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University Accommodation

Updated on April 7, 2014

Accommodation types

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University Accomodation

University accommodation is always best for first year students and second year students usually go for private. University accommodation is great for getting your deposit back at the end of the year. You can report any damages or faults on-line and they will fix them for you. The problem is forgetting to report faults before you leave your accommodation. If you forget then everything that they fix will now be taken out of your deposit. If when you are due to receive your deposit however you are informed it is all gone, don't be afraid to contest this. I had a friend who was old he owed £25 as the price of cleaning his room exceeded his overdraft. Apparently they had to replace the carpet, but after he emailed a complaint back they told him they will just charge him for cleaning the carpet instead. A difference of about £100.

Private Accomodation

With private accommodation you may still find students, for example you can get private flats that only cater to Students. There isn't much to say about private accommodation as it differs from landlord to landlord. If you feel you are being mistreated check over your contract and talk to your students union.

A problem I had in my flat was as it is private there are no maintenance or security staff for you to contact. When a drunk student came home they pressed a fire alarm which caused the alarm to off every hour until fixed. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but as it was night time there was no one available to fix the alarm until the morning. This meant the alarm would go off for a while every hour until the next morning.

When to look for accomodation

You will probably be told by your students union that you must begin looking for accommodation very early on. You should know that this isn't always the case, I was told that I must get accommodation before January or everything will be gone. I should have realized that this couldn't happen anyway, as many students don't sign up that early but also there would have to be a massive shortage of accommodation for this to happen. If you want the best offers than it would be best to start looking early.

The problem with looking early is that you will have to figure out who you want to live with early. Most students that sign up quickly end up with flatmates they begin to dislike as the year goes on. The best advice I can give is to find accommodation that offers inclusive bills, it may seem more more expensive but in the long run it shouldn't be. The houses that don't include bills have a much lower cost per week. The problem is that to keep this cost low you must use hardly any electricity, meaning never using the radiator and heating the kettle at most twice a day. If your one of those people that need to have the heat on all the time you will definitely need the inclusive bills. Next you need to remember that bills are payed by everyone regardless of who is using them. You may want to save money on bills by not using the heating in your room, but another flatmate may be leaving their heating on all day.

Inclusive Bills Accommodation in Sheffield

  • West one (Broomhall).
  • Omnia space.
  • Opal 2 (first year).
  • Endcliffe (first year).
  • Ranmoor (first year).
  • Aspect three.

House / Flat Viewings

I found that many students when viewing a flat seem to be afraid to complain about anything. One of my viewings the landlord was talking about how big is the kitchen but it was not big it was just long. A very long kitchen that if spread out was probably a normal sized kitchen. When I brought up this point everyone as telling me to be quiet, it's as if they didn't realize you are meant to share your concerns. Make sure to ask questions about anything you want to know, you don't want to be signing a contract and then realizing there are certain things in the accommodation you don't like. Don't be afraid to look around and move things. You should also be sure to ask about how you contact them for repairs and how long this can take.

Endcliffe Accommodation

Ranmoor Accommodation

Opal 2 Accommodation

Broomhall Accommodation

Omnia Space Accommodation

Nobody to live with?

Sometimes you find that you don't have as many options as you thought when looking for accommodation. Students you may have been planning to live with will sometimes make other plans and not tell you. The reason for this is that they usually don't want to hurt your feelings by telling you that they have found another place. When I was getting accommodation for my second year, one of my to-be flatmates informed me that he was supposed to be living with two other people that I know. I was asked not to inform them of his living circumstances but I didn't understand why, my flatmate failed to give me an adequate answer on this subject so I just let it go. This is a terrible way to go about it, how would you feel if you were expecting to be living with someone and then you find out they signed for accommodation ages ago. That student may have turned down other offers or could have been looking in the time they spent waiting. If you ever get into this situation then tell the person straight away, it would be disrespectful to leave them out of the loop.

Sometimes you can't live with who you want just because they wan't to live in expensive places. If you feel that accommodation is too expensive don't give into peer pressure as it may make your university experience a lot worse than it could be. Unless you already have one in place it is best not to rely on getting a part time job in order to pay rent.

What to do if you have nobody to live with

If you find yourself with nobody to live with then the website below should be a great help. Unite students have properties in many different areas, these include both en-suite, studio and classic apartments. They give you a lot of choice in what you want, including mixed/single sex accommodation, number of flatmates, inclusive/exclusive bills, 44/52 week contracts and location. Obviously these are all dependent on availability.


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    • Swabez profile imageAUTHOR

      Chad Swaby 

      5 years ago from Sheffield

      Thanks I'm trying to let all new students know exactly what I went through.

    • jabelufiroz profile image


      5 years ago from India

      Great hub on University Accommodation. Voted up.


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