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University of Phoenix Education Scam

Updated on August 22, 2011

University of Phoenix Education Scam

The University of Phoenix is one big college education scam! A quality college education doesn't begin here. Graduates from this online university cannot get hired in their field of study. Program completion percentages are extremely low, between 2% - 6%. The only thing that is of value to this diploma mill is its ridiculously high total assets at $8 billion dollars that matches its high 90% - 99.9% percentage rate of students who either drop-out or fail.

From the moment you sign up at the University of Phoenix, after you take your first class, GEN300, you are only doomed for failure regardless if you do complete one of their programs or not. The University of Phoenix doesn't care about the education you receive but only the money that pays your way to attend there. All of their associates, bachelors, masters, and Ph.D degree programs are all molded into the lowest possible form of education offered by a higher learning institution. Because of this, employers don't want to hire graduates from the University of Phoenix because graduates don't learn anything during their course of study.

Here's the good news though. If you currently work as an enrollment counselor, you could earn $9.5 million dollars today! All you have to do is enroll as many students who have an intelligence quotient (IQ) of zero and file a whistle-blower lawsuit. Former University of Phoenix Sacramento campus enrollment counselors Mary Hendow and Julie Albertson each earned $9.5 million dollars in December 2009 for blowing the whistle.

All current and former University of Phoenix enrollment counselors should all be entitled to $9.5 million dollars too! This is employee discrimination.

Read more about Mary Hendow and Julie Albertson's $9.5 multi-million dollar salary paid for by the University of Phoenix here:

For more information about the University of Phoenix and its fraudulent business operations, please visit the following web sites:


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