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Commentary on the UGC Pay Review as per the PRC recommendations

Updated on July 13, 2017

UGC has cleared the report submitted by the Pay Revision Committee constituted to review pay and other service conditions on June 9, 2016 under the chairmanship of Professor Chauhan. PRC was asked to submit its report to HRD ministry within six months from the date of its formation. Committee has recommended a 20 percent hike in the salaries of university and college teachers.Salient features of the recommendations are listed below.

  • New salaries should be paid with retrospective effect from January 2016
  • A multiplication factor of 2.72 will be applied to the basic salary and AGP for pay fixation
  • A performance linked promotion system has been suggested with emphasis on research
  • There is no change in the retirement age

Snapshots - Leading Newspapers


Union leaders and central government officials are likely to meet today i.e. 17-05-2017, according to a NDTV report to make announcement on allowances due to central government officials.

  • The Seventh Pay Commission had recommended abolishing 53 of the 196 allowances, and subsuming 36 other allowances. It also recommended slashing the House Rent Allowance (HRA)--for metros'
  • Commission recommended bringing down the HRA from 30 per cent to 24 per cent.
  • The Seventh Pay Commission had recommended the rate of House Rent Allowance (HRA) be kept at 24 percent, 16 percent and 8 percent of the Basic Pay for Class X, Y and Z cities respectively.

Since 7th CPC has abolished pay band and grade pay and subsumed grade pay in pay scales using different fitment factors.Recommendations of 7th CPC appears genuine to a great extent but should be looked into seriously if anomaly exists there in the pay scales of teachers. What was expected from the UGC pay review was clear to a great extent and it would be discussed below point wise in the light of 7th CPC recommendations.

Structure of revised UGC pay package (5th CPC to 6th CPC)

1. Group A Entry Level posts including Assistant Professor, Assistant Librarian, College Librarian, Assistant Director of Physical Education and College Director of Physical Education were revised from Rs 8000-13500 (pre-revised V SCPC scale) to Rs 15600-39100 with Rs 6000 AGP.

2. Group A - One Level Up Posts including Assistant Professor, formerly Lecturer (Senior Scale), Assistant Librarian (SS), College Librarian (SS)/Assistant Director of Ph. Education (SS), College Director (PHE, SS) place in the V CPC in the pre-revised pay scale of Rs 10,000-15200 were placed in the revised pay scale of Rs 15600-39100 in the AGP of Rs 7000.

3. Group A - Two Level Up Posts comprising readers and lecturers (SG)/DY DPE/Assist. DPE (SPG) with less than 3 years of service placed in the pre-revised 5th CPC of Rs 12000-18300/- were placed in the 6th CPC revised scale of Rs 15600-39100 in the AGP of Rs 8000.

4. Group A -Three Level Up Posts comprising readers and lecturers (SG)/DY DPE/Assist. DPE (SPG) with less than 3 years of service placed in the pre-revised 5th CPC of Rs 12000-18300/- were placed in the 6th CPC revised scale of Rs 37400-67000 in the AGP of Rs 9000.

5. Professors/Principals of PG Colleges/Librarians (Universities)/Director of PHE & registrars: These incumbants were placed in 16400-22400 in the 5th CPC pre-revised scales and were placed in Pay Band IV (Rs 37400-67000) with AGP of Rs 10000.

How many of the teachers called Associate Professors (without a Ph.D.) were awarded with 2 increments after acquiring Ph.D. as in-service candidates?

Auditorium at South Campus of SMS Delhi
Auditorium at South Campus of SMS Delhi | Source

Strange decisions - never implemented

Has there been any productive use of giving different grade pays to teachers like Rs 6000, 7000, 8000 and 9000 (these grade pays are no where mentioned in 6th CPC) instead of making teachers a stranger (I mean a different group of employees)?

Has there been any use of designating non-Ph.D(s) Associate professor? Thousands of such Associate Professors failed to become eligible for post of Professor even after possessing a doctorate degree (w.e.f. award of Ph.D.)?

Committee composed by UGC was assumed to look into pay disparity and other working conditions should also take an actual assessment of the situation. It has supposed to see the standing of the college and university and its ranking among the national and international universities. Facilities in the name of infrastructure, laboratories and financial capabilities needed to be graded before assessing its staff for career assessment. However, the performance based promotion system suggested by the PRC has again laid stress on research but without any attention to existing infrastructural and basic requirements for high quality research.

There are several funny criteria for assessing the teachers during the CAS (Career Advancement Scheme) like publication of research papers in good impact journals. If you assess a Delhi University teacher against the teacher from a small city where instruments, chemicals and lab facilities are non-existent, can you expect same performance from both the teachers? If there are post graduate students in a college and each teacher is guiding five to six M.Sc. or Ph.D. students, is it possible for a teacher or researcher from a small town or college to produce students and research papers at par with the former?

What has been overlooked in case of Associate Professors while assessing them in their CAS was the period for which they were assessed. CAS was implemented from 2009 and assessment process began in 2012. How you can lay the criterion retrospectively? There were thousands of Associate professors who were stagnated in the same pay band since 2006 or even from an earlier date but they were assessed for three years periods beginning 2009. It simply mean that their earlier work (prior to 2009) was in vein and publications done prior to 2009 were worthless even if these were made in top class journals.

Other point that needs to be brought to the notice of Pay Review Committee is related to changes made in grade pay (though GP is not relevant for 7th CPC). Changing grade pay for university teachers did not bring any benefit to teachers. Grade pay of Rs 8700/- in 6th CPC was changed to Rs 9000/- for teachers but benefits associated with it were restricted to GP of Rs 8700/-. In fact it made things more ambiguous than using the same GP of 6th CPC. Let's hope, all these blunders do not recur while implementing 7th CPC for university staff.

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    • profile image

      Anonymous 10 hours ago

      Too many chocolate s all teachers likely to get diabetes

    • profile image

      Siva Kumar 12 hours ago

      See the bogus aspect of GOVT. ABRSM is a BJP associate, and mentioned that they met waste candidate Javadekar. why they have not met so far and asked for implementation. All bogus and only give some opinion that it will be implemented. That minister is always say it will be good for teachers and will be implemented soon. But everything is known that so far no activity regarding implementation was discussed. ABRSM says that unofficially some body told that it will be implemented shortly (after a year?). Again ABRSM says that they mentioned about anomalies of 6th pay commission, it might have taken long back and not now, but at least at present first 7th pay may be implemented and then they can talk about 6th pay anomaly. All the steps to be taken by an organisation is not known to these beggers.

    • profile image

      Dr. JIGNESH VADGAMA 13 hours ago

      One more chocolate...

    • profile image

      Anonymous 20 hours ago

      PMBody working in edu field meets Javadekar on pay hike for

      When contacted, an official confirmed that the delegation had met the ministers and said a proposal related to the pay revision for teachers of colleges and varsities was likely to go to the Cabinet in the coming days

      varsity, college teachers

      New Delhi, Jul 21 A delegation of the Akhil Bhartiya Rashtriya Shaikshik Mahasangh (ABRSM), a body working in the field of education, met HRD minister Prakash Javadekar today and discussed pay revision for university and college teachers and other issues.

      According to a statement released by the RSS linked ABRSM, Javadekar and minister of state for HRD Mahendra Nath Pandey assured them that the recommendations of the 7th pay commission for university and college teachers will be soon implemented.

      There was an extensive discussion on wide ranging issues with a special focus on the pay revision for university and college teachers, the statement said.

      There was also discussion on removal of anomalies of 6th pay revision, ensuring the benefit of career advancement scheme, exemption from PhD coursework for working teachers, tenure of the college principals upto the age of super- annuation, regular appointments instead of ad-hoc appointments, issues related to commercialisation of education etc, the statement said.

      The ministers assured the delegation that the recommendations of the 7th pay commission for University and College teachers will be implemented soon, the body claimed.

      When contacted, an official confirmed that the delegation had met the ministers and said a proposal related to the pay revision for teachers of colleges and varsities was likely to go to the Cabinet in the coming days.

      The delegation comprised Mahendra Kapoor, the national organising secretary of the ABRSM and others, according to the statement.

    • profile image

      M.R.Grover 25 hours ago

      UGC & other higher education like IIT, IISc,NIT, ISI and many more institutions which are fully funded by GOI and passed by Parliament Institute of National Imporence are running by different ministries are having no resources of income also considered for hike in salaries without any further delay. Administrative or non scientific staff which provides much more wholehearted in all sectors should be paid like previous Pay Commission without any discrimination, some organisations have paid to non scientific staff & Pensioners but many more are looking for fully implemention by different ministries. If GOI is serious for better eduction it shouldn't delay & create any discrimination.

    • profile image

      Siva Kumar 36 hours ago

      Nothing will happend with MPs also. Only make demonstration and go on strike from all universities. Then only modi may think about our scales under 7th pay.

    • profile image

      Kandaswami CK 2 days ago

      Excellent idea of Prof. BabuRao. It is not good waiting for some one to fight for us. we ourselves fight. All UGC teachers in all States, UTs submit our demand on pay revision to our respective Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha members, explain to them unjust delay in announcing pay scales, request them to bring pressure on Prime Minister, Hrd minister......Execute this plan from next week..dear Teachers

    • profile image

      Dr.Surya 2 days ago

      I have given up expecting anything from our netas after all they are also birds of same feather. Just like our netas in the government.

    • profile image

      gopal misra 2 days ago

      nethaaom,kuch tho karo yaar.....

    • profile image

      Siva Kumar 2 days ago

      Dear Sirs Govt will not do anything to the teaching staff. AIFUCTO should do something by this time. but they are not at all respective leaders. Just namesake only. Prakash Javadekar is waste minbister and his voice will no be heard by Modi.

    • profile image

      Basala Babu Rao Guntur 2 days ago

      Indian Higher Edn. Teaching Fraternity can't appreciate this abnormal delay in announcing legitimate 2016 UGC revised pay scales. Instead of blaming our leadership, I appeal all the local colleges'/University's teachers on a stipulated day, meet their local MP and bring pressure on him/her, for our just demand. Just 20 or more teachers as a group could prevail upon their local Parliament member, it will have miraculous effect on Modiji & Javadekarji. In addition to this, our leadership should meet HRD minister & explain the gravity and about to bursting impatience in Country's Higher Teaching community. today's slogan to appeal Hon'ble PM is : "Desh ki vunnathi siksha-raksha karo". Dr Jignesh idea is also good. we could make hrd twitter flooded with our ' unrest tweets'. I personally hope that the next cabinet meet on July 26, shall make all UGC Teaching fraternity feel elated.

    • profile image

      Dr. JIGNESH VADGAMA 2 days ago

      I think this conversation could not reach upto the concern people by discussion here on this blog..... We should tweet at @hrd ministry ... More and more tweets will help our HRD minister to wake up

    • profile image

      Biswajit 2 days ago

      It is really very painful to demand pay scale from the government. Don't know why so much time is given by our organization to the HRD Ministry to implement it. Protest is scheduled on 24th and the declaration came from AIFUCTO 45 days in advance regarding the protest. We should come together and protest regarding this deeeeelaaaayeeeeeeddddddd pay scale on a mass scale then only the government will think of it otherwise like Allowances the file will be on cold room safely under lock and key.

    • profile image

      B C 3 days ago

      We should remain silent. Our great teacher union leaders are sleeping. We should not disturb them. Shame shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Dr. JIGNESH VADGAMA 3 days ago

      What r u doing our unions?

      Govt. Is not in mood to provide us pay scale without protest.... It is responsibility of our unions to lead and provide feedback what they r doing...

      MPs r now demanding to hike their salary, now it is to see that our concern ministry give us UGC 7pay or they hike their salary... Very shame

    • profile image

      Dr. Surya 3 days ago

      Dear colleagues, I am surprised that everyone is waiting in expectation. I don't think anything is going to happen very soon. If I'm right it might be declared on 23 July as 24 july teachers have planned protest. I am saying this out my observation as government has released bit of news just before every protest in order to hold back the teachers from protesting. I will be happy if I am proven wrong and declaration comes before 24th. MP s are in a hurry to increase their own remuneration. God save our fraternity.

    • profile image

      siva kumar 3 days ago

      Prakash Javadekar urged the teachers to refrain from going to strike in view of the examination time and to avoid any disruption in the academic functioning of the varsities. But this minister is waste candidate and done nothing so far

    • profile image

      Siva Kumar 3 days ago

      AIFUCTO told that there will be a marches and demands on 12 th of this month at each state level for pay scale implementations. But nothing marches were organised by them at state levels. what govt. will do. Again they reported that on 24th of this month they will do demonstration at Delhi. I think they will not do any thing

    • profile image

      Siva Kumar 3 days ago

      Modi gov. is very crooked and they want to delay the pay revision and avoid to pay more HRA. They want to reduce the pay to university teachers by thinking that universities are not doing well

    • profile image

      Ankit Sinha 3 days ago

      What about the 7cpc for ministerial staff.

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