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The Energetic Chinese Mythology

Updated on May 16, 2016

As it is with many histories and ancient mythologies, the Chinese stories that we have today may not be their oldest tales. All over the earth world leaders have sought to destroy and wipe out other people's histories and pasts, as orders and regime's try to over run and rule other cultures under their own commands and beliefs. The great library of Alexander the Great was burned down, as was ancient Israel when the Romans destroyed it. Even Hitler went on a book burning campaign, trying to destroy the memory of many Jewish intellectuals such as Marx, Freud and many others. In China certain very powerful emperors did this as well. Many histories, works, stories and documents were wiped off the face off this earth in a hail of smoke this way. Chinese emperors in most cases have the works rewritten, but they would be done so to fit in with their own belief

Chinese Creation Myths

Chinese creation mythology is full of different tales of how the world got started. Their most common and well known is that the universe in which we live was just once an egg, which contained within it a mass of crazy chaos. The world it is said formed from this egg, when Panku a dwarf like character pushed himself out of it. The chaos which made its way out of the egg with Panku, is thought to have formed the earth and the sky.

It is also this chaos which forms the idea of yin and yang. It is said that yin is the negative energetic force of the earth, whilst yang is the more positive energy of the sky. The myth goes that Panku never stayed small he grew and grew from a dwarf for 18,000 years, pushing the positive sky up in the air and away from the negative earth.

There are a few different beliefs in China when it comes to the mythical Panku, and these different opinions will account for different Chinese theologies in more modern times as Chinese religion and philosophy stems from these ancient beliefs. Some say that Panku then died with everything in the world growing from his body. Others believe Panku didn't die their, but carved out everything in the world with the help of a couple of animal friends. The ancient Chinese writings of Shu Ching tell a different story altogether. They say that eight rulers created the universe, its said these eight were three sovereigns and five emperors.

If there is any truth to these legends, then the ruler of China has one big job to do. As it is said that t is his job to keep balance in the universe, by setting up not only governments on earth but in the heavens too. The Holy trinity is one thing I myself notice in mythologies and religions around the world going back to the start of time. Panku and the yin and yang is one and Shu Chings three main sovereigns is another it is different based on the same principles off life.

As in most if not all religions and mythologies it would not be complete without the creation of people, yet the Chinese version is a little different to most. Sumerian myths say we was created by an alien race from another planet, and most others simply put it down to god. Not the Chinese though as they put it down to a goddess, Nagua is the one said to have created man and woman.

Yin and Yang

Chinese Myths In General

Just like in any of the religions of the world even today there is a strong emphasis on light and dark in Chinese myth. This is the idea behind yin and yang, yin being the dark and yang being the light and only through equal balance can one find harmony. This idea follows right through to science today, Jet black melanin is produced in our bodies when out in the sun and melotonin is produced at night when its dark and the moon reflects the sun, its pretty simple stuff really.'

In China there is another popular spiritual practice and its one which has been being used for thousands of years not just in China but all over the world, its also a practice which is becoming much more done and talked about in our modern day. That is ancestor worship. Today a few very free thinking western scientist are indeed looking at this, trying to find out if ancestor worship has some basis of fact and trying to find some kind of connection through the dna.

This came about because its clear ancient shamans could get two right plants out of millions put them together and heal the sick, just how did they know which plants to use? That is what the scientists today want to know. The Chinese have always took part in ancestor worship, with a sure faith their ancestors will hear their prayers and meditations and bless them with help in this life.

China's history is a bloody tail, with different emperors fighting for control and power over the years. The Shang dynasty is the first empire to be set up, its said they ruled over many warrior tribes and were known as gods. It is Shangs first ruling god the Jade emperor who is thought to be the most powerful of all Chinese gods. It was said of him that his wife loved to garden and growing peaches of immortality was her speciality. Its said that every 6000 years, these special peaches would ripen.

As for the mythological underworld, Yen Lo Wang was its chief god as he was the first man to die in China so he reigns their so is said. The Chinese god who is to decide how long a person lives, is known as Shou Lao. He it is said to be in the possession of a turtle and crane, the long lived symbols of long life.

Another Cinese god of old is Guan Di, it is said of him that he is the god of wiseness and martial arts. The belief in these different gods is not one took lightly as at funerals today the Chinese burn fake money, in the hope that the gods will let the person's soul pass safely on to heaven. How happy the gods would be with the burning of fake money is anyone's guess, I would think real money would be much more symbolic.

Buddha is another ancient concept which managed to find its way to China, there is even a myth for how it actually got their. There was once this very naughty monkey you see, and for his naughtiness he was punished by Buddha. His punishment was to join a young priest on a long journey, they were to journey from India all the way to China to introduce Buddha's teachings which was done so the story goes.

Its funny how so many religious ideas pop up in the old mythologies. Like the flood story of the bible and Noah, I have come to find that many mythologies around the world have a flood story. China too has it's own flood tale, the thunder god is the one said to have flooded the whole world. With only two survivors a little boy and girl, who shaped a gourd fruit into the shape of a boat thus surviving the disaster.

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