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University of Phoenix Faculty

Updated on January 17, 2010

University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix Online faculty consists' of "facilitators" who have all received their college degree from diploma mills.

Where can you honestly call up a University of Phoenix Online faculty member and inquire about program information, what students learn, and what companies have hired its graduates?

Facilitators, or online college instructors, as they are more appropriately called, are all in the education scam that takes place at the University of Phoenix Online. They allow 95% of online classroom cheating and plagiarism to take place, they don't help students who really need help, and the University of Phoenix Online cleverly hides all the fraud taking place by deleting all of its online classroom information so the United States Department of Education (DOE) cannot go in and investigate.

If the DOE did investigate all online classroom information dating back to 2001, the DOE would find troubling evidence including 95% of online students who cheat and who plagiarize.  And thank you to the facilitators that allow 95% of cheating and plagiarism to occur. 

Then, we have the facilitator who got their degree from a diploma mill, who cannot help a student only until the online class is over.

Clearly, this is education fraud at its finest!

John Sperling, founder of the University of Phoenix, is offering this poor quality of education at an expensive price, to America's college students. 

To learn more about the fraudulent University of Phoenix Online, including how you can earn $9.5 million dollars working as an enrollment counselor, please visit blog and web site:


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