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Unfaithful Queens

Updated on May 4, 2010

Cheating has often been known as the right of kings, Louis VX openly flaunted his mistress Madame du Barry, Henry VIII had countless affairs,and Edward VII even had a special sex chair built for his numerous lovers.

Catherine Howard

Catherine Howard is most famous for being Henry VIII's fifth wife. During her marriage to Henry she had a romantic affair with Thomas Culpepper, but her true downfall occurred when her former lovers Henry Manox and Francis Dereham arrived at court. She gave Manox a job as musician and Dereham the job of being her personal secretary.

Mary Hall had told her brother, John Lascelles, a protestant reformer about Catherine's sexual indiscretions. Lascelles then told Thoman Cranmer who relayed the information to Henry in a letter at an All Souls Mass.

Henry at first did not believe the allgations against his "Rose without a thor", Catherine, and ordered the Archbishop of Canterbury (Cramner) to conduct a further investigation. A love letter written in Catherine's distinctive handwriting was found and Catherine was imprisoned at Syon house and beheaded.

She is buried near her cousin Anne Boleyn.


Marie of Romania

Marie of Edinburgh married Ferdinand I of Romania January of 1883. Supposedly Marie was repulsed by her husband, and while still a crown princess had an affair with Lt. Zizi Cantacuzene. It created a huge scandal for Marie and her husband. Marie fled back to her mother and gave birth to a child that mysteriously vanished.

In 1899 Marie became pregnant again and asked Ferdinand to allow her to give birth at Coburg. He continuously refused until she told him that the child was not in fact him but Grand Duke Boris Vladmirovich. Eventually Ferdinand claimed this daughter as his own and she later became Maria of Yugoslavia.

The father of Marie's fourth child is widely believed to be Waldorf Astor but much like he did with Maria, Ferdinand accepted Nicolas as his own.

Marie was however quite a charitable woman helping with the Red Cross and other causes during WW1. She died in Sinaia at the age of 62 in spring of 1938.


Isabella of England

Known as the she wolf of England Isabella was 21 whenever she married the 42 year old British King Edward II. Isabella was noted as a remarkable beauty but she was also quite intelligent ambitious.

When she arrived at court she had a harem of black eunachs, but she also had other lovers, the most important being Roger Mortimer. Together Isabella and Roger worked together to imprison Edward II, they then had a red hot poker shoved up his rectum, and ensured he was executed.

The regime of Roger and Isabella did not last terribly long, they nearly bankrupted the country and had numerous wars with Scotland. Her son Edward III arranged a coup, executed Mortimer for treason but allowed his mother Isabella to live a comfortable life in retirement.



Valeria Messalina was the third wife of the Julio-Claudian Emperor Claudius and so notoriously unfaithful her name is synonymous with promiscuity and infidelity.

Messalina is reputed to have had an all night sex competition with one of Rome's most famous prostitutes, Scylla. Messalina allegedly won the competition having bed 25 men in 24 hours.

Sources also claim Messalina would organize orgies for women of the upper class and that she would often use sex to control politicians and enforce her will.

Messalina was o9ne of the most powerful women in Rome until her downfall in 48 AD.  Messalina became romantically involved with a senator named Gaius Silius, she forced him to divorce his wife and the two conspired to kill the emperor Claudius.

When the plot was discovered Messalina was sentenced to death. She was given the choice to take her own life, but being afraid she opted to be decapitated.

17 AD- 48 AD


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