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Saying Goodbye—Final College Memories

Updated on May 18, 2014

Graduation Season

Another June is coming——the graduation month. As college students, some of us are heading to the official career start, facing the real hard life reality. Some of us are pursuing further education, improving for a future outlook.

Anyway, we are growing into our adulthood. In the future days, in school or out, reality calls for us and there is no way to escape.

I personally chose graduate school in another country, hoping to enhance my professional knowledge and experience a different lifestyle.

However, whatever you choose, this end of college is such an once-in-a-lifetime memory that one can never repeat, which you don’t realize until it is gone.

So, what are the unique memories that come in hand with college graduation? I reckon that my part of the story can add some thoughts to your part.

That Cool Adulthood is Suddenly so Close

Yes, most of us are probably adults already at some point in college, I mean passing the 18-year-old line. However, students are students.

It is at the point when your classmates, you peer friends all step into their adulthood together with you, thinking of the serious life plan, career plan, marriage plan and other mature responsibilities, that you find yourself becomes a true adult, irreversibly.

So, real life starts, just like what we used to see on TV shows——renting an apartment by yourself, having the luxury to hang out with friends after midnight during weekends, cooking your own meal, earning your own money, getting new challenges and fixing your own problems.

You may find it as cool as it was on TV, you may find otherwise. That’s not the question at this moment. My point is, the real life that once seemed so far away, is suddenly within your arm’s length. Get ready for it!

Go on that Graduation Trip

Do you get a three-month vocation between graduation and your next start? It can be three months, or somewhat shorter. But as long as you are getting the free time, be sure to get that graduation trip, better if your whole class can join! Make travelling distance flexible——as close as a nice barbecue at your city, or as far as taking the train to some place faraway.

Our graduation trip took my whole class to an amusement park in Changsha——the city where my college locates, where we met, where we said our goodbye. Roller coasters of all kinds brought lots of fun. And the most wonderful part was kayaking. Can you imagine the whole class going kayaking together, enjoying the huge-size water-fight of more than ten teams, pouring water into each other’s boat and coming out wet from the head to the toe?

Every one of us immerged into this last team trip. I hope we have more chances to get together like this time. But even if we were willing to organize, it won’t come handy. I like those young people with whom I shared my best years, and I am going to miss them, I am sure.

My next graduation trip is for myself. I went to the desert in Dun Huang, where the amazing Mogao Grottoes locates. My friends were hesitated to go because of the long distance, so I soloed, packed my bag, booked the tickets and departed on a random day.

There, I met the stunning sunset, danced on the endless desert, tasted the sweetest watermelon, found the quietest night sky and heard the amazing history behind the world-famous Mogao Grottoes.

I am so happy that I made the decision for this solo travel. What I want to share with you is, go on that graduation trip, even just for yourself——you will find that leisure time a luxury once you started the next stage later.

Attend the Graduation Party

Wow, graduation party was always awesome. I’ve been to graduation parties organized by different departments since first year in college.

Literature department has mostly shows designed by talented girls, and our engineering department has mostly boys performing and girls’ dances always won the warmest applause.

Students invested a large of time came up with their initial ideas, rehearsed several times, got selected through competition and finally made it happen. It took teamwork and efforts. So, even if you are not going to perform during the party, go share the excitement.

And it becomes a special occasion for you when you are a senior. That is a party for you.

You see other undergraduates performing for your class, and your classmates on the stage sharing the moment of graduation. It is for you. And don’t be shy if you can’t stop your tears by the end. Also, this is an once-in-a-life-time experience.

So, be sure to join that graduation party. And enjoy!

College Flea Market

It is no doubt that we’ve all accumulated things during college, clothes, quilt, summer sleeping mat (a must in a city like Changsha with super hot summer), lamps, school supplies etc. At least, you must have tons of books——students of the coming year always need those.

College flea market is the best opportunity to get rid of the unnecessary stuff and earn some money with your sales tactics. You cannot miss that.

I can still remember our marketplace, mostly organized by senior college students. We put out our summer sleeping mat, exhibited books for sale and stuff of all kinds——some were selling guitars, some were selling headsets, girls were selling shoes and clothes, boys were selling their sports gears.

We were all advertising for our stuff, and most of us ended up pretty successfully. I got rid of most of my textbooks (I know I am not going to read them), GRE red book, TOEFL guide, even my bed cover and quilt.

Feeling accomplished at the end, I was also a little bit sentimental. This was the place I strived for the future I dreamed of. I consumed my youth time here, and there is no way to earn it back. Time is among the few things that never travel back.

Get a Driver's License

Last year of the college, most of my friends went to attend the driving school and I followed the fashion. Anyway, driving is becoming a necessary skill and it will come in handy in the future, especially if you plan to live in a country on automobile like US for a while.

I went to a driving school and it was not a pleasant experience. Why? I can’t speak for all and this is not a general experience, but just in case if you gets unlucky.

First of all, the culture in that driving school I went to was so corrupted. You have to bribe the coach somehow in order to get more practicing time. Some of my friends happened to pay their tuition to the coach so they got rewards, and other friends of mine paid directly to the school so no extra favor from the coach since they got nothing.

What’s more, with a large number of students signing up for exams so to get their licenses before graduation, the opportunity to attend the exam became so precious. One of my friends was told to bribe the coach in order to get a chance, despite the fact that she has acquired the necessary skills.

The reality was like that at that particular driving school I attended and that’s why I ended up license-less. I got my driver’s license two years later in US.

And here is my advice to the juniors: sign up for a driving school as early as possible, and pay the tuition through a coach if possible so that he or she will provide extra favor with the rewards they get from your enrollment.

The End

That month of June, signaled the end of the unique college journey, where we equipped ourselves with knowledge, worked as a team on interesting projects, participated in team activities and grew into our adulthood together.

Time flipped its page, and long lives the memory.


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