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Unification of England; A very brief history

Updated on May 6, 2013
Map of the UK and the English Flag
Map of the UK and the English Flag

It is a surprise that England was every unified at all. They were completely outnumbered by other nations and their hierarchical methods made them an easy target. There was a constant battle of who had control of the land. When the people of the land were not fighting the outside invaders, they were fighting themselves. This caused them to be extremely vulernable. The country was often ruled by whom had the bigger fist.

An ancient celtic cross. The Celtic tribes had a very unique style of art
An ancient celtic cross. The Celtic tribes had a very unique style of art

Between 1,500 and 500 BC, Celtic tribes from Central Europe started to inhabit Britain, merging with the indigenous tribes of the area. Though the celtic tribes were hierarchal, they were divided into several tribes with no political unity. Warfare was common.
It was taken over in 43 BC, under the Roman Emperor Claudius, after a failed attempt by Julius Caesar. The Romans controlled almost the entire island, eventually getting most of the people to accept Roman rule.

A statue of a Roman soldier
A statue of a Roman soldier

With the decline of the Roman Empire, the Romans left the island in the 5th century to defend Rome.
The Celtic tribes started fighting against each other again. Then the Germanic tribes took over. This was not easy, since many of the Celtic tribes had created their own small kingdoms. There was constant warfare among the Celtic tribes and the Germanic tribes.

Everything started to settle down a little bit and then Vikings discovered the area in the 9th century. With the island unorganized and ununified, it was easy for the vicious Vikings to raid the island, killing, burning and capturing people along the way. There was more warfare and there were a few other people that ruled for short periods of time. The French Feudal system was adopted.

In 1066, William the Conqueror came over from France. There was more warfare. He ended up king when the self-crowned Earl of Wessex, Harold Godwinson was killed. The Feudal System helped to keep control. French was the official language, until 1362, when a strange mix of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, French and Latin languages (which developed into English) was of more dominance.
William's descendents still sit on the throne today.

English soldiers
English soldiers

There are more wars with other nations, including Spain and many civil wars fought. The Hundred Years War weakened the Feudal System, among other factors. The rule separated from the Roman Pope and the Church of England was established and a Monarchy was put in place, which really unified the country. They were no longer "under" any other rule, therefore the people of England became loyal to the King and his family.

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