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University of Phoenix Scam 2011 - Applying For A Teacher Position

Updated on September 4, 2011

University of Phoenix Fraud

University of Phoenix Fraud as told by a mathematician who applied to the school to teach. He says the school only hires graduates of the school in order to make the school look more credible i.e. "Our own graduates teach here so why would the school be fraudulent?"

He explains further that the school did not require teaching experience or even a masters degree when he applied. Why does the Department of Education in Washington DC allow this? Because this is what America votes for!

The University of Phoenix clearly employs faculty members who do not possess enough qualifications or experience to teach. How can you not have teaching experience or even a masters degree and be able to teach at the college level?

The school clearly "weeds" out experienced job candidates who possess enough teaching experience and qualifications to teach at the college level. The school clearly masterminded their whole "teaching system" so that in the end, the school gets what it wants, money, and the student gets nothing but unqualified teachers teaching them and a worthless degree.

When is America going to wake up and shut down this school for good?

Read all about this here:


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    • profile image

      SmarttChick 5 years ago

      They hire their own so that they can count them as "gainfully employed". This is the WORST practice and it impacts future students who then get into classes with "faculty" (I use the term loosely) who may not have ever worked a day in the field in which they are teaching.

      It's a horrendous practice but all the for-profit schools do it, or their placement numbers would be even WORSE than they already are...

    • profile image

      UOP is a Joke 5 years ago

      University of Phoenix is a damn joke… is for people who have know clue about what a real college consist of. go waste your time and money if you want to…….I work closely with member of the texas board of education, and word is that uop is being looked into and heavily scrutinized… sources also tell me that by 2020 uop will be closed completely…..stay away from this damn money trap……duh it is a for profit school……simply put it is a diploma mill for mostly idiots……Stay away form this sham of a university.