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Unconventional fun ways to stay focussed on your work

Updated on September 21, 2015

Distractions that irks you

I have detected something hideously distracting me every time I start to work on a project that is slightly uninspiring.

What are the unconventional ways to get the continuous pace required to complete the work at hand?

Here are some fresh ideas to get into the groove of work, so you go steadily to complete your project.


Ways to stay focussed


Listening to music while I work is the best way according to me to concentrate steadily.

I listen to music through earphones using my phone or any mp3 gadget

However please be cautious about the volume and the amount of time you spend listening to music.

Moreover this kind of method helps people like writers, web researchers, artists, desk jobs more.

Music takes me to the work groove pretty fast. It releases any tension and makes work seem like an adventure journey on a space ship.

People with this mind set can understand what I mean.

Rock music especially seem to kick some 'Energy' while I work!

Put on your earphones


Other ways

Sipping lemon tea

Some people keep sipping lemon tea or coffee as they work well it is not very unconventional you might say.

Drums and dance on breaks.

Yes it might seem crazy but drumming and dancing can give you a pep while you are on a break from work.

It gives you a surge of energy whenever you need it the most.

Game music for speed desk work

Some fun Focussing

What are the ways that find focus at work

See results


I find music especially productive in creating speed work while writing.

What are your suggestions?


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    • nikhilsukumar profile image

      Nikhil Sukumaran 2 years ago from Bangalore

      Welcome Rahul Power

    • Rahul Power profile image

      Rahul Power 2 years ago

      very very nice. Thanks you.