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UGC's Revised 6th CPC Pay Package: Fitment Tables for Teaching & Associated Cadres

Updated on August 18, 2013

The pay of incumbant teachers placed in different categories, librarians, assist. and deputy librarians, assist. and deputy registrars, registrars, group A staff belonging to various cadres of physical education and examination sections, shall be fixed as per the tables given below. The fitment tables have been authenticated by MHRD and sent to UGC for implementation of revised 6th pay commission scales based on UGC pay packages.

 Fitment tables for readers and L(SG) have been prepared considering 3 years residency requirement. However, two increments that have become due as bunching benefit from 13260 to14520 are forfieted in the fitment table. Bunching benefits are given after one reaches Rs 14940 stage. This has been done perhaps to maintain the disparity between Associate professors and Professors.

Note: Revised Pay band in Table H is Rs 37400-67000 with AGP of Rs 8700. It has been mistakenly written as Rs 15600-39100. It should be read as Rs 37400-67000.

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