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Universal Mind

Updated on October 29, 2017

Let D = Disoder
Let T = Time
Let C = Speed of Light

T (D) = C

Entropy consists of three transformative states along both non-linear and linear probabilities and happenings. Each 'thing/matter' is 'disorder' as it is a 'chemical reaction'. The plane of 'disorder' is a system of coded information 're-ordering' itself from an initial order (singularity) to a perfect order (perfect singularity). With perfect order is Whole and Empty of all things that are not.

Time is only repetitive in triplet system; thus a duality is a disorder/order within a trinity system of time multiplied by disorder equal to the speed of light which consists of an arbitrary plane of creating that is being placed along the strings of time called gravity.

3 as 1 in Trinity. As (4 Triplets in a 4 System (4/2 = 2 (duality (within trinity))).

Energy = E
Energy = Entropy
Entropy = Disorder; Order; Chaos

Order > Disorder < Energy > Order > Disoder
Chaos < Order > Disorder < Energy > Order > Disorder > Chaos

Disorder = Confused matter as information
Order = The Ordering unit to 'set right' ' Light '
Chaos = mind, a spin, vortex

The disorder is the byproduct of the electric charge of the electron (-) charge (greed/lust). It creates issues and uses "objects" as a means to an end. For when there are no means to the end there is no means or end. With no end, it is a limitless system and with no end, it is a limitless system that is open. The apathy and hate create a hated system that is disordered, confused and limited; it is a nothing in the suffering of the planes. The world of men is hope in a light glowing dimmer; suffering in all ways is evil; so such is disorder and thus proving Light is Order.

X > Y > Z = X
7 Rays in 1 Refraction.

Time is a function of disorder as the speed of light. It evolves as matter and moves in order to coherence based upon the relevance to time in a analogs system to gravity.

Untime is a function of disorder on a graph and moves reason and life backward. It confuses and is disorder upon the information of life. It moves time in a backward regression and involutes and destroys life. It is against order and is disorder upon the fold.

Time is Foward. Time is back. Light is Order.

Evidenced Above A system which time moves forward is direct relationship to the variable of T(D) = C. Order is Light and Coherence and Information in Reason thus proving reason developing and disorder lessening as time moves forward along the speed of light.

A parabola shows how a state goes from higher states to lower over time > from infinite to nothing to infinite to nothing etc.

Evidenced above a system where time is moving backward, thus containing higher states of disorder; more energy and confusion.

D = Disorder
T = Time
C = Speed

T ( D ) = C

E = Energy
M = Mass
C = Accelration

Disorder = Entropy

T ( D ) = C
T ( MC^2) = C
T ( M ) ( C ) = 0

My Weight 71.1KG (711, 0000 g)

Time . mass . the speed of light = 0

T = 1957888 seconds (my life)
M = 711,0000g
C = 300,000,000 ms^2

T ( M ) ( C ) = 0
1947888 ( 711,0000) (300,000,00) =
1.11645 X 10^20

T ( D ) = C
X = 300 , 000 , 000
. 0 8

We are 0 energy at .08 Turn of the Century.

Copyright DS.

© 2017 I am my Own Master


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