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How To Get Rid Of Blackheads With 6 Best Home Made Remedies

Updated on March 22, 2016

Prevention is definitely better than cure

Friends, here are some tips for you to avoid blackheads. It is better to prevent yourself from the disease than treating them. There are some food that help in preventing the acne and the blackheads and some increases the risk of blackheads. So, one has to be very careful in the selection of food also if suffering from acne and blackheads. These instructions are very easy to apply and you will notice that it has nothing rocket science to keep away from blackheads. Go through the tips below, and you will see blackheads won't come on your face.

  • This is especially for ladies who wear make up daily on their face. Use the make products that are free from oil and have least oil content. Oily skin is more prone to develop blackheads.
  • It is recommended to wash your face 4-5 times a day with a good face wash. Keep your face dry always. Do not let your oily hairs to come on your face. The oil from the hair gets in the pores of the hair follicles of your face which again is a reason of blackheads.
  • If you are suffering from acne, do wash your hairs on a daily basis, and keep your hairs away from the face, as it will transfer oil and other dust particles on your face.
  • Avoid food that has high concentration of sugar and carbohydrates. Increased consumption of sugar increases the production of serum insulin, which raises the level of insulin in the body. And high levels of insulin promotes the production of androgen hormone which in turn produces more oil on the skin. So, it is advised to keep away from the high sugar and carbohydrates products. Also, intake of bread and milk should be least. Bread and milk contains high level of insulin and substance iodine respectively, which again increases the risk of acne.
  • Protein rich foods helps in healing of blackheads and acne. Lean protein such as plant source like split beans, lentils, kidney beans are good source of plant based proteins to do away with blackheads.
  • Vitamin C rich food also helps in healing of blackheads. Vitamin is needed repairing and healing all tissues of your body and hence, vitamin rich food is also recommended. Vitamin C rich fruits like apple, lemon, cherries, papaya, mango are good source of natural Vitamin C.

All the above instructions are simple and can be applied in your daily life without much effort. All it takes a little care from your side. Keep splashing your face with plain water regularly, it takes out the dirt and oil from the pores of your face. Thus, reducing the chance of accumulation of oil which promotes the blackheads. Steaming also is an effective way to keep your skin dry and remove the dirt out of your facial skin. To be extra effective steaming, add a piece of lemon juice for soothing effect. Exfoliate your face gently to keep the skin soft. You can also restrain the blackheads easily just by your towel. After taking bath, use your towel in the opposite direction of the blackheads, it will naturally block the growth of the blackheads and suppress it. Here, you can see that i have not said anything great, all these are just simple ways to keep your face clean and clear. All the instructions above and later in this article if applied properly adds a natural and eternal glow on your face. It also prevents the development of wrinkles. Just go through the whole article to get a glowing face, free from acne and blackheads.

blackheads on nose

Understanding Blackheads

Blackheads are the small bumps that appear on your skin, mostly face. It also emerges on shoulders, back, chest , neck. Blackheads do not have skin over them, so when they come in contact with sunlight they turn black. It is actually on type of acne or we can it is the acne only. Blackheads attack mostly the oily skin. So, it is necessary to keep the skin dry and healthy to do away the blackheads.

Blackheads forms when a clog develops in the opening of hair follicles of your face skin. Dead cells and oil gets collected on the opening of the hair follicles which then produces comedone or acne. Now, these acne is whitehead till the time it is covered by the skin, when it is exposed to the air and sunlight it turns black and called blackhead.

Reasons for blackheads:

  • Too much of oil produced from the skin enhances the chances of blackheads. So, this also tells us to avoid oily food.
  • Formation of propionibacterium acne on the skin cause blackheads.
  • Use of medicines like androgen and use of steroids also causes blackheads.
  • Hormonal changes during the teenage also cause oil production in the body which again enhances the chances of blackheads.
  • Unhygienic or low grade cosmetics can also add up to your blackheads.

Treatment of Blackheads:

There are many ways to remove blackheads medically at the clinic of a dermatologist. But, friends you need not to go to a doctor , when you can treat your blackheads at the comfort of your home. Below, I have mentioned certain methods to treat blackheads at home.

  • Nutmeg is very effective in treating blackheads, especially for oily skin. It helps in avoiding the oil produced from the body and leaves the skin very smooth. The lactic acid removes the old dead skin cells and disappear when you rinse your face. To get much better results, go for butter milk a it contains more lactic acid. You can also use baking soda, lemon juice, sugar or salt cream. Before applying it on the face, wash your face with a good face wash. Just make a paste with all the above ingredients with your scrubby. Start it on your face., rinse it once with water, then start your exfoliator in circular motion around your face. This not only keep away blackheads but also keep your skin glowing.
  • Honey treatment is also effective in removing blackheads. It is very simple, just apply honey on your face like a honey face pack for 15 minutes . Then remove it slowly. The blackheads will come along with the honey pack.It also helps in anti oxidation of any remnants of blackheads left in the pores. So, they will not come out again on your face.
  • Use of egg is also recommended to treat blackheads. It is same as we use honey to remove the blackheads. Apply the white egg on your face, Let it dry for another 15 minutes, when you feel tight on the face, remove it slowly. This will take out the blackheads with the dry egg paste.
  • Now, this will look like an act of barbarism on your gentle facial skin. Use this method, when all the above method fails. Take a toothbrush, do not use your regular toothbrush. Maintain a dedicated toothbrush only for removing blackheads. Keep hydrogen peroxide with you, to keep your toothbrush clean in between scrubbing your blackheads with the toothbrush.pour a few drops of lemon juice and oil like tamau oil ( for oily skin) or neem on toothbrush. Gently, apply head of the toothbrush softly on the areas of blackheads in circular motions. Keep cleaning your toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Include lemon in your diet routine, lemon contains necessary nutrients for your skin. It also helps the skin to sweat out excess oil from the skin pores.
  • Drink green tea,which is good for health and skin. It also heals blackheads naturally. You can make a paste of green tea and a little water, gently apply it on the areas of blackheads. It will soften the pores to extract the excess oil and in turn heals blackheads gradually.

There is nothing relevant between food habits and blackheads. Although, some claims have been made by studies that dairy products cause acne, but these claims are not compelling.Friends, just try these home made methods to keep your skin healthy and blackheads free


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