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Underwater Submerged Lakes and Rivers

Updated on October 6, 2013

Underwater Lake

Oceanic Lakes and Rivers

In the dark ocean depths lay some of the worlds strangest environments. It is said to gaze upon the abyssal deep unveils an alien world as strange as any described in the imaginations of fiction writers and that once witnessed blows the mind. Deep sea submersibles have dived into the ink like black depths of our oceans and discovered life where pressures would crush creatures near the surface and in waters so hot near hydro-thermal vents it would boil the flesh off of bone. The life at these depths is as alien as their environments. But these are only the scratching of the surface of a much grander picture that is now slowly coming into focus through advances in technology and exploration.

Submersed Hydrogen Sulfide River:

One interesting discovery is that of a submersed river of hydrogen sulfide in Cenote Angelita Mexico. As divers explore the deep, closely clumped molecules of hydrogen sulfide gas hug a submerged trench which resembles the meandering twists and turns of a river complete with submerged vegetation.

Submersed Oceanic Deep Seeps:

In 1990 half a mile down in the Gulf of Mexico there is an underwater lake that is twenty meters long with it's own tide. The soup of the lake is a salty brine of heavy salt water, heavier than the surrounding water.Here a methane seep helps to create it's own biological environment where strange muscles, tube worms, squat crabs and other life forms free of the ecosystem that supports other oceanic life thrive on poisonous methane.

Finding this lake was like finding an oasis, Isolated and fragile. The key to life here is in the bacteria that uses methane for energy. The creatures that survive in this micro ecosystem depend on the cold seep of methane from the lake and surrounding soil. Science is finding new and exciting environments for which much life has taken hold, these environments range from the oceanic abyssal trenches to nuclear core reactor rods, and in heavy plastic rock layers deep within the earth's crust.

Who knew life would be so versatile. Even small creatures called bug-bears (microscopic soil eaters that live in all dirt) can survive the vacuum of space if it were free of radiation. Just like Jurassic Park, "Life finds a way!"


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    • profile image

      Taila Noonan 

      7 years ago

      This clearly proves any questioning about Spongebob. This is Goo Lagoon.

    • breakfastpop profile image


      9 years ago

      Great hub, really fascinating.

    • Peter Dickinson profile image

      Peter Dickinson 

      9 years ago from South East Asia

      Fascinating. I recall diving in the Bahamas and drinking fresh water under the sea. I believe it can also be done off the coast of Bahrain. I will have to watch I don't sup the salty stuff. Thanks for you hub.


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