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UK Degree in Sri Lanka

Updated on September 14, 2010

Why a UK degree or MBA and how to go about finding the best one

Because of the free education system in Sri Lanka most young students make it to the Advance level and passes the exam. But because of the lack of universities in Sri Lanka less than 5% qualify for the government universities where they can continue there higher education for free. Because of the lack of universities you cant even pay and complete your degree thus leaving you with few choices. One choice could be to do a professional course like CIMA,CIM, Microsoft certification or do a foreign degree. Going abroad and doing a foreign degree is beyond most Sri Lankans since it will cost you a small fortune, which why there is a rise in private universities who are offering foreign degree programs which you can complete from Sri Lanka.In this article I will look at few private universities who are offering UK degrees in Sri Lanka and few details about the various programs they offer so you can make an infrmed decision. Keep in mind though that these programs may vary from time to time so it is always a good idea to check first.

UK degree in Sri Lanka at an affordable prize
UK degree in Sri Lanka at an affordable prize

ESoft Computer Studies

Institute started in 2000 and considered the best place to do your BIT studies ESoft offers UK degrees at an affordable rate. The degrees are awarded in partnership with Coventry university and there are degree programs for networking, mobile development, Computer science and business information technology. If you are interested in following there program and want a 5% discount then mention code 1709 when registering for the degree. Other than these degree programs they have the Edexcel HND in computing program as well which is recognized by more than 60 universities in UK. The same coupon code 1709 applies for that program as well.

Informatics Institute of Technology

Informatics Institute of Technology, popularly known as IIT is the pioneer when it comes to awarding UK degrees in Sri Lanka. IIT was started around 1990 and and during that time it was just about the only private university that offered British degrees. After twenty years it still one of the leading universities offering UK degrees. It has affiliations with University of Westminster, Keele university and various other British universities. The primary focus in degree and MBA programs are on Software engineering , computer systems and business administration although they do have few courses covering other subjects. The prize is relatively high compared to other universities like SLIIT but they do provide quality lecturers and an invaluable certificate identical to the ones give in UK.

Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology

Popularly known as APIIT, Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology is another private university in Sri Lanka which offers UK degrees at an affordable prize. APIIT has affiliations with many UK universities including Staffordshire university, Oxford Brookes university, Middlesex university and a lot more. As the name of the institute suggests the focus is more on Information technology and computer science although they do offer degree and MBA programs related to business management. There own version of BIT ( Business with IT ) is somewhat popular among people who are keen to play management roles in IT companies. The prize range is pretty much same as IIT although it depends on the degree program you choose.

Sri Lanka institure of Informatin Technology

Well known throughout the island as SLIIT, Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology can be considered as the most affordable place to get a globally recognized UK degree in Sri Lanka. SLIIT has partnered with Sheffield Hallam University in UK and the great thing about the partnership is that you can follow the normal SLIIT curriculum for the first two years and go to UK only to complete the final semester of the degree and still get the fully qualified certificate. Needless to say that doing the SLIIT curriculum for the first two years is a huge saving compared to doing the same thing in UK. Although the initial partnership was only for information technology it has now grown and now they offer degree programs in electronics and business administration in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University.

Easy an affordable way to get an UK degree

The above mentioned institutes are a great way to get an UK degree at an affordable rate. Also they provide the facilities to finish your last semester in UK making it a great opportunity to finish your studies in UK and hopefully get a job there. If you know of another institute that awards recognized UK degree be sure to mention in the comments section.


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    • profile image

      Ragavan 5 years ago

      BIT+ computer engineering is best one, Now I got the job in CANADA

    • profile image

      Pirasath 6 years ago

      Computer Engineering at MCS Jaffna is also valuable,

      Now i got the job from Australia

    • rumbling profile image

      Nishadha Silva 7 years ago from Sri Lanka

      @Navum, I'm not sure about this so I can't give a definite answer, you should call SLIIT and verify it with them.

    • profile image

      Navum 7 years ago

      Now im doing PQHRM (professional qualification in human resource management) at IPM.i wanna do a business management degree after i finished this.Northumbriya university in UK giving 2 years exception to do a business management degree after i finished second stage of PQHRM.can i get this exception from SLIIT also?important thing is i want to complete it in sri lanka

    • rumbling profile image

      Nishadha Silva 7 years ago from Sri Lanka

      BIT is a well recognized degree so I think it is valid in UK. I'm not sure about this so you can check there website or directly contact them.

    • profile image

      Thilina Perera 7 years ago

      i need to know if the BIT(Bacholor of Information Technology) which is Controlled by the UCSC(University of Colombo School of Computing) Degree program valid for the UK