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USA: Hunger in the richest country

Updated on September 18, 2016

CBS show young students with hunger

One of these days I saw a television report. I think has been done by the American CBS. I did not see things that I do not know, but it shocked me. He spoke of hunger.No hunger that I know from television and the from the press in Africa, but from what exists in the United States of America. Yes, well read, United States of America, considered a model country in the world and the more richest.

The hunger that I saw was not the homeless, which unfortunately grows each day, but in the families of the American middle class, who have't to eat.
The report showed that young students, without shame, they witnessed the little they had to eat. Some could not hold back the tears running down their faces.
I did not hold some tears too, because I think I have sensibility to feel the bitterness of those young people and its parents in their daily struggles to satisfy hunger.

This reality that exists in the United States of America can be replicated throughout the world.

Cold numbers show that one in six people worldwide go hungry. And the problem is that there is enough food for everyone.
There is a map showing where the most prevalent problem, which remains in Africa where some countries, notably in the area around Angola and Mozambique, in south, and Ethiopia, Sudan and Congo to the north, where more than 35 per percent of the population is undernourished.
Others in the same continent, are a little better ?!, with about 20 to 35% of the population undernourished.
There are still countries like Nigeria and Morocco, where hunger strikes between 5 and 20% of population.
And still a minority, with South Africa and Egypt, with less than 5%. Incidentally, this is the number that characterizes Europe and the United States of America.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture wants to eradicate hunger by 2015. I would that were true, but I think there must be some miscalculation here. Not because there isn't sufficient food, but because they are poorly distributed in this materialistic world.
It is assumed that the money needed to provide food, water, education, health and housing sufficiently to everyone in the world for a year, corresponds to what the world spends in less than a month on buying weapons.

And why it happens.

Firstly, because people like me, see the problem and accommodate themselves to their lives and do not intervene to change everything. I think each of us need to see the drama in places to wake up and try to reverse the tide of famine caused by a number of factors, such as monocultures. This is because many countries based their economies on a pillar, one culture or another activity.Without alternative crops, are at the mercy of the market and the climate.

Then there is the issue of foreign debts that stifle countries. Prisoners commitment to pay up with no money to import the food they need or to give their own agricultural development needs. In some countries it is said that about 40% of what they are from exports to pay the interest on external debt.

But there is still more troubling issues such as armed conflicts present in many developing countries, causing serious loss and destruction in their primary production systems.

We have also social inequality.

And to finish this text, although at the beginning of the case have spoken of the United States of America, we must be aware that even if living in a developed country, there will, surely, someone hungry. To a greater or lesser number, but they exist. And even if is one is a drama. The world should be more just, more equal, because, as someone once said, when the sun rises is for everyone.


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    • profile image 6 years ago

      When I was in school - often I had to choose between food and a text book. The book always won, of course. I put myself through school and there was not enough money for both too often.

      I am afraid that those days affected me beyond repair - I cannot pass a homeless person without pressing something of value into their hands. I carry a credit card that is only for buying food for someone hungry. And I have two freezers that are full of food - just in case . . .

      We need to do something to help.

      Thank you for your HUB.