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University Life 101

Updated on August 14, 2012
 Open season on education or is it financial downpour of future debt?
Open season on education or is it financial downpour of future debt?

Intellectual Luxury vs. Financially Heavy Load

University Life:

Intellectual Luxury vs. Financially Heavy Load

By: Anastasia Vaughan

Since the decline of the economy after 9/11 during the Bush administration the economy has changed the educational stability of students everywhere. Jobs have become harder to find, budgets have gotten tighter, minds have been forced into a money conscious submission, employer have worked the working harder than ever and the lifestyles of the middle class have changed drastically. Though the United States were once on the verge of proving Karl Marx’s theory that capitalism constantly creates only 2 types of people the haves and the have-nots wrong, the vicious cycle of economic highs and lows are back to hailing Marx’s ideology.

And sadly but truthfully as the economy suffered so did financial aid funding regarding the expensive university student lifestyle. The popular saying “education is key” often seemed to be correct in it’s proverb in the past however, in today’s competitive workplace employers are creating larger and larger stacks of requirements for a very small select few sets of jobs which has some people who have been in these positions for years out in the cold. Aside from the fact that more high school and community college grads find themselves on the path to university life which is overwhelming the nation’s financial aid there is also a new emerging group of college students signing up for cutback aid in high figures as well, the unemployed groups of 40 to 50 year old's seeking a competitive second career in the workplace. However, despite this common belief that more education is the answer lately from the looks of things our government doesn’t seem to agree. How should the American government spend and save money in such harsh economic times? Is education an intellectual luxury for those who are seeking hope daring to try to afford or it or our financially heavy load?

How should any college student cope with the blows of budget cuts to their education and fighting for minimum wage jobs with the middle age (who need jobs to feed their family) that are clearly beneath both you as well as them? We have officially entered a new era of workforce confusion. Establishments today often see today’s recessional woes as an opportunity recession is apparently an opportunity for lower level establishments to claim today’s over worked unpaid desperate treasures that they normally wouldn’t have the option to hire or be able to afford. However, though I do personally believe in the concept of the working college student there are several different key aspects to university life that make it harder to work and easier to hide behind the foggy solutions of student loans. At this very moment in spite of all the reasons the American economy is in turmoil unpaid student loan debts are one of the reasons that weigh the national debt crisis even heavier.

Even though I may not be a political expert or prestigious economist sitting on Capital Hill attempting to fix the national crisis to coming up with solutions I do believe there is a long term fix with only a mere short term economic bleed. As the recession kicked into overdrive congress suggested cutting the national debt by cutting down financial aid as it would free up a huge chunk of national spending. The problem with this solution is that in cutting aid the cycle of students taking out loan continues that they will either struggle to pay back or will not payback isn’t realistic to suit the situation. The more loans student take out that they will not be able to pay back is the more government has to eat cost. In the new age of technology and competitive worldwide globalization the United States clearly wasn’t ready for a nation of youth and middle aged workers without at least a bachelors degree would bring this country to its feet. When you think about the student connection and the national debt crisis which is said to be getting better you should be urged to weigh our present with the nation’s future. Cutting funding in a key area that could keep us at a first world nation in the future has a boomerang effect that can be foreseen in the financial problems that will revisit us in the next 20 years even if the recession is a financial phase in a somewhat flexible nation.

Education is not a luxury in the height of globalization. University life is so much more to a changing society than the luxury of expanding a flexible mind during a fast pace time in a students life. This life is not an easy load all school books aside as the government creates more issues with attaining a degree where their should be a need to sooth the financial to educational gaps that the student body faces. Aside from tuition funding running dry, there are unaccommodating class schedules which force the students into conformity with only the professors interest in mind, large unexpected fees attached to online study, and of course the traditional struggle to maintain an award-winning G.P.A that starts even when there are no prizes beyond grades to get.

If it weren’t for the highly challenging intellectual study, the hope of having a higher leg up in the workforce or the firmly held belief that education still is and has always been a mufti-dimensional survival skill in the real world university life might not get much praise for it authentic reality. Who needs the title “college student” to feel they’ve earned the right to celebrate one’s youth anyway, right?

Though if you listen to the political figures that often feel like their point of view the best advice college students might receive than you’ll probably end up “taking a break” (which isn’t anything more than leaving school for a while to work fulltime during the day) in hopes of saving up enough money to help fund your own education. Lately it seems like everywhere a young undergrad struggling to make tuition payments goes there are sign that point you in the direction of some fulltime government run program asking you to submit 1 year or more of your life in favor receiving funds for school. Though it may all sound well and good in theory my life is proof that it all doesn’t always work out in the favor of the student who’s trying to help themselves to a decent education. A little while back when I was having financial problems at home I joined an organization whose name I will not mention that promised me a grant for almost $5,000.00 in education so naturally like any ambitious hopeful student I jumped at it. However, seeing how I had a loan out while indulging in the grueling 10 month long program this put me in a world of trouble with the board of education. Almost 6 months later I no longer had a job to go to and wasn’t actively enrolled in school which when the board of education took it upon their self to start sending me loan payments a displaced out of work student couldn’t afford.

As soon as I started working I began paying them back over the summer however, what it also meant for me is no financial aid in the mean time. I paid out 6 payments and then became reinstated in the fall. However, after a month of receiving financial aid I was send threatening letters again that they will take back aid. Now I’m now out of luck again because I lost my first payment-stub sent I will no longer be approved for financial aid until I start over again paying another 6 payments. When I received the tax information for the form only 3 payments were listed and each and every time I can I get wrong number after wrong number to fix the payment information for my taxes even though all of the payment were made in the very same year. So now I am left with very few options other than working to put money down for my own tuition. The cold hard truth feels like in the age of cutbacks a student can trust no one but themselves.

In the mist of a recession, there is still a profound stability in an intellectually challenged mind that no one can take away from you. No employer or potential, no bleak economy, or impoverished circumstance can ever take what you’ve learned or experienced away. At the end of the day from now to the very last seconds of civilization education is and will always be priceless for this reason.


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