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University: The Affects of Peer Pressure

Updated on August 16, 2014

Peer Pressure

Most people when they think of peer pressure think about drinking however it is not limited to this. Peer pressure can have a huge impact on a persons life. Because they can be pressured into many things, this includes drugs, fighting and sex. University is a big part of most peoples lives and can have an adverse affect. The problem with peer pressure is that after you have given in a few times it becomes your normal behaviour, although previously you would have felt uneasy about certain situations, you may no longer give it a second thought.

If friends form home think that you have changed then you may have been affected without even knowing it. The thing people usually think of with peer pressure are the extreme circumstances. If you think about it, just doing something you are uncomfortable with can be peer pressure. For example, when starting university you may have not wanted to share your stuff. However once all your flatmates said they will and questioned why you wouldn't you caved and agreed. Although not really a big deal it is a change in behaviour. Lots of small changes can eventually turn into a much bigger change.

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Drinking Games

For most people drinking games are just a fun activity to do before going out, however some people get a lot more excited than others. This can result in other students feeling excluded if they don't participate. This is mostly found in games like ring of fire, were breaking the circle results in downing a dirty pint. Although the players did agree to this at the begging of the game certain circumstances can make them regret their decision. There is usually one or two students that think it will be funny to just add huge amounts of spirits into the pint glass. The student who loses will now have to down this drink that will surely have them throwing up by the end of the night.

It should be noted that the majority of students are completely fine with this and just see it as part of the game. The problem comes when either the person can't finish the drink or doesn't want to even try. Girls don't usually have much of a problem in this situation here as guys will usually offer to have some of it for them or even the whole drink. The guys have much bigger problems. By not finishing the drink or not making an attempt you are now told to do a forfeit. Somehow these are much worse than the actual drinks but students still seem to do them.

Neck Nomination:
Neck nominations are a good example of how peer pressure affects people. I saw a video posted online and one of the people nominated said they wouldn't do it till 2 days later as they had an exam. His friends then began telling him he to 'man up' and 'stop crying', he gave in and done the nomination. He is now repeating his second year of University and although it wouldn't be completely down to the nomination, peer pressure was probably a large factor in why he did badly in his exams.

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Shy Students

Shy students have more of a problem here because they find it hard to say no. Either because they are too shy or because they don't want to be left out of the group. I heard of a student that was sick back into his drink and was told too also drink that. The student laughed and said no, they then told him he had to. But because this student wasn't afraid and stood his ground of course he didn't do it. What most students need to realize is that if your friends aren't going to like you because you don't do what they think is 'cool' then you don't need these people around you. The good thing about their being so many students at University is you can always find new people to hang around with.

Could Peer Pressure KILL You?


A lot of sport societies like to give their members (especially first years) punishments for turning up late or not following the rules. Some can be funny for example having to have your pants pulled down when you go to talk to a girl at the bar. Some are just disgusting. A rugby society had half it's members stand up naked with the other half lying on the floor. They then poured beer down the ass's of the standing players onto the players laying down. Who did and didn't drink the beer is anybodies guess. The most common reason for why they participated was 'we had to'. Clearly since going to University a lot of people have formed some misconception of what 'had to' means. Just because someone said to do it doesn't mean you have to. If you really want to be on the team you can refuse and if they try to kick you off report them to the University. The latter is probably the best option as you may get rid of the members that force these activities on their players.

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Affect on your Grades:

Giving in to peer pressure usually has ramifications that aren't seen until later on especially at University. Peer pressure can convince you to hold off on your studies and to party more; however the effects will only be realised when exam period is looming and you stat to realise how much work you need to do. The problem with this is people usually say, 'well I can always retake', but that's no longer true. Universities have changed their rules so that if you do a retake the maximum mark you can get 40%.

Another so called fact you might hear is 'first year doesn't count I can just pass', this is also not true. Yes the marks do not count towards your final mark, but the 2nd year modules usually extend from the first year modules. This means you will need to know a good amount from first year in order to be able to your second year modules.


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