aliens. One such woman named Pam tells what happened to her when she was captured. In midnight when she is asleep she hears a beep sound like ‘pip pip’. She thinks it is a dream. Then she woke up and see a source of light near her, then she saw two strange creatures wearing black dress and with large eyes and small nostrils and small mouth (aliens). Then she wished to move but is unable to move. She was only capable in watching them. Suddenly those aliens made her float in fin air. Then they took her through walls and windows, she was surprised, but she was not hurt. Then they took her to their spaceship. They made her sleep on a bed, but she didn’t close her eyes. Then she just took a look into the spaceship while sleeping itself, there she sees many dead human bodies lying in the spaceship, she is scared. Then she tells that the alien kept a tiny drilling machine in her nose and ears. It did the work of an anesthesia. Then another small alien gave another machine to the bigger one, and then the alien kept it on her stomach. It made a deep hole in her stomach and then it took the embryo out of her body and stored it in a bottle. There were several bottles there like that. Then just in a fraction of second she was lying in her bedroom.

Many other persons who seen it state the same thing. These persons can not tell it directly, hypnosis is used in such cases. 20 years ago in America these U.F.O.s were common (in a village), the farmers were scared. One such day the government released 3 helicopters to find out if there is such U.F.O.s, they couldn’t find any. But the people on the ground saw 3 U.F.O.s. It is believed that the U.F.O. has the power to disappear and it is true. Once 5 U.F.O.s shot lasers on several buildings and the buildings were destroyed.

Usually, in American farms people noticed a circular white structure moving in fin air. It is called as the ‘BALL OF LIGHT’. It made spectacular structures on ground. It didn’t touch the grass but it cut the grass and water used to rise. It never stopped. Scientists say that the U.F.O. is the place where it is created. Those structures created by the ball of light is spherical and humongous, these structures are called as ‘CROP CIRCLES’

There is more than what meets the eye. We shell prey the God Almighty that the Aliens should not harm the human beings from now onwards.

I am much indebted to my 12 year old son Akshara prasad, who provided me the information

More details could be had from the following source-



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    • Leighandrew profile image

      Leighandrew 8 years ago from USA

      Thats good reading !

    • prasadjain profile image

      Dr.S.P.PADMA PRASAD 8 years ago from Tumkur

      Thank you Mr.Kothari.

    • JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

      Jyoti Kothari 8 years ago from Jaipur

      Hi prasad,

      This hub is selected for Hubbers India as a quality hub.

      Thumbs up.


      Jyoti Kothari

    • evemurphy profile image

      evemurphy 8 years ago from Ottawa

      this topic is never dull! I love to think about the possibility of alien abduction. Were the first humans spawned by aliens? Were the pyramids built by aliens? Were the great discoveries in technology alien-back-engineering?

      There are so many things to speculate upon...

    • sukhera143 profile image

      sukhera143 8 years ago from Home


    • peterander profile image

      peterander 8 years ago

      Its amazing to know that there are extra terrestrial objects like UFOs in reality. Good post.

    • ratnaveera profile image

      ratnaveera 8 years ago from Cumbum

      Very interesting and thrilling Hub! I have also heard about UFOs. I have learned in astronomy that average distance between any two living earths should be at least 300 to 400 light years. So, it's amazing how could such things arrive our earth! Thanks a lot for adding nice photos!

    • lmn profile image

      lmn 8 years ago from Australia

      Quite an interesting read. Thank you.