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University of Phoenix Accreditation Fraud - False Advertising

Updated on August 10, 2010

University of Phoenix Accreditation Fraud

The University of Phoenix advertises that it is a fully-accredited university. This is clearly false advertising and the university will be sued for false advertising!

In higher education, there are two types of accreditation: "institutional accreditation" and "programmatic accreditation." Institutional accreditation allows a college or university that operates in the United States to be in compliance and have eligibility to receive Title IV funding which is federal government financial aid dollars such as pell grants, student loans, etc.

Institutional accreditation is made up of a team of administrative assistants that go in, review programs of study offered by a college or university, and then, they accredit that college or university entirely. The majority of the associates, bachelors, masters, and Ph.D programs that the University of Phoenix offers are all accredited by a team of administrative assistants.

Programmatic accreditation is specialized individual program accreditation that the University of Phoenix lacks for its Psychology programs as well as all of its Information Technology programs. None of their Information Technology programs are accredited by the Association of Computer Machinery ( nor the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology ( Programmatic accreditation is very important when considering a program of study because it ensures that the program being offered by a college or university was reviewed by a team of professionals who have years of teaching or hands-on working experience pertaining to that field of study. For example, a team of Information Technology professionals review Information Technology programs and after the team's final evaluation, that college or university's Information Technology programs will either be granted or denied "programmatic accreditation," based on that teams findings.

Now, let's look at the serious oversight here. How can a team of administrative assistants provided by the "institutional accreditor," (The Higher Learning Commission), know what nursing majors, pre-med majors, pre-law majors, psychology majors, chemistry majors, music majors, should be learning inside the classroom? This team of administrative assistants wouldn't know what nursing majors should be learning nor would they even have a clue where to insert an IV-therapy needle.

The majority of online colleges and universities, such as the University of Phoenix, only have its "institutional accreditation" provided by The Higher Learning Commission. In December 2009, The Higher Learning Commission was scrutinized by the Department of Education's Office of the Inspector General for giving American Intercontinental University its "institutional accreditation" after it was denied accreditation by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges (SASC).

American Interncontinental University operated out of Atlanta, Georgia and the moment it was denied an initial review of "institutional accreditation" by SASC, it packed up shop and moved its location to Chicago, Illinois. The Higher Learning Commission operates out of Chicago and the very minute American Intercontinental University applied for "institutional accreditation" with The Higher Learning Commission, American Intercontinental was granted accreditation. Because of this, the Department of Education's Office of the Inspector General wants to shut down The Higher Learning Commission for good and call it an "accrediation mill."

You can read more about this accreditation fraud on The Chronicle for Higher Education's web site here:

The majority of online colleges and universities have only its "institutional accreditation" provided to them by The Higher Learning Commission.

For more University of Phoenix fraud, please visit web site:


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    • profile image

      benwal91 3 years ago

      profitleads, Thanks for this information! I'm taking A.S in IT at Phoenix, and they are really not in there... I'll be visiting a university near me that's listed as ABET and transfer there (I have credits from another school before Phoenix, so I know Phoenix will not transfer)

      Thanks dude, you just saved me from having over thousands of dollars in debt with a piece of paper I can just blow my nose with.

    • profile image

      profitleads 4 years ago

      The "University" Of Phoenix is a deliberate and continuing fraud. They've been cited and fined, over and over again and yet, people are still taken in by their advertising. None of their technical programs are accredited by ABET (look them up) like conventional genuine colleges and universities. Their "degrees", especially in technical fields, are economically worthless. They might have worth in the toilet only if they were "soft and fluffy". Look in your Sunday newspaper classified section. Every large company is going to be looking for graduates in technical fields from institutions that are ABET accredited....and that does *not* include the "University" of Phoenix. UOP is nothing more than a Title-4 loan application, for-profit, company which is listed on the NYSE as a public company. If you waste your money on them (and you *will* be wasting it), then you have nobody to blame but yourself. The entire management of the company should be prosecuted and jailed for their deliberate long-term fraud upon the public, however this is not likely to happen so you must be wary of them and stay away, far away, from UOP. Use your money wisely. Go to a real college or university. Don't throw away your money (and your credit rating) on UOP and wind up with a piece of paper that's completely worthless.

    • profile image

      i can't believe i am getting so scamed 5 years ago

      i currently go to UOP and i feel stuck.... 1400 a class when i go to class and my teacher talks all about her life always, doesn't show us how to write papers in APA form really that well then is surprised when alllllll of the students in her class fail to understand. this place is a joke and im getting so robbed i need to get out of this school ASAP

    • profile image

      Peter 5 years ago

      I am embarrassed to share with anyone that I attended!

      The amount of fines they have paid is shocking. A blatant payoff, in my opinion.

      Morse Brown lost its accreditation for less. Just because Moris Brown couldn't pay the fines.

      UOP= Diploma Mill. FOR PROFIT.


    • profile image

      UOPx alumni 5 years ago

      I'm trying to contact a lawyer in one of these law suites. Has anyone seen a law firms name that is currently or had in the past been apart of a lawsuit against university of Phoenix? Any help is GREATLY appreciated!! I was promised that most if not all of my credits would transfer to nearby colleges. I have found that all of the colleges near me would not even take half of my credits from my UOPx Associates degree! I am currently attending Penn State World for my Bachelors degree. They only took 24 credits from 60 of UOPx credits. Now I have to retake 12 classes. I wasted thousands of dollars and years from my life. I do not have this kind of money.. I read that in a civil law suit whistle blowers stated that they were told to tell customer (prospective students) that credits would transfer to colleges even if they would not to make the sale. I think I deserve compensation for this lie. I would never have went to UOPx if they had told me the truth! By the time I get my BSA, I will have been in college 10 years straight and an extra 30k in debt because of the UOPx lie. Please help me. Thank you.

    • profile image

      coastal51 6 years ago

      This college is a huge joke and they are still in business processing peoples credit like crazy, the many complaints and class action law suits are on going and i am still wondering why they manage to stay open. They don't warn students of there hidden polices and many students are threaten if they decide to transfer and leave and end up in a heavy default rate of debt from this college. They have teams checking the web daily for complaints against them and another class action suit coming against them again. The credibility of their degrees are worthless ( DON'T GO TO THIS COLLEGE )

    • profile image

      UOP student 6 years ago

      I am from Sacramento Campus. The finacial advisor Daniel Mardis is a joke... He really does not know how to deal with the students. The University teaches so much about ethics and management, yet some of their employees need to learn ehtics and management.

    • profile image

      Mary 6 years ago

      I am currently attending UOP and I have 4 classes left (including the 2 I am in now) until I complete my Bachelor's in Accounting. I have attended UOP for about a year. I am worried that I have wasted my time and money going to this school. I have nothing good to say about this school and am just trying to finish up the degree to be done with it. I want to go on to my Master's but I am sure I don't want to obtain it from UOP. All classes are set up exactly the same and the team structure is horrible. Where can I find out about lawsuits against them?

    • profile image

      Kristin 6 years ago

      I went here for about a year. i called for some info last year and the woman I spoke to basically pushed me into enrolling. she made it sound like the best school in the world. i had just been laid off from my job, and it seemed like a good deal- 2 years for an associates degree and pay only $100 a month once you graduate. now they are denying they said all that and I owe $9000 for a year of nothing. i am so irate and I have no idea what to do. With all the stuff written on the internet and all of the lawsuits against them, why are they still around??

    • profile image

      Stacy 6 years ago

      I wrote the above posting. Please contact for any information. Thanks.

    • profile image

      Stacy 6 years ago

      I was a current student at the UoP until I read about all of this fraudent activity that was occurring at this school. I am, as I writing this, in the process of making arrangements to withdrawal from this "school". I've only attended three classes and I just started my fourth. How do I go about withdrawing without owing more than what I should? How do I take action against what's already been charged? Any answers would be appreciated and anything I can do, please let me know.

    • profile image

      Tina 6 years ago

      UOP is a scam I attended for a 1 1/2 learned nothing, when I began to explore universities to obtain my B.A. I discovered that even if you receive an A.A. from UOP it is useless and that don't meet the state academic guidelines for acceptance into a public university with the UOP degree. So I withdrew and enrolled at a public community college. UOP says I now owe them money because the grants due to be disbursed next year had to be returned to the government. And why do I owe you money? Plus they demanded I obtain loans since grants were not a sure thing and that is illegal. I am trying to find a lawyer, I am in debt and still have no degree. Thanks for nothing UOP

    • profile image

      UOP LAWSUIT...UOP FRAUD 7 years ago

      Recently, a federal probe has prompted the Attorney General of FL to file civil compaints against UOP for fraud. Class action lawsuits are forth coming like crazy. I am a current student and believe the are misrepresenting financial aid acessability to students.

    • profile image

      check it out 7 years ago

      if you go to the board of education you can check with whom they are accredited. which from what i have seen 98% of other schools do not fall under the same accredits, which means credits are not transferable. UofP is a scam and for that reason alone should be avoided severaly.

    • profile image

      Danielle 7 years ago

      I was attending uop, but I had to leave because I got a B- in a class causign my gpa to fall to a 2.98 which was below the 3.00 needed to reamain in the education program. While attending I submitted all of my financial aid paperwork on time but my finance planner failed to submit it. as a result I got a statement saying I owed over $3,500. Of course I fought it and for them to cut it in half but I don't think i should have to pay it because they did not do what they were supposed to on their end. On top of that I am now learning that I wold not be able to use my ECE (early Childhood) degree in my state. I am considering suing them, because I feel that this was a scam to get money that I am now responsible for paying back.

    • profile image

      Brian 7 years ago

      At the time of this comment I'm enrolled as a student of UoP/Axia online.

      I'm enrolled in the IT degree program and holding a 4.0 GPA.

      This place is a waste of time and money. I'm currently fielding several offers to join class action suit's for education and accreditation fraud. I was mislead into believing their IT program was completely accredited. Upon further review, this program is not accredited and will not enable me access to the jobs I was lead to believe I could qualify for.

      Neither Intel nor Microsoft will consider my employment based on my degree from UoP/Axia. Without the ABET or the AACSB accreditation, many top industry firms won't consider for employment, regardless of GPA or actual knowledge. So I advise that anyone looking to obtain employment, that they seek experience elsewhere first. Just owning a degree from UoP won't cut it.. This is fraud in every sense of the word. I was told I could get a job at Intel or Microsoft with my degree.. Sadly.. I was mislead...

    • profile image

      Jay 7 years ago

      I attended The University of Phoenix and received my bachelor's degree in Human Services (Jan. 2010).

      UOP is a true "diploma mill". Although I received a GPA of 3.65 and completed all of my assignments with little or no help from others, I did not feel like celebrating when I graduated from UOP because it did not feel like I accomplished much! Almost like I cheated myself. I do believe the instructors are told to look the other way when it comes to grading. Some of my work was really basic with no effort involved.

      I can speak from both sides, I went to UOP on campus the first 2 years and online the final year and a half. Both methods were a complete joke to me. I am now in the process of pursuing my Master's degree however; I have opted to go the traditional route. This time I want to feel "success and accomplishment". I no longer wish to tell someone I have my degree from an online school and their response is, "me too