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Ugly hometown decisions :: How to prevent hometown decisions in Sports

Updated on May 20, 2013
Hometown decisions makes the the playing field hostile...
Hometown decisions makes the the playing field hostile...

Hometown decisions are prevalent here, there and everywhere. Even Olympics is not spared with this. Some of the competing countries in the boxing event in the Seoul Olympics felt they were robbed of medals. It is nice to see homegrown talents shine in any contest in various fields of endeavor as it provides pride and honor, but if things become out of hands and blown out of proportions expect that negative domino effect sets in when undeserving hometown bets pull through with victories.

Things look bleak in South East Asian Games as host country doesn’t only enjoy home crowd support but is given the privilege to include peculiar and even never heard events, to bolster medal haul and overall standings. Hometown decisions are common in this biennial event but the competing countries are used to this already.

Hometown decisions may provide the losers who could’ve won the competition a stinging and horrible experience. It give a bad taste in the mouth of the participants as they might get discourage of not competing anymore in the future.

Moreover, hometown decisions clearly put sportsmanship at bay, it kills fair play, rob the rightful winner of the chance to salvage a decent finish, medal or victory and destroy rapport and camaraderie among the competitors.

Hometown decisions happens when judges connives to come up with a favored bet, the venue overwhelmingly favors the host team, cheating and rigging of results are tolerated, the referees are bribed or perhaps blind.

How to overcome or avoid hometown decisions

Put the game away as early as you can to silence the crowd and ensure a win. Show no mercy otherwise if the scores are close chances are you will lose. Keep in mind that home town support is a force to reckon with, so as much as possible, keep them away from getting involved in the game.

Practice a lot and have a comprehensive preparation to bolster your chances of winning. It is not a joke winning at the expense of a player or team on their turf. The referees might get carried away in favor of the crowd. The support of the fans is contagious and very powerful as they can energize and inspire their bets to perform well.

If you did your best and felt you just became a victim of home-brewed home town decisions stay calm and accept defeat. It’s not yet the end of the world as there other competitions where you can display the stuff you are made of and possibly win. Besides the experience and exposure you get from competing is priceless already.

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