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Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Updated on April 28, 2016

So why is it important that we understand emotional intelligence? Are there different kinds of emotional intelligence? Is there a difference between men and women or between people of different ages, or people doing different kinds of jobs?Let's take a journey. I have often wondered how I would begin a discussion of human psychology and emotional intelligence from scratch - to leave nothing to chance - to build fresh; to have a tabula rasa, rather than sifting through all that sticky gray matter that makes a jumble of everything. We can only imagine.A Dad's heart can be a multiplicity of concerns, purposes and responsibilities. These multiplicities can and should be managed or they can get in each other's way. Wow, that's abstract. Let me explain further, everything a dad does will either detract or add to the progress in any and or all of his goals. Care must be taken that only purpose adding actions are taken in every area of the complex maze that a dad gets to live in. If not, then energy and emotions that belong to one purpose could be wasted or spent on another. What we are going to talk about here is some tips about doing little things to endear and encourage your kids.We are all familiar with general intelligence (IQ). How many of us know anything about Emotional intelligence (EQ)? Emotional intelligence is the capacity to identify, apply, empathize and manage emotions in positive ways to communicate effectively, understand others, fight challenges, relieve stress and resolve conflict in an intelligent manner.Most of us call it gut feeling, but now psychologists are calling those feelings emotional intelligence or EI. Emotional intelligence is something like your IQ. Your IQ score doesn't tell you how much you know it simply tells you what your capacity to learn and comprehend is.The challenge facing many sales managers and business owners is the transfer of selling skills that made them a top sales producer to their sales team. When you take on the role of a sales manager, it's no longer about what you can produce; it's about what you can get others to produce.Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand, and manage your own emotions and the emotions of other people in positive ways. Today we can clearly see that being only "book smart" and having a high intelligence quotient or IQ does not guarantee a successful, happy and fulfilled life. There are many people in all parts of the world who are very brilliant academically but are inept at dealing with people and successful at work or in their personal relationships. Academic intelligence is not enough on its own to be successful in life. IQ can help you get a job and earn a living, but it does not show you how to live a life. When it comes to happiness and success in life, emotional intelligence helps you build stronger relationships, succeed at work, and achieve your career and personal goals.A person's Emotional Quotient is a strong factor in job performance. Companies and individuals seeking knowledge of how to improve performance would do well to understand emotional intelligence at work.In psychology we learn that every tiny little memory that you draw upon to find your position, every condition that allows you to negotiate yourself through this material world, your relationship to everything living or dead, animate or inanimate, imaginary or real is a product of a certain sequence of emotional fluctuations. In essence each of us can find ourselves in a constant battle of weighing negatives and positives, in the form of events, against each other to define ourselves as having some value.Have you ever experienced a situation as a customer with an employee (of the company you were doing business with) who was just totally unaware? The employee didn't and couldn't even recognize their own emotions as they were occurring? You could see it in their face and body language. And as they couldn't acknowledge their emotions they experienced within themselves, it was impossible for them to manage their emotions as they interacted with you. Has this ever happened to you? Yes, of course! You've experienced the same thing over and over again until finally you say "ENOUGH! I can't take it anymore!"In companies of all shapes and sizes, business meetings often challenge the emotional intelligence (EQ) of every person attending the meeting. Learn how emotional Intelligence (EQ) can increase your staff's performance and how EQ can help your company hold the most efficient business meetings possible.What is intelligence? The ability to grasp an idea or a situation in a structured and systematic manner and deduce about it with reason. What is emotion? The dictionary defines emotion as any strong feeling, like love or anger. So our ability to deal with emotions in an intelligent way is what can be termed as "emotional intelligence".There have been great leaders in history and you've probably had great leaders in your own life but there also are a fair share of dogs as well. What makes the difference between the two? Check out these "secrets" of leaders you love to follow.The last century has seen significantly increased developments in the field of human psychology and our overall understanding of how we operate as individuals and in our interactions with our environment. This assignment will examine the evolution of human intelligence as well as exploring how the modern concepts of Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i) testing can be used in a clinical environment when working with clients.Emotional Intelligence refers to how effectively people interact with others, specifically in the workplace. It is important to understand your emotional competencies and learn how you can improve them, in order to be a successful business leader.n order to work well with others you need to develop the emotional intelligence and social intelligence skill of empathy which allows you to connect with other people. Empathy is the underlying competency that is integral to the phenomenal success of social networking sites ie. Facebook, My Space, You Tube, Linked In and Second Life.Emotional intelligence is not only important to business success, it is important to the business of life. Per Daniel Goleman, 90% of the difference between star performance and average performers in high levels of leadership can be explained by EQ (Goleman, 1995). Understanding the multifaceted aspects of EQ and learning how to develop our own EQ will help us develop wisdom in order to lead better personal and professional lives. This brief article will describe the different aspects of EQ and provide suggestions to improve your EQ muscle.I once worked with a couple suffering from ongoing conflict. As part of the emotional intelligence assessment, I asked the man, John, to state his primary concerns about his wife's behavior. He explained that his wife, Katie, would, become wildly emotional and hostile without provocation. He went on to explain that she was unable to discuss her behavior after the fact or accept responsibility for her harmful words and actions.An awareness and understanding of emotions, both your own and others, is necessary for building and maintaining healthy, long-lasting relationships, first with yourself and then with other people. If this seems like a daunting proposition, then some Emotional Intelligence training would be of great benefit to you, because if you are not able to identify and manage your own emotions, you will miss or inaccurately read other people's emotions. If you are aware of and able to manage your own emotions, then reading and dealing with the emotions of others becomes quite easy. And an accurate reading of others' emotions helps you to successfully engage in the give-and-take that is so essential to forming solid relationships.In order to raise your Emotional Intelligence level, you must become self-aware of the emotions that you are experiencing at any given time, and you must also deal with emotions that you have suppressed in an effort to avoid dealing with them. It is a common tendency to want to push down a certain emotion or to convince yourself that you are not experiencing a particular emotion because it is uncomfortable or for some reason that emotion seems inappropriate under the circumstances. Emotional Intelligence requires that you know your own emotions and that you know how to manage them.


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