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University of Phoenix, December 2009, Pays Two Former Enrollment Counselors $9.5 Million Dollars - This is FRAUD!

Updated on June 24, 2014

University of Phoenix Pays $9 Million Each To Ex-Employees For Defrauding Students

University of Phoenix

In December 2009, the University of Phoenix paid two former enrollment counselors $9.5 million dollars a piece. Mary Hendow and Julie Albertson, two former enrollment counselors for the University of Phoenix Sacramento campus both got paid $9.5 million dollars. Each counselor worked less than 2 years to earn this salary and so can you!

These two former enrollment counselors claimed that they enrolled students who could not complete their classes because they were educationally incompetent to handle the course work. Students didn't know anything about a computer, more or less, how to operate one. The more students Hendow and Albertson enrolled, the more their salaries would increase. And increase it did, to a whopping, $9.5 million dollars.

On December 20, 2009, both of these enrollment counselors were paid $9.5 million dollars by the University of Phoenix for "blowing the whistle" and winning their whistle-blower lawsuit in an out of court settlement. Not bad working at the University of Phoenix for less than 2 years and making an outrageous salary.

You can read more about this whistle-blower lawsuit on the United States Department of Justice web site that was made available to the media December 19, 2009 here:

If you want a job that pays well, the University of Phoenix will pay you $9.5 million dollars as an enrollment counselor. Apply for a job today at the University of Phoenix as an enrollment counselor. They are always looking for new enrollment counselors to enroll as much students as possible. The University of Phoenix doesn't care about their students, their careers, or their futures. The university operates only to collect as much money as possible and leave students with worthless degrees that can't land them a job and also leaves students with student loan debts so high, with high interest rates, that they will never be able to pay back.

Here is the link to the University of Phoenix's employment web site:

Time for students to start marching to University of Phoenix ground campuses and asking for their REFUND!


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I also attended university of phoenix online a few year a go and thought i was the only one getting badly ripped off, im more then interested in joining this class action of a lawsuit...please let me join in as im in debt over my head dealing with this university...i wasent even qualified to join by law since i did not finish high school and my last level of completion was the 9th grade and my enrollment counselor knew this and still kelp quiet about it and enrolled me with no problem at all. I feel as though for that act alone i should not be held responsible for repaying anything and i also feel as though i should be reimbursed in a sense because my credit took a nice blow over this......please let me join this lawsuit, my email address is ..................thanks

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      In 2007/8 I contacted UOP inquiring about classes. I am 100% disabled and am on very low income. I Specifically told him that I could not pay Any out of pocket expenses. The man I spoke to said that my income was so low that grants would pay for all of my classes. I signed up because I wanted to learn a skill I could do from home as my health allowed and get OFF low income disability. I attended online classes for one year and got straight A's. Just as I was preparing to start the second year I received a bill for over $10,000.00! They said I signed forms agreeing to it! I NEVER signed Any forms agreeing to pay Anything! They are Still hounding me 4 years later! I was contacted by "Direct Loans" who said they were a Government Program that would pay off UOP and Fannie May and that my low income would qualify me for a "Hardship Waiver" They sent me the application which I filled out and returned. Last month they sent me their decision on the hardship waiver. I am to pay $97.00 per month until paid off. It might as well be $900. My total income is $1,300. a month. From that I pay rent, utilities, phone, medical insurance, medication co-pays and food. I am usually over-drawn at the end of the month by $10 to $20. I can't pay it. I Shouldn't HAVE to pay it. I will Not pay it! Now they are threatening to attach my Social Security Disability. My only child died in 04, my husband died in 08. I was trying to save my life and start over, find something to keep me moving forward, when I believed them and signed up for classes. Now, I just want them to Leave Me Alone! The only proof I have of any of this would be in their records. But, since they doctored the forms to say that I signed them agreeing to pay they have probably already doctored the rest of the records too. I can prove my low income all the way back to 06 when I was first put on permanent disability. Why would any sane person agree to pay over $20,000 for a degree when they are barely scraping by on 1,300.00 ???I can also prove the death of my husband in 08 when I signed up for classes looking for a way to take care of myself and get a better quality of life than what disability provides. Now I am afraid to try anything. The stress of years of their hounding is unbelievable! I do not think this will end well for me but I hope it does end well for you. I will keep you in my prayers. Rhonda

    • Christine Bandaly profile image

      Christine Bandaly 

      9 years ago

      So let's all get together and start a class action lawsuit against this establishment. I have to pay for another degree and pay them as well. I can't do both and it is the only debt I have. Student loans for two degrees from UoP. We have to stop them.

    • ssaffery profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Christine, that is what us students who cannot go forward with our careers need to do. We need to work at the University of Phoenix as enrollment counselors and sue the school for fraud under the False Claims Act. The system is screwed up and it is so sad that the University of Phoenix did everything they could to hide this information from the media. The whole world needs to know about this as this is critical evidence that will indeed close down the University of Phoenix for good.

    • Christine Bandaly profile image

      Christine Bandaly 

      9 years ago

      So employees make millions for suing them and we students with our defunk degrees and thousands of dollars in debt get nothing. What is wrong with this system? I am going to find a lawyer and sue them for my tuition money if is that last thing I do. They must pay.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I am also a former student of UOP and am trying to figure my way out of the mess that I was led into. I was told that I would be recieving a pell grant for classes because I stressed the fact that I didnt want any loans. Anyhow in 2008 to my surprise comes a Wachovia payment book in the mail for loan repayment. I didnt ask for a loan and neither did I sign for one but they want me to believe that I did. What I signed was a F/A application and nowhere on there does it specify that I was recieving a loan. Not only that but when I log onto the online student e-login and lookup my account info, I cant find any info about a loan. I can see everything except that. I can see the fasfa info, my grades, the classes I took everything. I know I have been bamboozled and Im not paying for what someome else did.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      i am a formal student of a university of phoenix who withdrew from the university because of the quality of their education after I earned 51 credit with them. I was qulified for pell grant that I did never pay back to the department of education. now PHOENIX UNIVERSITY claim that i owe them $10.000 in student tuition when i never applied for a loan with them. now i can not tranfer to another university or continue my education anywhere because they are holding my trancript.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      I attended UOP and received a degree in Psychology. During this process I was screwed out of an A which lowered my GPA. My grade percentage was 98.7% before the final. I turned in the final way ahead of the due date. The instructor decided to wait 2 weeks before informing me that he was not able to open the file attachment. Tech support said they could see the attachment but was not able to open it therefore I am considered late and received a zero on the final. I explained that this is a tech support issue not my issue but they simply ignored every request I made to repair the grade. Their dispute department is a joke. I think they just send their dispute letters to the trash can because I never received any responses from any reps at UOP. My instructor said it was up to the school and the school said it was up to the instructor. They both stopped communicating with me and that was the end of it. Another example that they are simply therefore the money and not their students. My GPA suffered but they got their money.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      How nice! They received millions after deceiving hundreds of people into enrolling with UOP. Meanwhile, many of us that were deceived are now thousands of dollars in debt to student loans, and we are not compensated for our loss. UOP wins, whistle-blowers win, but once again the unsuspecting students lose!


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