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UK Citizenship Test Guide: Life In The United Kingdom A Guide For New Residents.

Updated on February 14, 2015

If you want to take the UK Citizenship Test, then a book that should be on your bookshelf is the most popular citizenship book, taken out more times from London libraries than any other book in 2014.

Life In The United Kingdom: A Guide For New Residents is the official UK citizenship test guide and includes a lot of great information on living in Britain and understanding how things work and how the Great British people tick.

At 180 pages you're in for a real treat, a head start in becoming a citizen and understanding the way the UK works.

Published by The Stationery Office, or TSO, this is an official book - not some invented version by a random author without provenance. Apart from the official Citizenship book, there is a new edition of a book of practice questions every year, with the Citizenship Test and book continually evolving to ensure that they remain relevant and not simply something you can learn by heart without understanding. The Stationery Office is the official publishing arm of the UK Government and the Home Office, which is the UK Department for immigration issues.

You can buy the official UK Citizenship Book on UK Amazon: Guide to Life in the UK


How Hard is the UK Citizenship Test?

The UK Citizenship Test should be straight forward - with just 24 questions you have to get just 18 of them correct to pass. However, the test does cover a lot of subjects, so you need to be on top of all areas of UK life to guarantee a pass!

If you want to become a UK citizen, then you do have to take the test seriously - fail and you can't gain citizenship. Pass and you'll understand so much more about what's going on around you - maybe even understanding the roots of some British humour more easily!

Life in the UK Test (2015 Edition): Practice Questions & Answers

Having read the citizenship book in preparation for the Test, you'll want to take some practice tests - each year a new edition is produced, with a fresh batch of question styles you'll encounter in the test, enabling you to practice plenty of times.

The 2015 Edition has 500 practice questions and answers for you to try to 20 exam standard practice tests.

Some questions are really hard, e.g. Who was King Henry VII's son? As a UK citizen I've no idea. But then I don't have to take the test - this type of testing ensures an understanding of British history.

Another question is In Which City did Sake Dean Mahomet set up the first curry house in Britain in 1810? As a UK citizen, I've never heard of him! I'd not know the answer, I could guess though as I've got a good and broad understanding of the country and curry.

All of these answers would be easy for somebody that has actually studied for the test though, the information you need is all covered during the study time you put in.

How Well Would You Do on the UK Citizenship Test?

As somebody who was born in the UK, lived here all my life - and never even left the country for a foreign holiday, you'd think I'd do well without any study. Not true! The test covers many areas of everyday life, but not everything included has ever been part of my life, so I don't know the answers. Even I would need to buy the book and study it to pass!

Shh - if they find out they might chuck me out!

You can see some of the questions if you use the "Look Inside" feature on the books in Amazon. There is the official practice tests book and there are a couple of established publishing houses who are also producing these Test Papers. Why not seek out some questions and see how well you'd fare!


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    • sallybea profile image

      Sally Gulbrandsen 2 years ago from Norfolk

      By an amazing coincidence I thought I would test out the questions online yesterday to see if I was British enough and although I could not get my answers without registering my email address. I figured I had done OK even though I was not born here.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 2 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Very interesting. I'm surprised it's only 24 questions. King of funny they ask about a curry house. I thought there would be more legal/social stuff. Voted up.