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UGC-NET Expected Questions

Updated on December 23, 2016

UGC/CBSC NET expected questions..

UGC-Social Group Work-Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. Sociologists describe the term 'group' as ….

a) Collection of people

b) People involved in organized pattern of interaction

c) People interacting at a place

d) Participants in a gathering.

2. Which one of the following is a 'secondary group'?

a) Nuclear family

b) Peer group

c) Association

d) Joint family

3. The success of group work does NOT depend on?

a). Achievement of goals

b). Understanding and agreement on major problems

c). Handling of behavioural problems

d). Ignoring individual problems

4. Leader in a group does NOT depend on?

a). Authoritarian Approach

b). Distribution of responsibility

c). Rapport with individual members

d). Understanding group dynamics

5. Who among the following helped group work rooted in social work profession?

a). Kurt Lewin

b). H.B. Trecker

c). Murry G. Ross

d). G. Hamilton

6. Responsibility for the choice of programme in group work rest with —————?

a). Members of the group

b). Group worker

c). The Agency

d). Members of the group with the help of group worker

7. The basic objective of group work is ———?

a). Personality development

b). Problem solving

c). Readjustment

d). Remediation

8. Value of the programme in group work lies in?

a). Establishing satisfying affective (love) relationship

b). Enhancing knowledge of possible alternative activities.

c). Giving expression to creative dynamics drives

d). Increasing proficiency in the chosen programme activity.

9. Programme in social group work is base on ———?

a). Interest and resources

b). Interests and resources of the worker

c). Interests and resources of the group

d). None of the above.

10. Social group work as a method of social work aims at———————?

a). Development of democratic life style

b). Development of leadership qualities

c). Development of capability of adjustment

d). All the above

11. Group morale refers to ——————————?

a). Cooperation in a group

b). Coordination in a group

c). Unity in a group

d). Team spirit in a group.

12. Which of the following is NOT a principle of social group work?

a). Confidentiality

b). Guided group interactions

c). Progressive programme development

d). Evaluation of the progress made by the group

13. Who was an early pioneer in the settlement house movement in London?

a). Jane Addams

b). Harriet Belet

c). F. Hollis

d). Mary E. Richmond

14. The book "Social Group Work – A Helping Process" is authored by?

a). H.B. Trecker

b). G. Konopka

c). G.H. Mead

d). Peter Samuel

15. Self disclosure is an effective method of——————?

a). Group study

b) Group diagnosis

c). Group relations

d). Group treatment

16. The stages of forming, storming, norming, performing, adjourning is the contribution of ——?

a). Napier b). Bruce Tuckmen

c). Anne Hopes d). James Albert

17. The relationship in a secondary group is ——?

a). Personal b). Intimate

c). Formal d). Informal

18. ————— is a graphic representation of the choices or the association of group members
using symbols for people and their interactions.

a). Histogram b). Sociogram

c). Sonogram d). Isogram

19. No compromise on law is characteristic of ——leadership?

a). Democratic b). Autocratic

c). Bureaucratic d). Laissz Faire

20. Field work in social group work helps to acquire——————?

a). Knowledge b). Skill

c). Attitude d). All the above

21. The Mutual Aid Model of group work practice has its roots in the practice theory proposed

a). H.B. Trecker b). G. Konopka

c). William Schwartz d). Naiper

22. ————— Model of group work focuses on restoration to normalcy after a point of

a). Remedial model b). Development model

c). Preventive model d). None of the above.

23. Cognitive Behavioural group work model was developed by————————?

a). James Albert b). Rose

c). Napier d). Peter Samuel

24. Sociometry is a technique widely used for study of——————?

a). Group structure

b). Status of members in the group

c). Leadership

d). All the above

25. Groups are classified into primary groups by—————?

a). H.B. Trecker b). Cooley

c). MacIver d). Max Weber

26. Which of the following is NOT a stage of social group work process?

a). Conforming b). Norming

c). Storming d). Performing

27. Which of the following is NOT a primary group?

a). Mob b). Family

c). Gang d). Pear group

28. Group work is intended specially ———?

a). To promote social action

b). To facilitate community organization

c). To enhance social functioning

d). To solve individual and group problems through group process

29. Role of the group worker can be best understood through the term——?

a). Indirect leader b). Enabler

c). Resource person d). Programme planner

30. Good recording in group work should focus on .....................?

a). Activities organised

b). Skills used

c). Group process

d). Member's characteristics

31. Social group work is a process by which—————?

a). Individuals are helped to feel comfort in a group

b). Social functioning is enhanced through recreation

c). Social functioning is enhanced through purposeful group experience

d). Social functioning of group is the focus

32. What is the unique characteristic of social group work?

a). The natural of being the primary group

b). Worker client relationship

c). Creative use of programme media

d). None of the above

33. The most important tool at the disposal of group worker is———?

a). Professional self

b). Verbal interaction

c). Programme activities

d). Group morale

34. The main feature of the primary group is—————?

a). Face to face relationship

b). Relations are causal

c). It has large membership

d). It governs rules and regulations

35. Programme in social group work is based on ——?

a). Interests and resources of the agency

b). Interests and resources of the worker

c). Interests and resources of the members of the group

d). None of the above

36. Social group as a method of social work primarily aims at—————?

a). Development of leadership qualities

b). Development of democratic life style

c). Development of capability for adjustment

d). All the above

37. Which one of the following is a reference group?

a). Occupational group

b). Group taken to evaluate one's own aspect of life

c). A relative longer group

d). A group which allows for social mobility

38. Programme planning in group work practice includes———?

a). Group members practice

b). Group members interest

c). The programme content

d). All the above

39. Which of the following is NOT a principle of group work?

a). Progressive and Programme experience

b). Specific objectives

c). Group experiment planning

d). Continuous evaluation

40. Which is a social group with some degree of 'we feeling' and living in a given area…?

a). Community b). Society

c). Association d). Crowd

41. Group which serves as point of comparison is known as—?

a). In-group b). Out-group

c). Reference group d). Primary group

42. Self-disclosure is an effective method of—————?

a). Group study b). Group dynamics

c). Group relations d). Group treatment

43. 'Wilson & Ryland' is the author of the book —?

a). Social group work

b). Social work with groups

c). Group work practice

d). Social group work practice

44. Founder of YMCA in the year 1844 is ———?

a). George Williams b). Jane Addams

c). Trecker H.B. d). None of the above

45. YWCA which was formed in the year 1877 by———?

a). Mrs. Kinnird & Miss. Roberts

b). Ms. Annibesent

c). G.H. Cooley

d). Coyle

46. Name of the place where the first YWCA was formed in USA in 1866——?

a). New Jersey b). Washington

c). Boston d). New South Wales

47. Which one of the following is NOT the purpose of social group work?

a). Social adjustment of individual

b). Social consciousness of the group

c). Personality development

d). Inter-group rivalry

48. "Social group work is a method of social work which helps individuals to enhance their social
functioning through purposeful group experiences——————" this definition is given

a). Grace Coyle b). G. Konopka

c). Hamilton d). Skidmore

49. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of secondary group?

a). Large size

b). Personal orientation

c). Secondary relations

d). Formal communication

50. In a democratic group process the group morale and discipline will be ———?

a). Leader centered b). Agency centered

c). Change centered d). We centered

51. What has led to the development of social group work as a method of social work?

a). Community Chest

b). Reform movement

c). Clubs and recreation movements

d). Paid volunteers

52. The book "Social Group Work – A Helping Process" is authored by?

a). Konopka G b). H.B. Trecker

c). GH Mead d). Peter Samuel

53. Who defined group work as a 'goal directed activity'?

a). Grace Coyle b). Pincus & Minhan

c). Hamilton G d). Toseland & Rivas

54. Full form of AASWG—————-?

a). Australian Association of Social Work with Groups

b). American Association of Social Work with Groups

c). Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups

d). Association of All Social Workers with Groups

55. The Mutual Aid Mode of group work practice has its roots in the practice theory proposed by?

a). William Schwartz b). Paul Glasser

c). Wilfred Bion d). Cooley

56. Match the following pairs and choose your answer from the codes given below:

A. Mutual Aid Model i. Rose

B. Cognitive Behavioural Model ii. W. Schwartz

C. Psychoanalytic Theory iii. Kurt Lewin

D. Field Theory iv. Sigmund Freud

v. Talcott Persons


a). A-ii, B-i, C-iv, D- iii

b). A-v, B-I, C-iii, D-iv

c). A-iii, B-i, C-iv, D-v

d). A-ii, B-I, C-iii, D-v

57). Concept of 'Role playing' was introduced by——————?

a). Durkheim b). G.H. Mead

c). W.I. Thomas d). Sigmund Freud

58. First Settlement House established in USA in 1886 was ——?

a). Hull House

b). Toynbee Hall

c). The Neighbourhood Guild

d). You Club

59. Settlement House established in Chicago by Jane Addams in 1889 was———?

a). Hull House b). Chicago House

c). White House d). American Hull House

60. "Social group work is a method means an orderly, systematic, planned way of working with
people in groups". This definition is given by?

a). Grace Coyle b). G. Wilson & Ryland

c). H.B. Trecker d). W.A. Friedlander

61. Social group model, remedial goal model, and reciprocal goal models of group work have been
pioneered by————?

a). G. Konopka b). Toseland & Rivas

c). Papell & Rothman d). Glasser & Mayada

62. Founder father of "Neighbourhood Guild"——?

a). Stanton Coit b). Papell

c). Jane Addams d). None of the above

63. Match the following pairs:


A. Primary & Secondary groups i. C.H. Cooley

B. In-groups & Out-groups ii. G. H. Mead

C. Reference group iii. Robert Merton

D. Group dynamics iv. Kurt Lewin

E. Sociometry v. J.L. Moreno


a). ii i iii iv v

b). v iv iii ii i

c). iii i iv ii v

d). i ii iii iv v

64. Group work is based on ——————— theory of individuals and groups?

a). Electic theory b). Social theory

c). Economic theory d). Personal factors

65. Which of the following is NOT a basic skill in social group work?

a). Skill in establishing purposeful relationships

b). Skill in analyzing the group situation

c). Skill in group dynamics

d). Skill in evaluation

66. Which of the following is NOT a model of group work?

a). Remedial b). Developmental

c). Therapeutic d). Educational

67. Kurt Lewin ——————————

a). Developed a theory which stimulated a great deal of research

b). Initiated interest in the impact of leadership styles on group atmosphere

c). Published large number of studies in social psychology

d). Was a best teacher of social group work

68. 'Cliques' are made of up of———?

a). Group of close friends

b). Group of people

c). Football team

d). Crowd

69. Match the following pairs:


A. Group observation & interaction process i. Robert Freed Bales

B. Group work theory & Practice ii. Grace Coyle

C. Work with children & young people iii. Gisela Konopka

D. Group dynamics & action learning iv. Kurt Lewin


a). i iv iii ii

b). i ii iii iv

c). iii i iv ii

d). i iv iii ii

70. "Group Experience & Democratic Values" is written by——?

a). Grace Coyle b). Kurt Lewin

c). Cooley d). G.H. Mead

71. Which of the following is a 'principle of group work?

a). To create more groups

b). Planned group formation

c). To provide material help to groups

d). To encourage groupism

72. Which of the following is NOT the objective of social group work?

a). Development of sense of belonging

b). Development of ego power of individual in the groups

c). Development of the capacity to participate

d). Development of warmth & accepting social climate

73. The process through which the worker guides the group in setting up of formal organization is
known as————?

a). Principle of flexible functional organization

b). Principle of guided group interaction

c). Principle of progressive programme experience

d). None of the above

74. The principle of specific objective is a principle of ——-————?

a). Social case work

b). Social group work

c). Community organization

d). Social welfare administration

75. Acceptance in a group is shown——————?

a). By listening to the group members

b). Probing & questioning the group members

c). Solving the problems of the group

d). Doing things for the group members


1. b

2. c

3. d

4. a

5. b

6. d

7. b

8. a

9. c

10. d

11. d

12. a

13. a

14. b

15. d

16. b

17. c

18. c

19. c

20. d

21. c

22. a

23. b

24. a

25. b

26. a

27. a

28. d

29. d

30. c

31. a

32. c

33. c

34. a

35. c

36. d

37. b

38. d

39. c

40. a

41. c

42. d

43. a

44. a

45. a

46. c

47. d

48. b

49. b

50. d

51. a

52. a

53. d

54. c

55. a

56. a

57. b

58. c

59. a

60. c

61. c

62. a

63. d

64. a

65. c

66. c

67. b

68. b

69. b

70. a

71. b

72. b

73. a

74. b

75. a

UGC-Social Case Work-Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1) In Social Case Work, interview is an important:

a) Tool b) Method

c) Technique d) All the above

2) In HIV Counseling VCTC refers to:

a) Voluntary Condom use Training Centre

b) Voluntary Counseling and Testing Centre

c) Voluntary Centre for Training and Care

d) Voluntary Care and Treatment Centre

3) Which one of the following is not a technique of case work?

a) Interviewing b) Observation

c) Counseling d) Lobbying

4) While working with an individual client on a one – to – one basis, the relationship is:

a) A friendly association

b) A contract

c) Purposeful to meet the psycho – social needs of the client

d) A sympathetic understanding of the client

5) Which one refer to the behavior that an individual engages in while enacting the role?

a) Role taking b) Role playing

c) Playing at a role d) Role expectation

6) Identify the correct answer:

Recording in social case work can be classified as

a) Narrative recording, process recording, evaluative recording and summary recording

b) Problem oriented, field oriented, process oriented, individual centered

c) Referral summaries, diagnostic summaries, narrative records and problem oriented records.

d) Process oriented narrative situational and analytical

7) Mary Richmond's 'Social Diagnosis' can be considered as first book of

a) Social group work

b) Social and preventive medicine

c) Social case work

d) Social action

8) Putting oneself in the shoe of another person and understanding his/her perceptual world is

a) Empathy

b) Positive regards

c) Genuineness

d) None of the above

9) Which word among the following refers to physical and psychological exhaustion caused
by an inability to cope?

a) Frustration b) Crisis

c) Burnout d) Insomnia

10)Case study involves

a) Careful observation of a person

b) Complete observation of a person

c) Very careful observation of a person

d) Very careful and complete observation of a person

11) The reaction of a child when scolded can be studied under control condition by a planned
technique of

a) Observation b) Interview

c) Questionnaire d) Field survey

12) Case study aims to

a) Established statistical correlation

b) Bring out the structure of the unit as a whole

c) Expose person's danger to society

d) Treats cases requiring self help

13) According to P.V. Young which one of the following is essentially needed for the objective
of fact finding

a) In consistent thinking

b) Rigid pursuit for accurate data

c) Thinking nothing for granted

d) Scientific attitudes

14) The interview guide will be used during interview by

a) Interviewee

b) Interviewer

c) Different people

d) Both interviewer and interviewee

15) A schedule is a list of questions which will be answered in an interview by

a) An interviewer b) A respondent

c) A surveyor d) A researcher

16) which one may be defined as a method of measuring individuals social behavior?

a) Sociometry b) Sample method

c) Verstehen method d) Interview method

17) The second stage of scientific or experimental method is

a) Clarification b) Recording

c) Observation d) Prediction

18) Case study involves

a) very careful observation of a person

b) complete observation of a person

c) careful observation of a person

d) very careful and complete observation of a person

19) which technique is most suitable to study in depth?

a) mailed questionnaire

b) interview guide

c) interview schedule

d) structured interview

20) What is social case work is written by?

a) G.R. Banerjee b) Mary Richmond

c) H.H. Perlman d) F. Biestek

21) Identify the correct items The tool of the social case work are

a) Home visit b) Summarization

c) Recording d) Interviewee

22)A: The emphasis on 'person – in – situation' is to understand and help the individual client better R: the person – in – situation configuration is subjective

23) Match the following pair and choose the answer from the code given below

List 1 List 2

a) psycho analytic theory 1) Began

b) ego – psychology 2) Anafreud

c) psycho social therapy 3) Hamilton

d) problem solving therapy 4) Sigmund Fruid

24) UGC second review committee of social work education submitted its reports in the year

a) 1964 b) 1972

c) 1978 d) 1981

25) Match the following pairs

List 1 List 2

a) Progressive programme experiences 1) Social welfare administration

b) Confidentiality 2) Community organization

c) Need identification 3) Social case work

d) Authority and obedience 4) Social group work

26) Functional approach in case work was developed by

a) Jessie Teft b) Otto Rank

c) Gordon Hamilton d) Talcott Parsons

27) The therapy developed by Otto Rank is called

a) Crisis intervention

b) Humanistic therapy

c) Rational emotive therapy

d) Will therapy

28) Which one of the following is not the correct matching?

a) Murray G. Ross – Community

b) P.D. Kulkarni – Social Policy in India

c) H.B. Trucker – Social Group Work

d) M.S. Gore – Social Case Work

29) Assertion (A): social work is a human rights profession

Reason (R): clients problem should be solved as per his/her decision

30) Arrange case work processes in order

a) Study, diagnosis, intake, treatment, follow up.

b) Intake, study, diagnosis, treatment, follow up

c) Study, intake, follow up, diagnosis, treatment

d) Intake, diagnosis, treatment, study, follow up

31) The principles of social case work are

a) Joint decision meaking

b) Acceptance

c) Non judgemental attitude

d) Individualization

32) Treatment in social case work involves

a) Counseling

b) Environmental modification

c) Administration of social services

d) Counseling, environmental modification and administration of social services

33) Identify the correct sequence regarding stages in social case work

a) Study, intake, social diagnosis, treatment, termination, evaluation

b) Intake, study, social diagnosis, treatment, valuation, termination

c) Intake, study, social diagnosis, treatment, termination, evaluation

d) Study, social diagnosis, intake, treatment, termination, evaluation

34) Arrange the process of communication in sequence

a) Coding, decoding, recipient, channel

b) Channel, encoding, recipient, decoding

c) Channel, decoding, recipient, encoding

d) Encoding, channel, recipient, decoding

35) Match the following

List 1 List 2

Author Books

a) Gisela Konopka 1) Social group work

b) H.B. Trecker 2) Introduction to social case work

c) Grace Mathew 3) Theory and practice of social case work

d) Gordon Hamilton 4) Group work in institution

36) Match items

List 1 List 2

a) Social case work 1) Social planning model

b) Social group work 2) Behavior modification model

c) Community organization 3) Reciprocal model

d) Social action 4) Conscientization model

37) The act of perceiving, understanding, responding to emotional state and ideas of another
person is known as

a) Sympathy b) Empathy

c) Transference d) Displacement

38) match the author

List1 List 2

a) Specht H and cramer r m 1) social work

b) Grace Mathew 2) social movement

c) Ms gore 3) social development

d) Msa rao 4) community work

39) When was association of schools of social work was registered in India?

a) 1961 b) 1950

c) 1963 d) 1965

40) From the options given below one of the following matches best with quantitative study
in social science research

a) Historical reports

b) Statistical test

c) Case study

d) Group intervention

41) According to ________ method an ideal is constructed from concrete cases and then a
perticular case is evaluated according to the degree of its approximation to the ideals

a) Experimental b) Ideal type

c) Comparative d) Inverse deductive

42) Which of the following is not a part of social case work process?

a) Content analysis b) treatment

c) assessment d) evaluation

43) who studied the effectiveness of social case work?

a) fisher joel b) Epstein Irwin

c) Goyder john d) Cohen Jacob


1. D

2. B

3. D

4. C

5. B

6. C

7. C

8. A

9. C

10. D

11. A

12. B

13. A

14. B

15. B

16. A

17. B

18. D

19. D

20. B

21. A, C, D

22. both A and R are correct but R is the correct explanation of A

23. A-4, B-2, C-1, D-3

24. D

25. A-4, B-3, C-2, D-1

26. B

27. D

28. D

29. both A and R are correct

30. B

31. B, C, D

32. D

33. B

34. D

35. A-4, B-1, C-2, D-3

36. A-2, B-3, C-1, D-4

37. B

38. A-4, B-1, C-3, D-2

39. A

40. C

41. B

42. A

43. A


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